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File 138581331249.jpg - (765.76KB , 1871x2228 , elk.jpg )
10383 No. 10383 [Edit]
Would anybody be interested in watching live streams of videogames? I currently have a site where I stream games on every platform and I would be willing to take suggestions of what to stream.

What I currently have to stream is

-Drakengard 1+2
-Ninja Gaiden 1-3 (ps3)
-.hack GU (ps2 trilogy)
-Onimusha Dawn of Dreams

I have a pretty shit bitrate at the moment but that doesn't stop be from having a fun stream.

If anybody else would be interested in streaming I can give them rights to the site so we could make this a community thing.
>> No. 10390 [Edit]
Checked it a few times, and everytime stream was down.
>> No. 10391 [Edit]
I've been streaming on it but there's no way for me to announce it to tc really. I can announce it to people in the irc but if I make a post here it really won't do much since theres always such slow traffic.
>> No. 10392 [Edit]
I'd be interested in a Tohno-stream, chatting with other people.

It would help if you announced a rough idea of times you'll be streaming, the stream was done whenever I looked.
>> No. 10393 [Edit]
Well I don't really have a set time to steam but it is currently 9:44pm and i am going to stream Nier right now.
>> No. 10394 [Edit]

Missed it, shame 'cause I've heard great things about it.

Hope you get more requests for streaming on that site pop up so we see more activity.

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