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File 146692343730.jpg - (169.05KB , 1280x720 , screencap1.jpg )
26443 No. 26443 [Edit]
Not sure if this show ever got brought up around here but I finished it recently and it seemed like the sort of thing TC would really get a kick out of. It's basically about a guy with a twintail fetish who fights monsters that represent all types of other fetishes to protect twintails by transforming into a twintailed loli. Anyone else here seen it?
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>> No. 26446 [Edit]
I remember reading the name a few times, but I never really got to look into it since I eventually forgot about it. I'm definitely going to watch it since Flying Witch and the other anime of this season that I've been watching are ending.
>> No. 26448 [Edit]
File 146700097070.png - (485.87KB , 600x848 , 1442161755664.png )
I have seen it. It's dumb but a fun watch. Also, Aika best girl
>> No. 26450 [Edit]
File 14670181364.jpg - (132.07KB , 1280x720 , dfc4life.jpg )
It's good fun, even if low budget.
>> No. 26451 [Edit]
I've seen it but I remember little of it. If memory serves it's one of those 'starts off strong but then the novelty wears off' things. The setting is silly an so is the anime (but it doesn't take itself seriously) but after a while it feels like it's starting to turn formulaic. I vaguely remember having fun with it at first and then thinking it ended at the right time, as I would probably lose interest if it had a couple more eps.
Good for a one off season I guess and since it sold real bad S2 isn't happening. I don't think I'd watch it even if they made one.
>> No. 26453 [Edit]
File 146705691445.jpg - (213.57KB , 1280x720 , porn mags.jpg )
>> No. 26454 [Edit]
File 146706941736.jpg - (82.15KB , 1280x720 , pervs.jpg )
It's a bit of a shame this flopped, but I expected as much. While watching it I couldn't help but wonder how something like this could possibly get green lit. The concept is fun but I feel like it would be lost on most people outside of heavily perverted otaku circles.
>> No. 26456 [Edit]
No season 2 but here is a link for the LN translations
>> No. 26457 [Edit]
I don't think it flopped because it wasn't popular.
It did look rather low budget and anime blu-rays are quite expensive.
>> No. 26458 [Edit]
File 146713985532.jpg - (1.00MB , 4000x2994 , lewd.jpg )
Kasuga Ayumu is such a great artist.

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