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File 13339464631.jpg - (65.38KB , 450x676 , a97612_210.jpg )
14283 No. 14283 [Edit]
Why does everyone hate Sankakucomplex? Is it just because they post 3D and allow noobs in the comment section or is there something worse about it? I'm out of the loop on a lot of stuff because I was never on /jp/, help me out.

See 3PDs metaphorically related, if you give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that my misinterpretation of the font is innocent and honest rather than contrived just for the sake of posting this image.
Haruhi fucking dammit I wish there was a Minami Touma breakfast cereal…

OK, here is topic two for this thread, if you don't like the first topic, theoretical (or real) anime breakfast cereal. Here is my idea:
     Tsundere Crunch! the cereal is in the shapes of various popular tsunderes (taiga, haruhi, etc) and the cereal pieces are almost hard enough to break your teeth, but they're marshmallowy, soft and sweet on the inside.
Here is another one:
     SourBerries - flavored like your favorite fresh berries when they're under ripe, IM artwork on the box
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>> No. 14284 [Edit]
They make up news, and pass off posts on 2ch by random people as news.
They're also 'MOE haters' that do things like make fun of stuff like those k-on instruments that were stolen then tossed out into a ditch.
The type that would refer to themselves as 'GARfags'
and yeah, the 3DPD porn shit all over the poorly coded shit site

Post edited on 8th Apr 2012, 9:48pm
>> No. 14286 [Edit]
It's an ad covered mess of a site. All the articles are either random screencaps from the latest anime or shit reposted from 2ch. There's no value to any of the content. Even the booru is just Gelbooru but worse.

It could disappear tomorrow and nothing of value would be lost.
>> No. 14287 [Edit]
What the flying fuck are you talking about?
>I wish there was a Minami Touma breakfast cereal…
I just don't understand, I really don't.
>> No. 14288 [Edit]
the op is under the influence of something i think
>> No. 14291 [Edit]
because its an anime tabloid
>> No. 14293 [Edit]
I have nothing against it, OP...

>screencaps from the latest anime
>shit reposted from 2ch

That exactly works well for me. mostly since I do not download HD files of every episode, and I do not speak japanese but enjoy reading about japanese news scandals and shit (otaku/hikikomori/pedofilia related or not).
>> No. 14300 [Edit]
Because it's sensationalist bullshit. I mean, they quote 2ch troll threads as truth for fuck sake.
>> No. 14301 [Edit]
I don't hate it, I just hate the people that read it. Its a vacuous website and only exists because people give it an audience. It does have a few genuinely interesting articles but on the whole its tabloid level stuff.
>> No. 14303 [Edit]
>> No. 14304 [Edit]
It pretty much just caters to a horrible demographic of users. It was never good with anything that it did.
>> No. 14305 [Edit]
SankakuComplex's forums have degenerated into 4chan level bullshit in the past year or so. I remember checking on the forum and there was a thread insulting black people. I dont think that happens often, but the poster who made it apparently has a reputation for being a 'legit' racist.

And yes I know I'm talking about SankakuComplex, the site where they insult Chinese and Koreans all the fucking time like their "net-uyoku" brethern on 2ch.

Havent been on the site in a while and there IS interesting and fun things on there. I am also reminded of what people say about the internet, not to look at the comments section.
>> No. 14307 [Edit]
Aren't those more like quoting rumors? Like when something massive happens in the US and digg gets ahold of it and a news article will quote the rumors from digg posts of people explaining their relatives who are involved with whatever shit is happening?

>>Tsundere Crunch! the cereal is in the shapes of various popular tsunderes (taiga, haruhi, etc) and the cereal pieces are almost hard enough to break your teeth, but they're marshmallowy, soft and sweet on the inside.

Ouch. Reminds me of those candies. There are candies which are liek that.
>> No. 14308 [Edit]
Sankakucomplex is Fox News for Weeaboos.

Even then, it's basically camwhores and Femen protests a solid 1/3rd of the posts. Femen is especially annoying because it has nothing to do with "Anime, manga and games as viewed from Japan".

Titles of articles are written to be sensationalist and have retarded grammar, even for article titles.

Artefact is a trollacious cunt who will play devil's advocate with every article, and never do the full story. "Uyoku are fags! Otaku are fags! Otaku haters are fags! Japs is fags! Americans are fags! Koreans are fags!" is all I read from him.

Comments are lower than YouTube trash.

Also, pornadspornadspornadspornadspornadspornadsjlistpornadspornadspornadspornadspornadspornads

Regardless, I visit daily, because they are among the first English websites to announce figs. Also the Anime screenshots are nice to see.

Other than that, they are Fox News.
>> No. 14314 [Edit]

>they insult Chinese and Koreans all the fucking time like their "net-uyoku" brethern on 2ch.

Am I the only one who thinks it's downright hilarious? It's not just Sankaku, it spreads to all places with a weeaboo fanbase (*chans in particular). It's really funny because they try to act like 2chan /vip/'s right wing extremists even though Western *chans were always places where commie/socialist circlejerking happened on hourly basis.

'I'm right wing now, I am xenophobic as hell and hate Corea and China - it's like I'm really Japanese!'
>> No. 14315 [Edit]
To be fair, a lot of Koreans are cunts, and the Chinese are like the Mexican immigrants of Japan- useless in China, useless in Japan, and are disrespectful. Hong Kong people are also kind of bad, because they have awful business practices.

If you ever have been to a Chinatown or a Korean community you know why I say this. They act and live like Appalatia hicks but think they are so much better than everyone else. The recent trip I made to Porter Square, the ramen shop was spotless while the Korean sushi bar looked like a back alley abortion clinic. I guess the Japanese are better with aesthetics and functionality than the Chinese or Koreans.

Also the shops in Chinatown with the ROC flag are usually the best to go to. They don't overcharge and the food is usually the best made.

Japanese communities are hard to find, though, since they usually know what it is like to have an ethnic community refuse to assimilate, and avoid doing it.

Taiwanese/ ROC Chinese, I like a lot. Not sure what the Net Uyo think though. Never met an ROC Chinese who wasn't really nice or awesome.
>> No. 14319 [Edit]
>Sankakucomplex is Fox News for Weeaboos.

I do not understand. Are you trying to say that sankakucomplex is as good (or bad) as any other anime news site?
>> No. 14320 [Edit]
> Are you trying to say that sankakucomplex is as good (or bad) as any other anime news site?

You must not be familiar with Fox News, or at least how it is in America. It is a very awful, disreputable news organization that intentionally misleads its viewers to have strong emotions about political issues (fear, terror, anger, outrage, etc) to strengthen the ``Republican" party and the Christian right. If you are at all informed about political issues or are progressive, non-religious, etc etc, you will probably not be able to watch it and see it as a good news service at all.
>> No. 14321 [Edit]
File 133410342172.jpg - (54.32KB , 500x296 , fox-news-identifies-a-nightclub-as-a-nuclear-powe-.jpg )
Remember this?

It is a nightclub.

So basically, we have to ask where Fox gets their shit? And the same about Sankaku.

Fox also put a dot on a map during something that was happening in a town in France, and that dot was in Turkey, and Paris was in Hungary.
>> No. 14322 [Edit]
File 133410392578.jpg - (41.88KB , 636x480 , fox news.jpg )
Fox News is the coolest
>> No. 14337 [Edit]
I'm really not sure what it is I'm supposed to be looking at.
>> No. 14344 [Edit]
the "poor" in quotation marks, as if owning a fridge means they aren't poor
>> No. 14346 [Edit]
You know, there are some systems that give out free refrigerators for low income families. we got one from our electric company like that.
>> No. 14348 [Edit]
>>Taiwanese/ ROC Chinese, I like a lot. Not sure what the Net Uyo think though. Never met an ROC Chinese who wasn't really nice or awesome.

They think Taiwanese are cool from what I remember. Taiwan was historically much happier with Japanese rule as opposed to say Korea
>> No. 14351 [Edit]
I only saw that on sankakucomplex myself, not even /a/ has that. Ive seen posters from japan/korea/china bitch on there but that's different than white americans or w/e
>> No. 20925 [Edit]
File 136262299782.png - (41.96KB , 608x282 , wcv.png )
>> No. 20926 [Edit]
Wow, that place has changed. Thank Haruhi for TC.
>> No. 20927 [Edit]
How do you think two random anons can possibly adequately represent the current state of /a/? That looks like something two random people might have said 4 or 5 years ago, and it's not surprising that they'd say so now.
>> No. 20928 [Edit]
I'm assuming he's joking because those posts are actually from here, I think
>> No. 20929 [Edit]
That's pretty damn ignorant right there. There's plenty of good solid reasons to hate Sankakucomplex (it's basically a tabloid), but the guy there just ignores that fact and claims the problem is with the people who don't like Sankakucomplex for no good reason.
>> No. 20937 [Edit]
given the post numbers, i don't think thats /a/
>> No. 20954 [Edit]
/a/ is a bigger shitpile than sankakucomplex. St least "Shitkaku" tells you what anime they are discussing.
>> No. 20955 [Edit]
> least "Shitkaku" tells you what anime they are discussing.
People on /an/ love to make threads without disclosing the name of the anime, fyi.
>> No. 20980 [Edit]
Are there any actual real anime themed breakfast cereals?
>> No. 20994 [Edit]
still better than /a/ & at least theyre helpful...
>> No. 20996 [Edit]

Whenever someone makes a thread without mentioning the name of the show in any way people complain about it.
>> No. 21069 [Edit]
Most of the time that's just me.

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