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File 146553924826.jpg - (228.18KB , 497x1920 , epic%20anime.jpg )
26409 No. 26409 [Edit]
lets look at the fohovn summer anime chart
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>> No. 26411 [Edit]
looks like there are some good series on there
>> No. 26412 [Edit]
It's so tiny. I can't even read the text.

Well, at the very least it seems that there might be a few animes about cute girls on it. Berserk is there as well at least.
>> No. 26414 [Edit]
Those fucking ants with their epic anime.
>> No. 26415 [Edit]

Planetarian anime???

This better be good.
>> No. 26416 [Edit]
For a second I read that as Planetes and got confused...

but wow. it'll be really interesting to see how they adapt the setting. Looks like there's a film planned as well.
>> No. 26445 [Edit]
File 146697036886.jpg - (3.68MB , 1144x4421 , qx9g6upo.jpg )
Here's a proper version
>> No. 26447 [Edit]
Thank you.

I'll watch: Love Live!S!, and New Game!. I might watch Amaama to Inazuma since it doesn't sound too bad from the description.
>> No. 26467 [Edit]
File 146761995517.jpg - (68.47KB , 850x1021 , g20160807.jpg )
Planetarian anime will just be the game's cutscenes. Haha.
>> No. 26470 [Edit]
Going to watch Love Live, New Game, Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls, Regalia, Handa-kun, Amanchu and Ange Vierge.
I enjoy Dangan Ronpa games but I'm not particularly interested in the anime. I might cave in but it's rather ulikely.

I have high hopes for New Game. The manga is cute and I really like the artstyle. I hope Handa-kun will live up to the standards of Barakamon, that was a great series.

I also hope Regalia and Ange Vierge will be awful enough to be worthwhile. Regalia in particular seems to have all that's needed to create a beautiful trainwreck.

For a Summer season this looks fairly okay I'd say.
>> No. 26510 [Edit]
File 146805585343.jpg - (135.66KB , 1920x1080 , yumemi anime.jpg )
I watched the 1st episode and I'm not liking it in the slightest. It's cliched and boorish, nothing like the infinitely sweet Yumemi and truly grim 1st person experience I remember.

I might give it a shot, but I'd rather treasure the intense VN memory I hold. I do hope it gets enough attention though, so they finally release a Yumemi figure (extra points if it's based on the well known GK).

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