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No. 15629 [Edit]
one of my friends (a /tc/er) told me he was going to kill himself today so i called the police. was this a douche move of me?
>> No. 15630 [Edit]
No but posting that image was.
>> No. 15631 [Edit]
I talked to him and he said you did the right thing.
>> No. 15632 [Edit]
Have him kill you too
>> No. 15633 [Edit]
Just for the record, using /tc/ as your blog is a 'douche move', too. Go talk about it to /jp/ or something.
>> No. 15636 [Edit]
>/so/ >using /tc/ as your blog

Ignoring that fatal mistake I would like to point out I dislike tokiko quit a bit too. He constantly attempts to date chics even after getting betrayed countless of times, he goes to imageboards he doesn't belong and annoys people, and acts like a troll at times. But I'm starting to notice people only seem to hate him because it's popular, that or maybe he stands out more or something? Because I have run into tons of Ford Driverish 3D fucking attention whoring trolls that don't seem to get the same level of hate as tokiko.
>> No. 15637 [Edit]

Maybe it might be because he has a name, and therefore an identity among the anonymous masses? That would make it much easier to focus negative energy towards him.
>> No. 15638 [Edit]
> I have run into tons of Ford Driverish 3D fucking attention whoring trolls that don't seem to get the same level of hate as tokiko

When you go around to every corner of the internet and behave like an obnoxious idiot with the same name you tend to get a lot of people disliking you. Also have the mods given up on getting rid of him or something? Why are so many of his posts still around
>> No. 15639 [Edit]
That's true. There have been other trips or even IRC users who get ignored though. I think the main problem with tokiko though is he is 'louder' than the other people and therefore draws more attention to himself. Most the others are more subtle and even try to manipulate people into liking them.

He ban evades.

Post edited on 26th Jul 2013, 11:55am
>> No. 15640 [Edit]
Maybe people should ignore him
>> No. 15642 [Edit]
It's not like there's anything to stop them from deleting his posts a second time.
If there's anything TC mods are likely to have it's free time.
>> No. 15707 [Edit]
It may be hard to believe but if he was put in a hospital things worse than death could've happened to him!

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