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File 144772994568.jpg - (54.92KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] YuruYuri S3 - 01 [720p]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
27919 No. 27919 [Edit]
I've been studying 日本語 for a year now and I can still barely read VNs or a couple of pages of manga. The grammar rules just don't stick to me, I feel like I must suffer from retardation or a really low IQ. I'm honestly starting to feel like spending all my time on the internet has turned my brain into mush.

Meanwhile I see people who have studied in half the time make twice the amount of progress as me.

Then again I am lazy. I have no motivation whatsoever. If my mom didn't get me out of bed every morning I probably would just sleep until I die.

Just end me
>> No. 27920 [Edit]
I have phases where I study extremely diligently for a month or two and then get exhausted and quit altogether.

Now I'm picking up Japanese after a few months break and feel I have power to study again. Hopefully I don't get burned out this time. I'm trying not to add words to Anki and instead just learn kanji while reading stuff and hope I pick vocabulary at the same time. SRS gets exhausting really quickly.
>> No. 28299 [Edit]
People like me and you just can't learn languages sadly. I've tried to learn like 5 different languages and just can't do it.
>> No. 28300 [Edit]
The rules aren't that complex in my opinion, what part of the grammar do you have problems with?
>Then again I am lazy. I have no motivation whatsoever.
Why did you want to start learning Japanese? Also if it helps: the most annoying time is the beginning, when you start reading easy stuff, your progress is more obvious and you are probably much more motivated since you have fun and learn shit as a bonus.

Good luck, dude.

I did the same but it worked for me.
>I look up a word, only to forget it moments after.
What do you mean? Don't you remember at least faintly that you've encountered a specific word before? If you always think you see a word for the first time, you must be doing something very wrong or you're fucked but if you at least feel a little bit of familiarity, you're making progress.
Also if you read already, you shouldn't really care about vocabulary acquisition, that's something that just comes automatically either way, it just takes longer if you don't learn actively with anki or similar stuff but no need to rush, unless you want to go to Japan next year, then you're fucked too.

I don't think that being able to learn languages is something some people have and others do not.
Everyone (except some maybe some cavemen or whatever) has learned a language in their life. Most important thing is motivation and repetition, you just have to confront yourself with the language every day.
>I've tried to learn like 5 different languages and just can't do it.
Have you really tried to learn those languages or have you "tried" to learn them? Why exactly do you think you can't learn them?
>> No. 28301 [Edit]
Taking a trip to Japan or otherwise being surrounded by the language & being forced to use it might help you.
>> No. 28303 [Edit]

>I look up a word, only to forget it moments after. To combat this, I leave the dictionary tab open so I can refer to it later if I see it again. The problem with this is I have accumulated hundreds of dictionary tabs. It's a huge mess.

I'm sure you know this already but let me repeat it to drive the point home some more - use anki. What you do is essentially the same as using anki anyway, except really inefficient in many ways.

It's okay to halfass anki on days when you feel like shit. You shouldn't do it but it happens. To everyone probably. But even then you should just rush through them, take quick guesses instead of spending the time on the 'on the tip of my tongue ones' and mark them as 'hard' when you miss. Even then you should reread every card and try to take a good look at the kanji.

The entire point of anki is going through your cards regularly. Your brain is built in a way that will make it naturally pick up on some things if you'll get exposed to them often enough. Even if it gets you 10 'hards' per each card to get to one 'good' you're still making progress. And it's not like you're spending hours on it, it takes what, 30s per card every day?
>> No. 28305 [Edit]
You're not alone in thinking you're alone.
If you've got this far, then why stop now?
I've stopped studying hard because i'm lazy too and some things happened which had some impact on my japanese dreamland view, but i didn't stop learning, this we do everyday.
Some kanjis ARE confusing, there's nothing we can do other than repetition and memorization through constant use, this is how i've "learned" kanjis along all these years (since 90s, first ones i remember were SNES games imports), just from playing games and eroges.
Some kanjis were carved into my brain even if i didn't know their meaning.
Visiting japanese sites or blogs once in a while is good to get in touch, just be careful with slangs, in fact, it's probably best to stick with books or news websites since it's the correct form. What i've learned is the basic of the basic to just scrape by, studying on academic level is definitely not for me.
>> No. 28322 [Edit]
I have been studying for 6 years on and off and it still takes me forever to read VNs. I usually drop them because I lose interest reading at the speed of a retarded 3rd grader. I also have to look up like 3 words every 5 minutes despite studying for this long. I feel like a fake.
>> No. 28557 [Edit]
Wow, you're a saint. I've been out of anki for about 4 months now and the last few times I cleaned my dictionary profile it was by simply purging everything.
>> No. 28559 [Edit]
Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama.
I’m a 27 year old American Otaku (Anime fan for you gaijins). I draw Anime and Manga on my tablet, and spend my days perfecting my art and playing superior Japanese games. (Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Persona series)
I train with my Katana every day, this superior weapon can cut clean through steel because it is folded over a thousand times, and is vastly superior to any other weapon on earth. I earned my sword license two years ago, and I have been getting better every day.
I speak Japanese fluently, both Kanji and the Osaka dialect, and I write fluently as well. I know everything about Japanese history and their bushido code, which I follow 100%
When I get my Japanese visa, I am moving to Tokyo to attend a prestigious High School to learn more about their magnificent culture. I hope I can become an animator for Studio Ghibli or a game designer!
I own several kimonos, which I wear around town. I want to get used to wearing them before I move to Japan, so I can fit in easier. I bow to my elders and seniors and speak Japanese as often as I can, but rarely does anyone manage to respond.
Wish me luck in Japan!
>> No. 28560 [Edit]
Good luck, my friend.
>> No. 28561 [Edit]
ganbare, ken-sama!
>> No. 28566 [Edit]
Why aren't you dead?
>> No. 28570 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure that that's kopipe

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