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File 135349618833.jpg - (43.83KB , 640x480 , TOHNOCHOTEY.jpg )
7578 No. 7578 [Edit]
I thought maybe we could have a TC goty award but we need nominees and categories.This text will be updated.

my suggestion on categories

best online
best fps
best Touhou
best fighting
best freeware/flash
best indie
best RPG
best NEET game
best Visual Novel

please continue in order to contribute to thread if any interest
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>> No. 7579 [Edit]
I have played like literally 3 games this year...

GotY: SMT: Devil Survivor 2
best RPG: Devil Survivor 2

... but I don't feel bad about claiming DS2 was personal GotY because I enjoyed it a lot.
>> No. 7580 [Edit]
My tastes are far too different from most people. I don't even play popular games or PC games and just play what I like, so I'm in the minority, even on TC.
>> No. 7581 [Edit]
What the hell is a NEET game?
>> No. 7582 [Edit]

Hikkikomori Manager
>> No. 7584 [Edit]
The only game released this year that I played was Max Payne 3 and that was pretty cool I guess, so it gets my GOTY award by default. Congratulations
>> No. 7585 [Edit]
That's a very interesting nominee you have there
>> No. 7586 [Edit]
I don't understand.
>> No. 7587 [Edit]
The only games I played that were released in 2012 were RKS-Freudenstachel and Youyou Kengeki Musou.
>> No. 7588 [Edit]
How about instead of just listing games for certain categories, we just make, like, some sort of collage of games we liked and stuff. It's certainly less of a hassle and less stupid since we don't exactly have people with the same interests nor enough to vote on what is the "best". We could say that these are games "approved of by TC" or something like that.
>> No. 7590 [Edit]

Sound reasonable. Better than another popularity contest at least.
>> No. 7591 [Edit]
Like this >>4887?

Post edited on 22nd Nov 2012, 12:56pm
>> No. 7592 [Edit]
Oh, I remember that thread. Sure, why not?

I didn't really think about it and just blurted out something that would avoid being a popularity contest like >>7590 said.

Maybe it could be a group thing instead of an individual thing so that it could suck less and maybe be a little meaningful to us all. I only thought of this now and have not thought about any other details, and probably won't since I'm feeling lazy. I'll let you guys come up with something.
>> No. 7594 [Edit]
You first
>> No. 7601 [Edit]
File 13537367571.jpg - (189.86KB , 829x964 , aass.jpg )
Worst game of the year is ASSasssin's Creed III. What a buggy, glitchy game...
>> No. 7656 [Edit]
All of this time has passed and I haven't been able to come up with anything.

Anyway, I nominate Scribblenauts Unlimited. Pretty damn fun.
>> No. 7657 [Edit]
The best fps I've played in a long time as of now is Natural Selection 2.
>> No. 8126 [Edit]
File 136341194335.jpg - (61.32KB , 640x325 , 070514043032628.jpg )
GotY2013 is Revengance!
>> No. 8129 [Edit]
all 6 hours of it
>> No. 8157 [Edit]
DLC for the cyber-wolf and Jetstream Sam on the way...

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