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File 145337610736.webm - (6.75MB , bernd gets disowned1.webm )
28236 No. 28236 [Edit]
otaku culture
>> No. 28238 [Edit]
Poor furry bernd, I wonder how she would have reacted if it were traps or loli. Is furry even otaku?
>> No. 28240 [Edit]
Pfft, they're German. This can't be the worst she's heard of.
>> No. 28251 [Edit]

I strongly doubt it, look at their drawings, they look like those old Disney era animals, as seen in that movie of Robin Hood.

They are as bad as those fedorable fellows claiming their fugly gaijin cartoons can be actual "waifus".

Remember how furries were immediately hated when 4chan was the new thing.
>> No. 28254 [Edit]
Dang, while I found that funny at first I ended up feeling really sorry for her. I might be a piece of shit but I at least have enough common sense to try and act normally outside of my home and not shit on the hand that feeds me. What a self centered piece of shit that kid is, how hard is it to keep your creepy sex toys hidden?
>> No. 28255 [Edit]
really? He seemed stupid, yeah, but it seemed just as stupid that she was getting so deeply freaked out by some unusual fetish.
>> No. 28256 [Edit]

I would not say creepy, I don't feel threatened or scared or even unnerved by that in the sightless, just annoyed.
>> No. 28266 [Edit]
Ford drivers, man. They'll never truly understand.
>> No. 28287 [Edit]
Ha ha ha, oh wow.
>> No. 28429 [Edit]
I think the main issue is the guy taking this stuff out into public with them and embarrassing the family. Imagine having a family member that enjoyed rubbing one off in public every time you took them out. you might find them embarrassing disgusting and not want to be seen with them right?

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