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File 137797775733.jpg - (108.13KB , 850x680 , chuu2.jpg )
22813 No. 22813 [Edit]
Hey TC what was it like growing up with chuunibyou syndrome?
Got any stories to share?
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>> No. 22814 [Edit]
I pretended I was lolouch when I was in 1st grade of high school.

Post edited on 31st Aug 2013, 3:06pm
>> No. 22815 [Edit]
I thought I was a genius and destined for great things.

Look at me now!
>> No. 22816 [Edit]
Same. And I thought I was the shit for reading Nietzsche.
>> No. 22817 [Edit]
On one hand I tried to be as carefree as Zidane from FF9, on the other, I tried to be as edgy as Squall from FF8. There was no good balance.
>> No. 22821 [Edit]
That's basically how the syndrome works and why, one way or another, everybody has it.

I wanted to be an artist and shit, even before 8th grade (when the syndrome exploded indeed). Actually, the other day my sister found an "illustrated poem" that I did at 7 or something; it was really stupid: it talked about a penguin (???) who experiments very bad luck, corruption, heaven's punishment and ends up in hell; however, it was shocking to see that I'm now using pretty much the same format and keeping similar moral concerns: it's like I either reverted into the self-whipped kid I was 20 years ago, or never really changed at all.
>> No. 22822 [Edit]
I wrote some long and boring thing, but I'll just say that it's pretty much >>22815 but without the whole 'genius' thing. I knew I had that limit and a few others, even if that didn't stop me from wanting to be some great being with a great existence.
>> No. 22901 [Edit]
I tried to act like a silent protagonist from video games, thinking it would make me look mysterious and cool. Boy, did that ever backfire. I also thought magic was real and would try to cast spells when nobody was around.

This as well. Didn't help that everyone in my family thought the same thing about me.
>> No. 22906 [Edit]
File 137909980357.jpg - (11.56KB , 220x258 , 220px-OttoWeiningerspring1903.jpg )
When I was 14 (late 90s) I would immerse myself in RPGs on the Sega Genesis (an ancient console even then) because I was bullied by girls and by my father and life fucking sucked back then.

I also thought that I was a prophet and had magical powers. Isn't that weird?
>> No. 22909 [Edit]
Weird because you succesfully prophecized you'd acquire magical powers?
>> No. 22915 [Edit]

Actually, that very well may be true. I did DXM last night and realized that I have the power of divination, to a limited extent. I was able to foretell the gist of the futures of my brother and sister (brother was a dark brown unknown, sister had a massive wall of flesh surrounding her).

I am only two months away from 30 and I'm going to be a wizard, so yeah.
>> No. 23045 [Edit]
Interesting, usually when on DXM I feel extremely synchronised with electronics. I can't really interpret my thoughts well while in that state but I like to record my thoughts in a notepad and read them later and interpret them.
>> No. 23054 [Edit]

Yeah, while I'm on DXM I'm almost always right in front on my laptop, playing songs and messing around in Audacity. It is really supernatural in a way; I feel like I'm some sort of oracle who utilizes music to decipher things about life. I should probably get into solfeggio sometime.

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