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File 133965940471.jpg - (54.47KB , 1280x720 , show-azusa-the-money.jpg )
10776 No. 10776 [Edit]
There obviously must have had discussions on this matter, but has anyone had any luck with self-employment? Even things that only worked once. I'm just as interested in hearing about your failures and why you believe it so impossible to gain wealth on your own. All knowledge is power after all, let us enlighten ourselves
>> No. 10777 [Edit]
yeah, we've had threads about trying to make money while remaining a neet, or hikki. shit is damn near impossible.
>> No. 10778 [Edit]
If you know how to write, there are probably some writing jobs available where you can work at home and never have to leave (except to get your money from the bank, get food, etc.)
>> No. 10779 [Edit]
I now feel a little worse of my horrible handwriting and my inability to write in cursive.
>> No. 10783 [Edit]
You know what's funny? I feel like the whole online money making ordeal is really easy to take advantage of. Look at Kickstarter. Look at the revenue people get from YouTube videos. Are those things impressive at all? No, most aren't, and the reason they succeed is because the content is sound with an extremely wide demographic.

I calculated that a million dollars is enough, in fact, _MORE_ than enough to sustain me for the next 100 years. When I see people take advantage of the braindead masses and walk out of the ordeal drowning in cash (which sometimes grosses to millions a year), it breaks my heart because it's so easy to do, and it's such a stupid, useless project almost all of the time.

My own conscience and desire to produce something truly inspiring that I would be happy with is preventing me from doing this kind of stuff. In fact, I would rather die than cash in on primitivity. However, I have already lost my drive and motivation to carry out anything, so I don't anticipate making any money in my lifetime. Once my support finishes, I'm a goner.
>> No. 10784 [Edit]
Make an indie game and get it featured on Humble Bundle. The current bundle is almost at $5million.

Though I have no idea what % goes to authors and charities.
>> No. 10786 [Edit]
The only thing I can write in cursive is my name, and not very well
>> No. 10796 [Edit]
I've been re-learning to hand write recently, after realizing I have no clue how to do it anymore.

It's nice looking but too tedious for any practical use.
>> No. 10820 [Edit]
A guy I know makes money with WOW, he sells gold and and accounts for real money, says he met "the chinese" (aka the guy who gives him shit to sell and he keeps a part) while just playing normally.

Of course, once his contact goes away, he won't have anything to sell. But so far (2 months) has around $5000.
>> No. 10822 [Edit]
Learning programming is very hard for people dropping everything they start. I think most of us might have experienced the "I will learn programming, make an indie game and become rich" delusion.

I may be wrong and just be another loser, though.

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