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File 134093590135.jpg - (47.30KB , 400x400 , 1340927716994.jpg )
10948 No. 10948 [Edit]
People in general normally see depression as a catalyst to inspiration in writing, music or the arts. Do you think such a concept is something that we indulged and forced upon ourselves or is it something natural to the human being?
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>> No. 10949 [Edit]
Maybe it's like that for some people, but I think for most, depression means being too distressed and unfocused to do anything.
>> No. 10950 [Edit]
Their depression:
Our depression:
>> No. 10951 [Edit]
I don't think depression existed in prehistoric times -- an absence of language would imply weak memories, and if you failed to get your food or shelter or meet other primitive needs, you wouldn't mope about it, you'd just be dead. Depression and anxiety come from failing to create meaning in your life, failing to self-actualize, failing to meet society's needs or some need of your own, I figure, so there's no way creativity is our solution from an evolutionary perspective... Creativity is a way to find meaning in our lives and it's a form of distraction, which is one reason why it's recommended, but going out and taking drugs or watching anime or reading books or talking with people or whatever else you do will work just as well for fighting away depression, as long as it means something for you. Creativity works for some people and it's not harmful, which is why it's recommended. But me personally, I could paint a thousand shitty paintings and not feel one bit more sure of who I am or happier. I suppose I'm implying that depression is existential; for the most part, I believe it is. But it can also be chemical in nature, so therapy alone may not be enough for you.

I can't really understand what it is you're saying or asking, so sorry if my reply is off-topic. Are you a non-native speaker?
>> No. 10952 [Edit]
After 27 years of life, I've learned you just gotta suck it up and not worry about it, or you just get more depressed.
>> No. 10953 [Edit]
I believe most of us would if we had the option.
>> No. 10960 [Edit]
This. Nothing pisses me off more when people treat them like the same thing.
>> No. 10977 [Edit]
Indeed my most productive days in terms of creative writing were when I was in the worst parts of my depression. I had strong emotions and I wanted to express them.
>> No. 11104 [Edit]
I don't think depression benefits creativity in any way, unless you're thinking depression = feeling sad. The kind of depression with lethargy and lack of motivation is a real bother. After punching down the idea I had in mind, the feeling of apathy kicks in and doesn't allow me to proceed. You might be able to get something done in that state, but you would have done something better if you weren't, and the way your attention span oscillates throughout the project is very inconvenient. You might look back and say "why did I not to this" or "I shouldn't have done that", etc.

In my opinion, the idea that depression is a catalyst is just a fairy tale. It's cute to think that it helps you getting all creative and stuff but it is a mind-heavy process like any other and, as such, if it makes your brain sluggish, it won't be no good. Even worse, composing/writing/etc is like a new process each time, not like cramming something, so you can't go through all the steps out of habit.

That reminds me, I've started a new track this morning, worked on it for about an hour and left the app standing by, and now it's pretty late. I guess I might try to get something done... Maybe.

Post edited on 15th Jul 2012, 4:20am
>> No. 11120 [Edit]
I think that by 'depression' people mean 'feeling kinda sad haven't seen all my friends in two weeks', not 'sick with anxiety over nothing and too lethargic to pull myself out of bed until 5PM'.

Yet another concept that normals have perverted for the sole purpose of feeling unique and edgy.
>> No. 11123 [Edit]
That's exactly what they mean. The kind of "movie had a sad ending now im real depressed guyz ;_;" bullshit.

I'd like to see them have to suffer through being unable to find joy in anything, to have their own brain turn on them and deny them all pleasure.
>> No. 11176 [Edit]
Depression ruins your motivation and energy levels, so I have a hard time seeing how that's compatible with increased creative output. A run-of-the-mill low mood on the other hand could lead to new perspectives and inspiration.
>> No. 11192 [Edit]
File 134336464019.jpg - (26.47KB , 640x512 , 1326986289642.jpg )
I find the exact opposite to be the case as far as I'm concerned.

I play musical instruments and know my way around words fairly well I'd like to think, and yet with all of these emotions welling inside, nothing could be worse for me than to try and express them through some sort of artistic medium. Every time I try I'm utterly unable to convey any emotion to my liking, whether it be happiness or sadness, or even anger. The cathartic release I seek through strumming banal chords on a guitar for half an hour eventually reveals itself through childish tantrums not long after and screaming fits brought on by my utter contempt for myself.
>> No. 11193 [Edit]
I guess yo could say it's catalyst, in the way historical abuse of 3DPDs (burn them witches) was a great motivation for the creation of the crappy feminist agenda.

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