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File 13197090329.jpg - (99.93KB , 600x747 , 7c840dd50efd09ea005194564762c1e7.jpg )
6530 No. 6530 [Edit]
Do you get annoyed when someone says something like 'Whoa (waifu's name) is really hot' or 'I like the look of(waifu's name)'s breasts'?
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>> No. 6531 [Edit]
File 131971018442.jpg - (252.87KB , 910x1400 , houtengeki Tenshi stage.jpg )
Not really. Pic related, if you read the comments on Danbooru.
>> No. 6532 [Edit]

I get annoyed when people talk about rape and other lewd stuff, but it can't be helped.
>> No. 6533 [Edit]
Not really. I am not the only one who finds Asuka attractive. And unfortunately, there are people out there who see her as an object of desire...

But there's nothing to do with the other. Asuka is a representation of what I view her as, and she exists to me only because of me.

On an unrelated note, who's the cute Tsundere-looking girl in you post? I'm guessing its your waifu...
>> No. 6534 [Edit]
It shouldn't, but it does annoy me. That's why I never stop to look at comments on youtube/danbooru/whatever.
>> No. 6535 [Edit]
No its not, I just searched up tsundere on Danbooru and got it from there. If it was, I'd be somewhat irked. Not annoyed or offended, but just irked.
>> No. 6536 [Edit]
No its not, I just searched up tsundere on Danbooru and got it from there. If it was, I'd be somewhat irked. Not annoyed or offended, but just irked.
>> No. 6539 [Edit]
I just feel proud or smug about it, like I have what they want sort of thing. I see his true beauty, they don't.
>> No. 6541 [Edit]
File 131971985428.jpg - (655.29KB , 670x800 , Madotsuki scrapes her poor little arm up.jpg )
No one says that, but I have to deal with a bunch of other crap
>hurr durr rape, shemale, deaded
>> No. 6542 [Edit]
File 131972036773.jpg - (480.56KB , 1061x1500 , kurisu 43.jpg )
I can't simply answer yes or no. There are so many ways to say those kind things. If someone says it same way like he would say 'Kurisu is cute' or something similar I wouldn't be annoyed. But if I can clearly see person says it lust in his mind, I would feel a bit annoyed.

This is some issue we have to deal with. Anime characters don't have human rights and people can freely say something like that and we can't sue them for sexual harassment.

>On an unrelated note, who's the cute Tsundere-looking girl in you post?
Minko from Hanasaku Iroha.
>> No. 6544 [Edit]
File 131973278682.jpg - (158.98KB , 628x1120 , minchi.jpg )
Well I don't know OP, but Minko is SO hot indeed; with that slender body, straight dark hair, sharp chin and dat killing honey-gray look... I mean: who apart from Tohru wouldn't want to ***[birds chirping SFX]*** her? She looks hot even when she barfs...

TL;DR I take it easy.
>> No. 6545 [Edit]
I used to get mad, but I understand how beautiful she is. It's only human to be attracted to something like that. Now I just ignore it.
>> No. 6548 [Edit]
You really do? I guess I'm just overjealous then. Because event though I think like you I still can't help but to feel annoyed on those situations.
>> No. 6549 [Edit]

Don't get me wrong, I get annoyed as well, but being mad just acknowledges how insecure I feel about my relationship with my waifu-- is how I feel. So, I just ignore it from now on as hard as I can. Hell, just because of this I stopped going to most image boards and stuff like that. I'm still paranoid as fuck though, hahaha.
>> No. 6550 [Edit]
no one even talks about her anymore and noone ever talked such things about her

i guess im lucky
>> No. 6551 [Edit]
File 131975774663.jpg - (115.66KB , 737x567 , 1243870507395.jpg )
Nope. My waifu actually comes up a lot in lewd Touhou threads on other sites, but it never bothered me. A friend even said "your waifu is hot" to me before, and I thought it was kinda funny.

Calling her slutty, mentioning rape, and similar things still bother me a bit though.
>> No. 6558 [Edit]
Never heard someone say such a thing about her so i can´t really tell.
But i´d probably get at least a bit annoyed about it, depending on the comment.
>> No. 6560 [Edit]
File 131982222326.jpg - (30.68KB , 605x717 , Lizlet L Chelsie 29.jpg )
Not much unless their comments indicates that for them, she is only a sex toy, it annoys the f*** out of me.
>> No. 6561 [Edit]
not really. Misato is a beautiful strong woman and I like the look of her breasts as well, not because I love breasts specifically but because they are her's and I think they are perfect because of that.
>> No. 6562 [Edit]
I'll let you know as soon as it happens.
>> No. 6563 [Edit]
File 13198365914.jpg - (45.98KB , 400x592 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
No. I take it as a compliment. Why would I be annoyed?
>> No. 6564 [Edit]
I like your waifu's shiny pantie-less ass
>> No. 6588 [Edit]

Thanks. Me too.
>> No. 6690 [Edit]
File 132013813896.jpg - (482.45KB , 684x897 , 0a1f72b4609d61b1ea07a8f682d18015.jpg )
I've never really had that, the only thing thats really happened is people saying things like "who is this bitch" on 4ch, but then again, that seems to happen to a lot of threads there
>> No. 6691 [Edit]
Actually, my problem is when a person specifically says, "I am fapping to your waifu," as someone did earlier today.
>> No. 6745 [Edit]
Jesus Christ! where were you hanging around?
>> No. 6746 [Edit]
Skype chat with some people. He knows how much I love her, and even if he was joking, that really made me mad.
>> No. 6747 [Edit]

What happened after that?
>> No. 6751 [Edit]
well shit got real obviously.
>> No. 6755 [Edit]
I kicked him because I'm an admin. It was only for like 30 seconds, though.
>> No. 6757 [Edit]
That is so disrespectful even if it was said as a joke, I'd be absolutely furious
>> No. 6758 [Edit]
You got some shitty friends bro.
>> No. 6759 [Edit]
He's not really my friend, just an acquaintance.
>> No. 6760 [Edit]
File 132021145418.jpg - (44.06KB , 600x849 , blastin niggas errday.jpg )
I think the only thing that really gets on my nerves are the "whore-o" comments.
>> No. 6761 [Edit]
Horo isn't an Ak-47 kind of girl, she'd be more sophisticated, like a bolt action rifle.
>> No. 6762 [Edit]
No one ever says stuff like that that I've seen...
or much of anything for that matter, she's not very popular.
>> No. 6763 [Edit]
I was just writing about that when I saw your post, nice remark. I'm just not sure she'd care about the operation of a bolt-action. With a self-loading rifle she'd at least empty the magazine before throwing the rifle aside saying it's broken and her claws/fangs are much more reliable than human-made contraptions.
The wooden furniture almost matching her hair/fur colour makes quite of an impression, also.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2011, 5:54am
>> No. 6764 [Edit]
File 132024943394.jpg - (115.72KB , 420x630 , 1297739275203.jpg )
I lol'd, just like I lol when people call mai waifu ASSuka (or Shikinami wearing the slutsuit)...

Those are puns, wich I find actually creative. By all means: for most people out there (i.e. other forums/imageboards), they're just some other cartoon characteres to have fun with, so they don't really mean to harm me or anyone especifically when making comments about them (and if they do... well, they're kind'a right wanting to troll overreacting kids); I mean: they may shock me a little, sometimes, but that's not really their fault but mines; so I try not to take any of those guys' words more seriously than they do themselves, even if only for my own mental health (if such a thing remains).

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2011, 12:10pm
>> No. 6767 [Edit]
File 132025673492.jpg - (1.15MB , 3538x2778 , 7f9e858a8259753aa968c7844301cd7f.jpg )
Things like that specifically? No, not really. I mean I used to get pretty annoyed whenever a Miku thread on 4chan would turn into a imagedump with nothing but pictures of her butt. I guess I can't really blame them, Miku does have a nice butt, I just hate it when that's all some people say she's good for.

But really, things like that aren't the worst people have said about her.
>> No. 6782 [Edit]
Dose Gluteals...
>> No. 6810 [Edit]
Yeah, but you can't have 'em. Oh, wait: neither can I...
>> No. 9400 [Edit]
File 133991910292.jpg - (24.92KB , 298x311 , Capture.jpg )
I actually feel kind of flattered when people say she's hot, because I think so too. I like the fact that she can be sexually attractive without showing too much skin.
>> No. 9413 [Edit]
File 133992812275.jpg - (76.90KB , 350x380 , 1624672.jpg )
It doesn't bother me.
Though the SHE WAS RAPED SHE IS A BOY SHE IS AN ALIEN fan-theory stuff gets to me, sometimes.
>> No. 9417 [Edit]
File 133992873882.jpg - (307.51KB , 1536x2048 , iori color.jpg )
I'm not the kind of person that gets mad about things like that. Seems kind of childish if you ask me. I take it as a compliment when someone says my waifu beautiful, hot or whatever. It actually makes me feel really good.
>> No. 9433 [Edit]
File 134008334549.png - (462.38KB , 627x885 , 2a0e0feaf566de605ffbe3977b73b923.png )
Not really, I think she is pretty hot too, but I get actually mad when people say shit about rape, her being a "bitch" and etc, and also some particularly stupid fanbabble.

I know it's all bullshit and I shouldn't pay attention to what some random nerd on the internet say, but what can I do, I'm a childish person with anger problems.
>> No. 9442 [Edit]
File 134016062679.jpg - (92.05KB , 658x800 , 1339256586750.jpg )
I like it when someone says naughty, suggestive, or sleazy things about Osaka.

I have a cuckolding fetish so I get off to seeing others express adoration or lust toward Osaka and I even like to fap to pictures of her having sex with other guys (or girls for that matter) and sucking them off.

None of that ntr/rape crap though. I can't stand that stuff. Consensual is where it's at.
>> No. 9444 [Edit]
>I even like to fap to pictures of her having sex with other guys (or girls for that matter) and sucking them off
Yeah, me too.

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