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File 131680642496.png - (127.79KB , 292x300 , Banana peel.png )
10489 No. 10489 [Edit]

>UC Berkeley scientists have developed a device that allows your imagination to be recreated in digital video
>the produced video is blurry now but scientists expect it to become a perfect one to one mapping within 10 years

Your Waifu will be here soon /ot/.
>> No. 10491 [Edit]
I thought that was pretty cool, then i realized the video is actually made out of youtube clips. it's not reconstructing brain signals as video, it's just playing an assosiation game which really doesn't seem that ground-breaking
>> No. 10492 [Edit]
Still, if I got it right and they actually set up the computer to learn how to fetch visual data from the brain, process how the brain would perceive the samples and then interpolate which video sample fitted the brain signal better, it still seems quite groundbreaking.
>> No. 10493 [Edit]
One can only dream about the future of film and other media if artests could directly crate their vision exactly as they see it in their mind.
Not only would we have visually incredible content out there, but it wouldn't take years to make or nearly as much money.
>> No. 10495 [Edit]
I saw something like this on an episode of House once
>> No. 10496 [Edit]
And then goodbye art as a career
>> No. 10498 [Edit]
thank goodness, it should never have been a career in the first place.

It will cost nothing to create and pennies to distribute, but I have a feeling they won't change the cost they charge to see it.
>> No. 10506 [Edit]
This sounds too much like "in the future, everyone will be able to read your thoughts" for me to be comfortable with it
>> No. 10508 [Edit]
>> No. 10521 [Edit]
One could say it defeats the freedom of expression when you have deadlines and money thrown into it's cogs.

Then again, most renaissance artists were payed by comission. But to switch it around on that one again, very few artists are even remembered. Too much shit saturating the market so to speak.

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