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File 136264846011.jpg - (458.26KB , 960x4860 , 1303061349584.jpg )
14341 No. 14341 [Edit]
<--Kyoani's next project
>> No. 14342 [Edit]
I don't think I'll be watching this one.
>> No. 14343 [Edit]
God forbid you drop a name OP, you dipshit.
>> No. 14344 [Edit]
I checked and found out it's just a company advertisement. not Kyoani's next project.


I think op is a troll or something.
>> No. 14347 [Edit]  
It's a real thing, I don't know why OP didn't link the video.

It looks like fun, I wonder if cute boys doing cute things will become the next big thing?

It obviously won't, but still.
>> No. 14348 [Edit]
I'm not sure if you guys have seen the video yet, but I accidentally found it when I was checking out the new pokemon trailer.

>> No. 14349 [Edit]
Next project or not - looks hot.
>> No. 14351 [Edit]

Well, all they can do is fanservice.
>> No. 14352 [Edit]
Looks like they're imitating Shaft's style a bit...

...I can't stand shaft's style, fuck this shit.
>> No. 14353 [Edit]  
What exactly are you basing your claim on that this is a "real thing"? what's is your source?

Kyotoanimation puts out a lot of CMs that don't necessarily have anything to do with the actual anime they produce, I'm very confident this is the same.
>> No. 14354 [Edit]
What was similar to shaft in it? The high five, mop (or broom, whatever) and stopwatch? I don't really understand what you mean.
>> No. 14355 [Edit]
I haven't seen it yet but I bet theres a ton of dramatic pauses, or large amounts of time spent on panning shots.
>> No. 14356 [Edit]
Too gay.
>> No. 14357 [Edit]
The visual style.
>> No. 14358 [Edit]
It's 30 seconds, just watch it before responding.
>> No. 14359 [Edit]
Didn't even need to watch it, essentially what I said.
>> No. 14360 [Edit]
And then the visual style is completely SHAFT, just like >>14357 said.
>> No. 14361 [Edit]
I'd totally fuck the blonde one and I'm not even gayokay maybe a tiny bit

But honestly? KyoAni should do it. I'm not kidding. Fujoshi comprise such a huge amount of otaku, and they don't have a lot of stuff marketed at them the way things like Strike Witches and K-On are marketed at us nijikon. KyoAni would rake in the profits on this one. Hell, I'd even watch it. Not that I'm gay or anything no that's a half-truth damnit.
>> No. 14363 [Edit]
Shinden, why are you abusing spoilers? You have to know better by now.
>> No. 14364 [Edit]
Animating water wouldn't be in shaft's budget
>> No. 14367 [Edit]
If it's as bad as Tamako Market was I won't be watching it.
>> No. 14373 [Edit]
Watching what? it's just a CM.
>> No. 14377 [Edit]
Looks like Crunchy Roll thinks KyoAni gives half a shit sandwich about a petition by a western audience:

Because they're spoilers. If you take my route and know what my big secrets are, then it doesn't raise the flags, and you don't get as much out of my route.
>> No. 14378 [Edit]
I rolled my eyes so much at that you'd think I was possessed...
>> No. 14421 [Edit]
See what you almost did? Because of you some of us now can't into some of Shinden's events because of you! Aren't you ashamed?!

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