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File 143737951931.jpg - (58.90KB , 1280x720 , [DeadFish] Wakako-zake - 02 [720p][AAC]_mp4_snapsh.jpg )
23536 No. 23536 [Edit]
Not even sure if a micro anime like this really warrants it's own thread but whatever.

Anyone watching this? For an anime as short as it is, it contains a deep and intriguing plot about an oddly drawn out woman roaming the city with an insatiable appetite for food.
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>> No. 23770 [Edit]
She should have just told her boss she wasn't the one that sent him the file. God damn Japanese culture...
>> No. 23842 [Edit]
wow meta
>> No. 23979 [Edit]
I honestly think I like short anime better these days. It's nice that the entire series ends up being as long as a normal episode, and they're short enough that I can rewatch them a few times without feeling like I'm wasting time.

Wakaba Girl is also very fun to just throw on and watch for ten minutes while I'm waiting for something to load or whatever.
>> No. 24343 [Edit]
File 144548767740.jpg - (103.01KB , 1280x720 , [DeadFish] Wakako-zake - 06 [720p][AAC]_mp4_snapsh.jpg )
Least she knows how to enjoy herself

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