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File 132497665840.jpg - (81.38KB , 360x796 , eye.jpg )
12118 No. 12118 [Edit]

What's your favourite colour of eyes?
How do you like them best: likely playful, innocent, phlegmatic, melancholic,... tareme, tsurime,...?

(OPTIONAL: What's yours?)

Thought I've always found dark brown eyes (most like my own) to be the most endearing, clean and pale blue ones always kill me: they stare directly into my soul. Gray and red can have a strong appeal, too. I preffer them rather phlegmatic/melancholic.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2011, 1:04pm
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>> No. 12119 [Edit]
File 132497918817.jpg - (457.75KB , 1300x813 , 10016144.jpg )
My own are deep brown.

I prefer either brown or red. I'm not sure what the exact term would be for this kind of expression, but I like eyes that give a more mature look.
>> No. 12120 [Edit]
File 132498419712.jpg - (487.25KB , 850x1133 , sample_20dad69cb1bdb7be5e77c5dad451d724.jpg )
Well, for eye color, probably purple or green, though it does sort of depend on the character. As for what type, I guess serious.

My eyes are dark brown.
>> No. 12121 [Edit]
I don't know how to explain it. I guess a kind face is made by kind looking eyes, no matter the color.
That girl from Horizon has those kind of eyes. Too bad she isn't a nice girl at all.

Mine are very dark brown as well.
>> No. 12122 [Edit]
File 132500672939.png - (315.42KB , 967x1400 , KnIv02c11p095.png )
I tend to prefer darker eyes, but I don't really have one color that I can call my favorite. Unless the color is really unusual, I think I end up noticing eye shape moreso anyways.
In anime and manga that adhere to the tareme/tsurime dichotomy, I definitely prefer tsurime.
I really love these sort of sleepy, perpetually half-closed eyes. The only characters I can think of offhand that have them are Shiro from Kabu no Isaki and Giselle from the new Last Exile.

My own eyes are a greyish-blue.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2011, 9:27am
>> No. 12123 [Edit]
File 132501570597.png - (397.72KB , 1920x1200 , 1246698535520.png )
I like light color eyes, but dark colors tend to have more of a... piercing style to them, which is also good.

I also enjoy heterochromia.

Also, mine are greenish blue. It's always one of the only compliments I get, but I'm absurdly self-conscious about it, because one of my eyes is off center. Shit sucks.

Post edited on 27th Dec 2011, 11:56am
>> No. 12124 [Edit]
File 132501878545.jpg - (102.06KB , 800x600 , パルスィビーム1205354.jpg )
I like light eye colors, green is probably my favorite.
My own eyes are green as well.
>> No. 12125 [Edit]
My preference changes depending on what girl I am currently interested in. Watching Ika makes me really like Blue hair/blue eyes, and watching Bokutomo makes me like purple eyes or blue with blonde hair. Sometimes though I find the simple brown hair/brown eyes really appealing. I'm really fickle

Post edited on 27th Dec 2011, 1:04pm
>> No. 12152 [Edit]
Parsee is so cute〜♥
>> No. 12254 [Edit]
File 132584268970.png - (304.40KB , 550x750 , 57d63cabbb8181126ed674b4e28f0f07.png )
I father liked the flat topped style, whatever it is one would call that.
also, relaxed/droopy eyes.

eye color doesn't mean all that much to me.
>> No. 12255 [Edit]
File 13258960685.jpg - (165.93KB , 1024x1300 , wanko_discipline.jpg )
Color: never really thought about them. Maybe brownish-orangeish.
Expression: Either comedically exaggerated expressions (like or >_< or @_@) or large and cheerful eyes.
>> No. 12281 [Edit]
How can deep dark brown eyes be especially endearing? They are inexpressive, remote, and perhaps have a bit of mystery to them as it is harder to read their facial expressions when compared to another with fair eyes.
>> No. 12286 [Edit]

My preference is for brilliant, striking, deep pure green, emerald green. I also like green-blue and green-grey. Heterochromia is good if the colours are green and blue. Light or slate and brown creeps me out. As for expression... as long as they are expressive, and not vacant like most of the world's "Im bored lets get high" eyes, I find them appealing.

My own eyes are hazel, sort of like a swamp colour. I never felt comfortable with them.
>> No. 12287 [Edit]
I think light eyes are less expressive. They're so blank and empty, almost eerie if they're really light, while dark eyes are more shiny, thus allowing you to see the shine of tears off of them.

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