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File 133509206731.jpg - (50.84KB , 387x426 , 1335073022357.jpg )
9701 No. 9701 [Edit]
If you're the kind of person to do so, do you think your life wouldn't be so shit if you didn't blow your problems out of proportion?

What I mean is that some people like us who lean more towards anxiety and pessimism, we make out certain problems to be bigger than they are. This causes a cascade effect of problems becoming bigger and spawning new problems, until those problems do become genuinely overwhelming. This would've been all prevented if we had a more optimistic attitude which would've made it easier to just get over the problem in the first place.

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>> No. 9702 [Edit]
I don't tend to worry about smaller problems as much, but when I do worry about things, I worry about them quite a bit.
>> No. 9703 [Edit]
No, because I try to rationalize everything and try to do things as logical as possible to make sure that I do everything properly.

I try to think of every scenario possible to the probable future with the events that lead to it, and usually am correct with what I can gather.

I would've been here regardless of any attempts I were to have made in the past because I am a natural failure and because of my personality.
>> No. 9712 [Edit]

Your argument is essentially that we would be different people if we were different people. How does one foster a positive attitude if he is at the bottom rung of the social ladder in an indifferent, meaningless universe?
>> No. 9758 [Edit]
File 133518510287.jpg - (29.70KB , 393x523 , circleanxiety.jpg )
Image is an example of what I mean. Of course you'll be different if you're different, but thats a big generalisation. A small difference in attitude can mean big differences down the road.

As for how to change it, I'm not really sure. Maybe you'll need to take baby steps, or get hit by a major game-changing event, or reach a point of apathy so low that negative thinking no longer reaches you.
>> No. 9775 [Edit]
You live in a beautiful world, op.
>> No. 9805 [Edit]
What sucks is I'm fully aware I'm a worrywart (pretty much nothing I worry about has ever happened/mattered) yet I still worry. I worry that if I stop caring then it will be the one thing that DID matter

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