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File 133322594742.png - (56.82KB , 913x713 , goog8bit.png )
14126 No. 14126 [Edit]
It's April fools time! Post some stuff websites have done. Google made an 8bit google maps
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>> No. 14127 [Edit]
Haha, that's awesome.

Quick, tell me how to get to the water temple!
>> No. 14128 [Edit]
Over yonder lies the temple, bold adventurer! http://maps.google.com.br/maps/place?q=37.585485,-121.885468
>> No. 14129 [Edit]
pixiv has a dotted logo and a link to this page that might be an april fools thing. I think it says the logo ran away ;_;

>> No. 14130 [Edit]
Tasofro came up with this http://tasofro.net/touhou123DA!!!/index.html .
The text gave me a hard time, but seems like a big Hisoutensoku tournament where the only allowed weapons are Hisouten CDs, microwave oven plates, chakrams and donuts(only deep fried, baked ones not allowed).
>> No. 14133 [Edit]
Tried out 00.00,00.00 just for fun. That's quite an easter egg...
>> No. 14135 [Edit]

A huge collection of Japan's April fools this year.
>> No. 14136 [Edit]

New game: Chemical Maid Kohaku.

I for one welcome our meido overlords.
>> No. 14138 [Edit]

But really, I look forward to seeing it, Hamish. Whatever you do.
>> No. 14141 [Edit]
tokyo toshokan has a FBI takedown notice, then redirects to the real site which is plastered with pony logos

Post edited on 31st Mar 2012, 10:05pm
>> No. 14142 [Edit]
>> No. 14143 [Edit]
Youtube has a "DVD collection" for sale and has also added a little lightswitch that lets you "turn the lights off" (darken the screen except for the video). I'm not sure if that second one is really a joke since I've seen it on other video sites before and is actually rather nice
>> No. 14144 [Edit]
I believe the switch is because of the Earth Hour thing. I like it, I just wish it would stay off when I go to another video.
>> No. 14145 [Edit]

The turn the lights off button was already in youtube at some point, guess they just added it back.
>> No. 14146 [Edit]
Yeah I like it too. Its easier on the eyes and uses less electricity.

You can actually change the default background colour and font colour in Firefox and make it this way- not sure about other browsers though. Emo connotations aside, I find a pink text and black background combination to be easiest on tired eyes.
>> No. 14147 [Edit]
>uses less electricity.
It doesn't, apparently. Monitor backlights are on all the time. To produce black, it needs to use electricity to block the backlight. Or that's what I've read, at least. I don't know how true that is.
>> No. 14148 [Edit]
Thank you guys, now I aimlessly refresh boards to see my favourite banners, aimlessly refresh the front page to see my favourite slogans, aimlessly refresh it again to see my favourite ads and then aimlessly refresh it yet again until my one of my favourite slogans lines up with one of my favourite ads.

Enjoy your bandwidth limit exceeded.
>> No. 14153 [Edit]
Imgur has the "Imguraffe"
>> No. 14162 [Edit]
Tohno killed himself. Truly the most hardcore April Fools prank so far
>> No. 14170 [Edit]
I guess the lightswitch was just for the day. shame
>> No. 14171 [Edit]
File 133335106545.jpg - (24.53KB , 704x396 , szsova01_19.jpg )
Well, he did scared the crap out of me...
I mean: here in /tc/, people tend to react hard and do weird things alright (and I'm not excluding myself).
>> No. 14172 [Edit]
what's cool is how tohno went through the trouble of making those fake ads for the front page when he was just gonna close it off all along, making it seem more legit. masterful
>> No. 14173 [Edit]
But you are forgetting the best part: the NES version.
>> No. 14174 [Edit]
>> No. 14178 [Edit]
I wonder how he can top that next year.
>> No. 14179 [Edit]
Hopefully in a less dark way. I lost some sleep over that. But it was a good prank, I agree.
>> No. 14190 [Edit]
by actually killing himself
>> No. 14219 [Edit]
Aw, I missed the front page stuff.

Did anybody screencap it?
>> No. 14222 [Edit]
This would be nice.
>> No. 14224 [Edit]
File 133350186765.png - (2.90MB , 1330x3876 , 4112.png )
This was only for the latter part of the day mind you, it started with fake advertisements across the site
>> No. 14225 [Edit]
also the "just kidding" wasn't there until around an hour before it was taken down
>> No. 14232 [Edit]
File 133356563726.jpg - (943.58KB , 770x1756 , Poor-Little-Japanese-Girl.jpg )
>> No. 14233 [Edit]
They also had one for Nichibros, good times.

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