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File 137638171551.jpg - (25.16KB , 250x579 , 080930_2.jpg )
13135 No. 13135 [Edit]
Assuming your waifu/husbando/loved one is an adult or teen in their canon, do you ever wonder about their childhood and formative years? Or wishing you were there for it?

I've been thinking a lot about this lately because his canon, while it has some minor but important details, is largely lacking in regards to this. I find myself wondering all sorts of things. What were his adopted parents like? Did he have any siblings, adopted or biological? What was his favorite place to relax as a child? What were his favorite games or toys? What were his favorite books? Did he prefer to read on his own or be read to? Etc etc etc. I could really go on forever, there are so many things I wonder about and want to ask him, even though he may not remember the answers himself.

Most of all, I wish I could have been there with him, both as a companion through his turbulent childhood and a friend worth remembering fondly. I'm trying to tell myself that "at least I'm here now", but I really wish I could have been a source of comfort as he was growing up.
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>> No. 13137 [Edit]
File 137638396783.jpg - (161.50KB , 768x1024 , 36131233.jpg )
Sometimes it's interesting to think how our lives would've changed if we had been together sooner.

Overall, though, I don't think things would have turned out very differently.
>> No. 13138 [Edit]
File 137639239494.jpg - (85.29KB , 746x1024 , 1372583392160.jpg )
I wonder about this too.
I wonder what she was like as a child, what she liked to do, if she liked to make art as a child too.
I don't even know her parents, so her childhood is a complete mystery to me.
I wish I could've been there.
>> No. 13139 [Edit]
I never thought about it. It'd certainly be nice to see what she was like as a kid. I can imagine all the embarassing things shes done..
>> No. 13143 [Edit]
File 137641799112.jpg - (378.86KB , 714x1000 , 16242784.jpg )
I've only thought a little about it and I would love know more about her as a cute little child.
I do also wish I had shown her my love earlier on.
>> No. 13145 [Edit]
File 137642999497.jpg - (166.24KB , 600x848 , 1235964553531.jpg )
Yes, actually. I've always been kind of curious about not only about her childhood but about her family- it's an aspect of the characters that the series never really elaborates on for anybody (save for a select few).

I'm sure I would have enjoyed spending time with her as a child, too.
>> No. 13146 [Edit]
File 13764462617.png - (211.20KB , 806x632 , narcissu6.png )
I think about it all the time. In canon, when she became sick and hospitalized all the time, all of her classmates gradually forgot about her and she was pretty much just left to die alone. I wish I could have been a childhood friend of hers and made sure that didn't happen.

It seems like that's a common sentiment in this thread. The desire to have grown up together, I mean. No wonder osananajimi is such a popular character type.
>> No. 13149 [Edit]
File 137645354137.jpg - (150.23KB , 1440x810 , 1319734260088.jpg )
I know only a little bit of her childhood and early school years through the anime and games. I do wish I was there earlier for her, but I feel that the time and place where we met was just perfect.
>> No. 13153 [Edit]
File 137647991757.jpg - (882.18KB , 750x1027 , b1462acb26e8c76ce19ff048d36a819d.jpg )
Now that I've thought about it, I honestly have no idea about her childhood except for the fact that what inspired her to do magic was a fireworks display and that she was with Rinnosuke during that time.

Although, going by her current personality and state of affairs right now, I don't think she had that much of a good childhood. I don't think she had many friends, I don't think she was brave during that time and I don't think her parents let her that much freedom. So she came of age, she pursued what she wanted and just left her father's house to live alone and do what she wanted to do.

And honestly, if I was with her during that time, I guess both our lives might have turned out differently and not in the expected ways.
>> No. 13155 [Edit]
File 137648298297.jpg - (305.63KB , 661x935 , みり - やれやれ - 32651469.jpg )
Her childhood was miserable and gloomy. Granted not really as miserable as a starving child in Africa but quite miserable. Being neglected with her parents doing their jobs and her brothers already studying or doing business abroad overseas, she has to face her childhood alone as she can't be in contact with anyone as her father seems to be overprotective.

As much as I want to be there for her when she is in her childhood years, the biggest challenge is to convince her father to be with her. And her father seems to be the most stubborn father ever as Iori barely even became an idol because of him. But I would not change her childhood years as I want her to grow. To grow herself into an independent woman who could freely express as much as she pleases. To let her naturally become the resilient woman she is.

I suppose wishing to change her very fate is like playing with a monkey's paw. That is why I would rather leave her fate as it is. And in exchange, I would offer myself as best I could to make her the happiest woman on earth from the moment we fell in love with each other.
>> No. 13159 [Edit]
File 137654331276.jpg - (91.20KB , 500x500 , 1350537783593.jpg )
Of course I've thought about that, since she started behaving as an eccentric since middle school, and maybe even before that. She probably felt very lonely while she was in her search for the supernatural. I hope that the avoidant behaviour she showed right before forming the brigade wasn't because some sort of conflict with her classmates.

So, yeah, I really wish I was there with her ;_;
>> No. 13163 [Edit]
File 137668039868.jpg - (35.19KB , 640x480 , air062.jpg )
I think they did a decent job of covering that.

Seems like it was a really hard time for her, between her parent's divorce and her mother losing her mind.
I doubt I would have been able to comfort her much at that point since I was a huge brat/idiot when I was a kid. I'm just glad she had Michiru there for her.
>> No. 13167 [Edit]
File 137669437039.jpg - (49.72KB , 715x536 , fuck off mini-me.jpg )
I know enough about her childhood from both the anime and manga versions. I wouldn't want to have been there though, neither for anything bad that happened to her to change in the least; since I can relate with some of it, that shit is part of the things we can share and, at any rate, that shit is what made her the one for me, the one I could love...

She's the only reason why I'm sometimes glad about the life I've had (cause it led me to her), so I wouldn't take her any less fucked up either. She's just fine as she is.
>> No. 13237 [Edit]
File 137759059432.jpg - (50.98KB , 718x579 , ka5.jpg )
>I suppose wishing to change her very fate is like playing with a monkey's paw. That is why I would rather leave her fate as it is.
Ah, I didn't really intend the thread like that. I love my dearest for who he is, not for who he could have been. And I would be different, too. I doubt he would be the way he is - for better or for worse - if he didn't grow up the way he did.

There are just things I wonder. Thinking about "what ifs" are different than actually wishing they were true. Well - I do wish it, but I don't want it, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't go back in time to change things. That said, it is comforting to imagine me comforting him as a child... telling him that he is loved and wanted. I don't know.

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