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File 138948400411.png - (812.84KB , 778x719 , fat slut.png )
18431 No. 18431 [Edit]
>/an/ has threads for all sorts of exciting new shows this season
>still no chuunimoe threads

why do you hate chuunimoe?
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>> No. 18432 [Edit]
becuase I never had 8th grade syndrome
>> No. 18434 [Edit]
This first episode felt like a reset but without the freshness of the previous season. Will watch out to get the complete picture but I don't expect anything remarkable.
>> No. 18474 [Edit]
File 138982368245.jpg - (171.10KB , 1452x812 , anschluss.jpg )
>> No. 18475 [Edit]
thats common in first eps of 2nd (or later) seasons of animes.
unless its a 2nd season directly following the 1nd season the producers need to make the show available to all views rather than only those who watched season 1. the first ep of the latest season of minami-ke sucked as well.
that being said, minami-ke is good and this show is meh like all of kyoani's shows over the past 4 years
>> No. 18484 [Edit]
Captive dolphins really have it hard.
>> No. 18490 [Edit]
Never give the least bit of power to a fool.
>> No. 18494 [Edit]
this show is now good
>> No. 18495 [Edit]
Because it aired over a year ago and everybody's done talking about it. It had the most active thread for currently-airing shows here at the time.

You should just post about it in the "shows you're catching up on" thread if you want to talk about it.
>> No. 18505 [Edit]
Oh, I just realized there's a second season airing. I apologize for my previous rude response.
>> No. 18507 [Edit]
you probably shouldn't be posting on this board if your knowledge is that weak.
try lurking for a year or two before your next post here or maybe just stick to using the poser boards, you're probably more accustomed to them.
>> No. 18523 [Edit]
File 139023970448.jpg - (137.38KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - 02 [.jpg )
It hasn't really been all that exciting so far. Rikka doesn't really seem like she's going to develop anymore, neither does the male MC. The show focuses mostly on them even though they are the most boring characters of the cast. However, there's a new girl next ep so maybe that will spice things up a bit... because the series desperately needs it.
>> No. 18524 [Edit]
I thought the first season was too awkward for me to handle.
>> No. 18589 [Edit]
i hope this school council shit is their way of giving nibutani a graceful exit from future script writing considerations so they can focus on napping girl. napping girl knows how to take it easy.
>> No. 18594 [Edit]
Man, they really phoned it in for this season's OP/ED
>> No. 18720 [Edit]
File 139266973275.jpg - (65.01KB , 612x463 , dekomori crotch shot.jpg )
there were a lot of these this week
i would love to bury my face in the crazy little snatch of her's
>> No. 18721 [Edit]
File 139267565723.gif - (2.90MB , 853x480 , 1392340808589.gif )
>> No. 18750 [Edit]
File 139295191364.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , stalker in the back.png )
I'm not really the biggest fan of this show but ep4 was pretty cool for the most part, but it became such a major face palming disappointment when I realized the change wasn't gonna stick. It actually got my hopes up that there would be some real change and development and all that other gay shit with those two characters. But nope, they coped out and reset at the end of the ep and went back to business as usual.

fucking... lame.
>> No. 18753 [Edit]
I just watch the show for Rikka
>> No. 18801 [Edit]
File 139357912039.jpg - (59.16KB , 718x700 , runt.jpg )
omglol dekomori gets raped by a pedophile
>> No. 18934 [Edit]
It was hardly rape, that stalker barely touched her.

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