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File 136786906478.png - (731.82KB , 1500x1000 , 3f72250dda43455e28050434417fe85b.png )
14667 No. 14667 [Edit]
I've been thinking lately.
And at one point I realized that I've been spending the last five years of my sorry excuse for a social life on anonymous imageboards and that the one thing I really want now is a friend with a name. I've found people who've seemed reasonable, cultured and polite a few times. But as soon as the thread ends, my new "friend" of ten minutes disappears for good. I just wish they'd still be there after the conversation has ended and a new one begins. I realized that I've never seen a "Get friends here!" thread on /so/. Would I get metaphorically stoned to death if I started one?
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>> No. 14668 [Edit]
I would like to be your friend if you want to, anonymous.
>> No. 14669 [Edit]
File 136787755364.jpg - (69.08KB , 1280x720 , azusa cry.jpg )
My trust issues run so deep that I can't even make friends anonymously on the internet. Sorry OP!
>> No. 14671 [Edit]
File 136787782558.png - (584.61KB , 1024x576 , rika f-bomb.png )
I get how you feel; but I don't think /so/ or /tc/ is the appropriate place for a meet up thread or forging personal relationships at all. You said it yourself: anonymous/trip imageboards work this way, with its pros and contras; that's our specificity and trying to use it otherwise would make us something else entirely (something dubious); so I think that, if you're really fed up with this (as we all may get), then you're gonna have to take your chances again and go where people are and interact in that other way (be it physically or in other kind of online forums). You gotta make up your mind.
>> No. 14672 [Edit]
>I get how you feel; but I don't think /so/ or /tc/ is the appropriate place for a meet up thread or forging personal relationships at all.
I agree. I think that people are attracted to anonymous imageboards for the lack of attachment besides just feeling more freedom to speak your mind. /tc/ especially since this place caters to reclusives - not socialites. Anyone coming in with the goal of videochatting with people and then going out for a coffee if they're close enough has the wrong idea and will likely be disappointed. Go to shitbookor meetup threads /a/ and /soc/ for that. Plenty of places for that elsewhere.
>> No. 14673 [Edit]
If it's something where people posted their email addresses/messengers/steam IDs and maybe a short summary of their interests I think it'd go alright. Real life meetups or anything would be pretty much impossible.
>> No. 14674 [Edit]
No, go away.
>> No. 14675 [Edit]
>> No. 14677 [Edit]
I think the problem is he wants to talk to people like those on this website on a continuous basis, not just any website; saying you need to go somewhere else to do that misses the point. But, of course, trying to find someone to talk to here is at odds with the nature of anonymous imageboards and, more crucially, imageboard etiquette. I'm guessing that a thread like that would end up more controversial (and more reported) than that feminism thread but for different reasons.
>> No. 14678 [Edit]
Thank you for posting this. It made me understand some things.
>> No. 14679 [Edit]
I'll just go ahead and ask. Does anyone want to be my friend? I like watching anime and drinking.

I've tried this before on another site but people always ask me to get skype and cam with them. Why do they do this? Why do they want to see my face? Are they setting me up for some kind of horrible practical joke? I just want someone to talk to and play videogames with.
>> No. 14680 [Edit]
>Why do they want to see my face? Are they setting me up for some kind of horrible practical joke?
You need to work on your trust issues.
>> No. 14681 [Edit]
I probably would but I only really emulate retro games, except for a spot of Chivalry every now and then.
>> No. 14682 [Edit]
>he wants to talk to people like those on this website
I personally think it's really just a crapshoot on anon boards. That is, you could go to a 'NEET' or reclusive themed thread and get a funny newly minted doctor or partying civil servant. Not saying it wasn't a decent convo but you honestly don't know what kind of person you'll get even in communities tailored for a certain 'type'. Maybe you or others will have much better luck in finding a person with a personality and life situation you can relate to.
>> No. 14683 [Edit]
Speaking of friends, I read an article earlier about prison isolation and it made me feel bad, so I wanted to see if there was an easy way I could be a pen pal for a prisoner online (I'm boring, but being alone for years they would probably be happy to hear from anyone). Every site I found was basically a romance/sex site. Oh well
>> No. 14684 [Edit]
People are so caught up in looks. I bet if they did see him on skype and didnt like the way he looked they'd immediately make some hurtful neckbeard/otaku macros. Hell, they'd make them anyways just because some people have such a sheltered life experience that they develop no respect for others.
>> No. 14686 [Edit]

Please spoiler that!
>> No. 14687 [Edit]
File 136790953030.jpg - (1.44MB , 1920x1080 , d37b98b0d49403eb45c29c742db1c6c2.jpg )
First of all, I'd like to point out that nobody would be forced to join in (obviously).
If you aren't interested then that is your personal decision and I fully respect it.
But if anyone does want to then that'd be grand.

This is more or less what I had planned but with one little modification being that I think most people here, or me at least, would be more at ease making and using dummy addresses to avoid any anxiety-hassles.

All I personally want is a friend with a name. I hate the sound of my own voice and I'm certain that videochatting would be even worse, even though I've been smart enough not to try.

As for replies telling me that going to a more "social" forum a cafe is a better idea, I've already tried that. Several times. Both forums and meetups, and it turned out to be a outright disaster almost every time.

The mailto actually contains something in this post.
>> No. 14688 [Edit]
I think this is one of those things people will talk about passively but never actually act on.

"Hey, wouldn't it be nice to make friends with people here?"
"Yeah, that sounds good..."
The End
>> No. 14690 [Edit]
File 136794133634.jpg - (276.77KB , 850x850 , 864235641.jpg )
Dakimakuras, Dōjinshi, and Garage Kits are stuff I can only seem to talk about online (anonymously, none the less). I'd love to have a real life friend I could share stuff with. We'd have sleepovers and film marathons and work on projects together.

I'd love to try to meet someone, maybe go to a con sometime (never been to one). but I fear I'd find a younger crowd of people who limit themselves to torrenting contemporary animes and love to shout out 4chan memes and such.
>> No. 14691 [Edit]
>younger crowd of people who limit themselves to torrenting contemporary animes and love to shout out 4chan memes and such.
Sorry to disappoint, this is exactly what cons are these days.
>> No. 14692 [Edit]
The average age is like 23-25 I think.
>> No. 14693 [Edit]
File 136796029738.jpg - (72.28KB , 640x960 , so.jpg )

Is that supposed to be Maetel and Tetsuro? Because I see a vague resemblance to Maetel but that guy looks nothing like Tetsuro.
>> No. 14694 [Edit]
I know nobody will believe me, and if they do, they'll accuse me of being a Ford Driver, but I pretty much experience this.

I have a friend. It's the only one I have. He strongly enjoys modern Japanese audiovisual culture, just like me. We discuss anime episodes which aired the day before. We discuss hentai. He tells me about what he fapped to last time (he's a loli fan) and I tell him which bara doujinshis I fapped to, and complain about the lack of them in Exhentai or the internet in general.

We usually don't meet a lot, since we are both quite asocial, and we are both often alone in the computer watching anime or browsing the internet, but when we do, we have lots of fun. We actually had a few sleepovers. We just put up an extra mattress in the floor, order pizza and marathon anime I choose to show him, and if he likes it, we just watch all we can until we finally can't take more and get to sleep around ~5AM. We go to local stores of modern Japanese audiovisual culture and discuss the products there.
It's so much fun. I wish you can experience this too someday.

I pretty much detest being with other people, but he's like one in a million. A person with the same interests as me? Who's nice? Who's not a 9gag-browsing, The-Big-Bang-Theory-watching, ``may-may''-spewing, subhuman scum? It's all I can ask.

Reading your post made me realize that I need to use this privilege better, and meet with him more often.
Thank you Anon, and don't lose hope, you may find someone like this someday. I wish you luck.

Sorry if this was too Ford-Driver-esque, in that case I will leave this website. /tc/ is a nice place and I don't want to ruin it with my possible Ford-Driverness. Sorry.
>> No. 14695 [Edit]
File 136796210512.jpg - (163.52KB , 720x540 , 437336-screenshot023.jpg )
I believe it is so.
I guess that is just the nature of some artistic renderings. Stuff like speed sketching, artistic liberties, popular drawing aesthetics, and the passing of time can make things look a little weird.
>> No. 14697 [Edit]
I wish I got stoned to death.

I agree. On the internet and in real life, though. I just can't really trust anyone unless I can read their mind somehow.
>> No. 14702 [Edit]

>I wish I got stoned to death.

I can understand wishing to be dead but getting stoned to death sounds like a bad idea.
>> No. 14733 [Edit]
File 136805686196.jpg - (38.34KB , 480x270 , 164927_515919995109896_1128075242_n.jpg )
maybe he means so high he dies
>> No. 14737 [Edit]
File 136806439173.jpg - (118.51KB , 403x403 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't think it's possible to smoke weed and get baked to death. Indirect deaths are possible like getting the munchies and obliviously downing poisons you leave for yourself. But it would certainly be an interesting way to go.
>> No. 14744 [Edit]
If anybody would like a friend, I wouldn't mind being that.
I'm online most of the time, play plenty of retro games and watch anime. Also getting into movies I've missed out on over the years.
Instant messengers (I've been using pidgin) or steam preferred, both email and steam ID in field
>> No. 14761 [Edit]
I don't know about online friends. They usually fade away and if I want to discuss something or play a game with someone, I can do it on imageboards or with random people online.

I feel that it's much harder to keep online friends than real ones, but on the other hand it's much harder to get real friends.
>> No. 14769 [Edit]
oh yeah. i forgot. 'stoned' is normally used in the context of MARIJUANA.

AFAIK you literally black out from smoking too much weed well before you can physically die.....

Yeah. I think he means literally hit with stones till you die. Shitty ending.
>> No. 14771 [Edit]

They usually fade away

This. All but one of all of the friends that I have made online are either absent or they are no longer my friend, and I almost never hear from the one that still is my friend.
>> No. 14779 [Edit]

Do you want us to give up altogether then? I haven't had a single IRL friend in my entire life. The chances of making some after having spent the last 4 years of my life sitting at home and doing nothing (not to mention I left my home like literally a dozen of times since then) doesn't improve my chances I'd say.
>> No. 14812 [Edit]
I don't think you should give up altogether but should instead steel yourself for the worst. Don't have any real expectations for making anything close to a 'friend' online. IMO the effort of meeting in person and knowing they are close by in the same city/region are important factors that foster and maintain a friendship.
>> No. 14814 [Edit]

>but should instead steel yourself for the worst.

Oh, but I realize it. In fact, it looks like I already got ditched by one person. I'm used to being discarded, though, and I hold no grudge whatsoever. It's bound to happen one day but I don't mind, as long as we can... pretend? to be friends for a while. It's not like I've got a shot at actually making friends (and I'm not even 100% sure I'd want one) so works just fine for me.
>> No. 14819 [Edit]
Don't be that hard on yourself anon. It has to happen organically because there really can't be a true friendship between people who just don't click no matter how hard you force it. That was something painful but rather necessary to learn. You always will have a shot as long as you keep looking in your own way to draw in like-minded people.
>> No. 14858 [Edit]
Yeah, I learned that when I got in contact with an old childhood friend. We didn't really click like we used to and we both realized that there was no point in forcing it.
>> No. 14895 [Edit]
Sigh. [email protected] here. Gmail logged me out for no reason and sure enough I can't recall the password since I had to reenter it like 50 times (who fucking cares if it's weak, just fuck off and let me register something I won't forget, sheesh).
So yeah reregistered as [email protected] Doubt I'll manage to recall what the old password was. If anybody still gives a damn feel free to e-mail me.
>> No. 14896 [Edit]
I really hate when they do that. Changed the password on my old main yahoo account to something more secure but forgot the pass word and security question things.
>> No. 14903 [Edit]
I just sent you an email from [email protected] but I'm not sure if that's working right anymore. I'll send you another from [email protected]
>> No. 14917 [Edit]
To elaborate, thunderbird is telling me my gmail has 3 new messages but I can't find them at all. So, if you've sent something, I haven't got it.
>> No. 14918 [Edit]

It's really the worst. Just the other day when I was setting up an account elsewhere I got the following on three consecutive attempts:

>Password too easy to guess: username and password must be different
>Password too easy to guess: it does not contain enough DIFFERENT characters
>Password too easy to guess: it is based on a dictionary word

Jesus Christ, why do you care, it's not your account. Then they proceed to ask you to use at least 10 characters, at least 2 digits and at least one capital letter and after I manage to finally come up with something on spot I forget which one of my 302039 attempts was finally accepted.
>> No. 14921 [Edit]
Does anyone here use XMPP?
>> No. 14923 [Edit]
the bane of using the internet. I've been online since 1997 and never have had a stable email address because of that 'your account expired due to inactivity' and 'password not strong enough' shit.

>"What do you mean you don't have an email? you are on the computer all the time!"

I had to use a newly made gmail last week to order something and talk to a seller. It was the most confusing shit I ever experienced.
>> No. 14929 [Edit]
Yeah, I do. I'd ask you for yours, but you're probably a yuppie with a job and a 3DPD and lots of money.
>> No. 14935 [Edit]

I don't even know what you mean by that.
>with a job
I study.
>and a 3DPD
You mean my hand, don't you?
>and lots of money.
Last time I checked I didn't.

Why would you assume all of the above?
>> No. 14936 [Edit]
whats wrong with having money?
i have scads of it.
are you all just jealous or am i doing something terrible by having more than you do?
>> No. 14939 [Edit]

I'm not sure if being rich is a bad thing but deliberate shitposting isn't nice.
>> No. 14944 [Edit]
Depends how you got it and whether it has gotten to your head. Some people essentially stole it from others and think they're above the law with dough. The rich douchebag stereotype wasn't created randomly out of thin air.
>> No. 14961 [Edit]
I've always wondered how these people with 30+ people long friend lists make them all. Or where, rather.
>> No. 14963 [Edit]
I want to QUIT imageboards and wasting time on the internet. I don't even enjoy it.

But the problem is, I can't think of anything else like it. Nothing is as entertaining. Its not enjoyable, but it is entertaining.
>> No. 14964 [Edit]
Me too. I first realized this very lucidly back in February and have been working on cutting down my time since then. The only problem is that I have nothing to do anymore. I pace around my room, sleep, stare at the ceiling, and occasionally get something to eat. All the anime and games I'm looking forward to are months away. I've cleared everything on older media I wanted to consume.

The only thing left to do is pursue a skill of some sort. And find a way to earn money. Though, I'm so frightened by failure and dedication that I'd rather stagnate in nothingness for the rest of my life. At least *chan stuff gave me some sort of purpose for the years I was immersed in it. Now I have absolutely nothing.
>> No. 14965 [Edit]
Maybe you could just pick up an online multiplayer game? Whether it's an MMO or something like TF2. I find that helps to pad out my free time in between singleplayer games.
>> No. 14966 [Edit]
Did you really clear *everything* you're interested in on older media? Surely there's some SNES game you missed, casual speedrunning and scorerunning to be done, and mods and romhacks to explore, no matter what it is you're into.
>> No. 14970 [Edit]
Is it hard to believe? Consider the fact that enjoyment of media varies from person to person. Greatly. I like certain specific qualities of games that force me into a corner, I guess. I played a lot of things in and before my teenage years but then came a point where I stopped doing that. I'm pretty sure that was because of this one game I played that changed my perspective on the whole medium and elevated my personal standards by many levels.

A huge hobby of mine used to be just surveying the libraries of each console (including the Super Famicom) and reading about all the games that hardly anybody knows about, since I was already well-versed with the surface stuff. I know so much now that I'd be surprised to run into something that I haven't seen. But when I see that one game I want to play, there is zero hesitation. There is this burning desire to do nothing but play it. Right now, no such game is in my sights. So there's no point. I'm not going to force myself to find interesting in something. But it comes in waves.

About the enjoyment of video games, speedrunning (although watching others do speedruns of games I love is an amazing experience, especially with commentary) and playing for score doesn't appeal to me. Neither do mods (since those usually involve western games which I don't like all that much). ROM hacks wore out their novelty for me a while back. I usually don't like it when a game is modified though, unless it's done really, really well. Which is almost never the case, at least from my experience. Recently I had more fun messing around with ROM corruption if anything.

There generally is nothing to explore for me. I sometimes have a dramatic mood shift in some direction and happen to remember a certain game that coincides with that mood, so I'd just go ahead and play it should that situation arise. Other than that, it's all empty. I don't know how to communicate to you how much useless knowledge I have about games and how many hours I've spent reading about them. I could have used it to actually, you know, play games, but now I just have this encyclopedia inside my head in case I feel like having a very specific experience. This is all at the expense of, well, everything else. That's all I did. I have no skills and no accomplishments.

I used to love MMOs but then I just stopped playing. The cash shop thing really took off after 2005 or something like that. And I can't deal with the communities of each game anymore. I'm guessing it's a mixture of me growing up and the shitbookgeneration spreading everywhere. There are smaller online games which are freeware that happened to keep an adequate amount of interest, but I don't find those as fun as they were years ago.

As for learning to play competitive multiplayer games, it just seems way too stressful. I've never learned anything in my life because of this aversion.

tl;dr: A severely depressed person will make up as many excuses as possible for why they don't enjoy anything anymore.
>> No. 14971 [Edit]
Fair enough, MMORPGs really aren't my thing anymore, either.

Despite being intimidated by the learning curve, I would recommend you try TF2 or Warframe, though. Both are very fun and not too difficult. TF2's classes are mostly a kinda situational deal so as long as you know what the buttons do (and get some basic aiming skills for a few, there are some classes where precise aiming isn't completely necessary like pyro, medic, engineer, demoman and heavy). You'll run across the odd player who's amazing at the game, but really, so long as you're a good team mate and pay attention to the situation and choose your class accordingly, you'll have a pretty fair chance of being at the top of the scoreboard.

Though the above may not be very fun if you don't have any friends to play them with. I would do either with you, if you want. You could go heavy and I could be your medic or vice versa.
>> No. 14973 [Edit]
I played TF2 and GG2 for a while years ago. Warframe lasted about a day before I gave up on it...
>> No. 14977 [Edit]
Did you find Warframe boring? It's not very fun without friends.
>> No. 14982 [Edit]
Yeah, I found it really mindless. I probably grew out that kind of gameplay as well. If anything, I'd want to play something team-based with a decent skill ceiling and still retaining fun.

I played GunZ a lot back then. It was probably my favorite MMO. The second one is coming out soon, so that's one of those few games I'm looking forward to.

And you know, making friends nowadays... that's really difficult.

But as I wait, I might as well not even exist.
>> No. 14983 [Edit]
I wouldn't mind something like that, either, but those games tend to be awfully serious and dull. I used to play a ton of Counter Strike in my teens and it really put me off a lot of those kinds of things.

But if you ever find something and want somebody to play it with, you know where I am.

Or if you just want somebody to talk to. My only requirement is that we care about and do things for each other, I don't have enough left for any one-sided "friendships" where I just give, anymore.

Post edited on 27th May 2013, 2:24am
>> No. 14988 [Edit]
Thanks, but you're better off with somebody else. I don't know how to give to anybody. People do things for me and I don't know how to reciprocate, nor do I feel the motivation to. Maybe that's why I have no friends.
>> No. 14989 [Edit]
I'm not >>14983, but I'm pretty much the same as you. Aside from that, I've found that being friends with someone is easier if you both share interests and likes so that the "giving" thing get much, much easier and less tedious so that you "give" them time and attention and all that stuff with hardly any effort since you'll want to do those things anyway, although things don't always go like that due to various things, they work a lot easier that way.

The whole "friend" thing is a shit ton of work.
>> No. 14990 [Edit]
Alright, then. That's probably for the best at this time.

It does at times, but sometimes you just click so well with somebody that it's completely effortless.

The hardest part is getting through the first few hours of meeting somebody and working through your doubts and assumptions.
>> No. 15016 [Edit]
What do I do if I don't have any permanent interests?

I'm only interested in things in passing, and they tend to fluctuate a lot. Some times I'm not interested in anything.
>> No. 15017 [Edit]
Then it comes done to how compatible your personalities are, I suppose.
>> No. 15023 [Edit]
>I'm only interested in things in passing, and they tend to fluctuate a lot. Some times I'm not interested in anything.
Story of my life right there. More of the latter as time goes by.
>> No. 15196 [Edit]
I could be a friend. Got a Skype or Steam account ?
>> No. 15197 [Edit]
File 137101736848.png - (422.23KB , 547x800 , 8470342.png )
If anybody else still wants a friend, I'm always here.
>> No. 15223 [Edit]
> but I fear I'd find a younger crowd of people who limit themselves to torrenting contemporary animes and love to shout out 4chan memes and such.
I actually got out of bed long enough to meet a guy from r9k, he was 19, I am 26. He asked me if I hated feminists in public where people could overhear. There was a little meme spouting as well. He never replied to the follow up email I sent. The thing is I consider myself at fault for not being able to assert myself that he was saying some shit that can really ruin your reputation.

inb4 he's on this site and I'm hurting his feelings. He wasn't a bad guy, just couldn't sepearate the internet from outside.

Also, I guess this makes me the resident ford driver.
>> No. 15229 [Edit]
File 13712772987.jpg - (231.46KB , 1280x850 , 2010_ford_taurus_sho_wallpaper.jpg )
>> No. 15240 [Edit]
Ruin you reputation? Half the peolpe there would forget about you in fucking hours or dont ay attention to you
>> No. 15253 [Edit]
I already have a friendgroup on IRC and I'd be fine with making skype friends or some other with people here, at least if you're dont have the emotional constitution of tissue paper. Someone who can take a joke, right?

I've been called rude and abrasssive but I'm just honest. Also we'd have to erp a bit, my dick doesnt get itself hard.
>> No. 15256 [Edit]
Anybody want to play Killing Floor or TF2?
>> No. 15263 [Edit]
Nobody? Okay.
>> No. 15267 [Edit]

It's a slow board, dude, you just gotta be patient.

If I had either of those games I would totally take you up on it
>> No. 15268 [Edit]
Glad to hear it. And yeah, I know. I just thought it'd been longer since I posted that and I was too lazy to check.
NEETs don't have the best sense of time.
>> No. 15269 [Edit]
Oh, I should add that I also have an extra KF guest pass (lets you try the full game with friends for a little while) if anybody would like to try it.
>> No. 15272 [Edit]
I will be your friend!

Chat with me on IRC (http://tohno-chan.com/irc) or send me an email (52#4x13.net). I love emailing people so that is the best place to get to know me better.
>> No. 15559 [Edit]
I meant in general just not being part of the groupthink, you need to cultivate an outside (haha, see you in 6 months) personality that isn't cringeworthy.

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