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File 13646175674.jpg - (176.38KB , 368x300 , sloth.jpg )
21347 No. 21347 [Edit]
If you could be(or had to be) reincarnated as any animal on earth excluding humans, what would you pick?

I'd want to be a sloth...
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>> No. 21350 [Edit]
I will also go with a sloth.
Or a moth.
>> No. 21355 [Edit]
>> No. 21359 [Edit]
Naked molerat.
>> No. 21360 [Edit]
Blue Whale
>> No. 21361 [Edit]
Brown bear.
>> No. 21362 [Edit]
>> No. 21363 [Edit]
I'd rather just stay dead.
>> No. 21367 [Edit]
>> No. 21369 [Edit]

>> No. 21370 [Edit]
A housecat.
>> No. 21372 [Edit]
there is no 'duh'
>> No. 21373 [Edit]
A seaturtle.
>> No. 21439 [Edit]
An amoeba.
>> No. 21441 [Edit]
A Penguin
>> No. 21535 [Edit]
a cute little otter
>> No. 21536 [Edit]
This, being a blue whale must be the most calming experience ever, just gliding around with your mouth open all day. I wonder what they think about.
>> No. 21537 [Edit]
>I wonder what they think about

The meaning of life, the reason for existence and other deep whale stuff. Gliding in the water 24/7 gives you a lot of time to think about things like that.
>> No. 21547 [Edit]
space whales?
>> No. 21548 [Edit]
File 136609685022.jpg - (101.76KB , 1024x768 , 2013-04-16_00002.jpg )
Even better.
>> No. 21550 [Edit]
>do google reverse image search for this pic because I want to read/play/consume anything related to to it
>"Best guess for this image: walt whitman"
In fairness neither of the two results seemed to have anything to do with the image or space whales in general but I like to think that Walt Whitman has been reincarnated as a space whale for being awesome.
>> No. 21554 [Edit]
There you go.
The "demo" download is the full game, it's just awfully short. If you like Katamari it's worth a try.
>> No. 21555 [Edit]
Walt Whitman? Damn you, Walt Whitman! I-hate-you-Walt-freaking-Whitman! "Leaves of Grass", my ass!
>> No. 21557 [Edit]
File 136624955034.jpg - (878.61KB , 3000x1996 , lemur.jpg )
A lemur.
>> No. 21558 [Edit]
Seconding sea turtle. As long as they survive the rough start of their lives, they generally live a long time and take it easy.
>> No. 21563 [Edit]
The three of us could be sloth friends.
>> No. 21564 [Edit]
A gyarados.
>> No. 21565 [Edit]
A magicarp
>> No. 21660 [Edit]
A wild cat. I could murder birds and other small animals, even other cats and small dogs. People will still pet me, feed me, and call me cute.
>> No. 21663 [Edit]
A neanderthal
>> No. 21680 [Edit]
hmmm. A Catgirl perhaps.
>> No. 21697 [Edit]
Some kind of bird most likely. I always liked ravens as a kid, not because of edginess (I was 8 not 16) but because I thought they looked beautiful and majestic in a dark way.
>> No. 21722 [Edit]
A parrot would be fun. The ones kept as pets in city environments troll people (and amuse themselves) by mimicing the sounds of machinery and such with amazing accuracy.
>> No. 21726 [Edit]
Crocodile or tiger shark.

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