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File 139240409939.gif - (2.99MB , 480x270 , 1355356207320.gif )
16805 No. 16805 [Edit]
when was the moment you realized you'd never be able to pull yourself out of the miserable mess you're in
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>> No. 16807 [Edit]
File 139240487559.jpg - (138.46KB , 620x877 , 41607528.jpg )
I'm still just 20 years old, I've spent the last 3 years of my life being a NEET but I'm still young and as such I still have a chance to drag myself out of the hole, which is the very thing I'm trying to do right now.

Never give up, anon.
>> No. 16808 [Edit]
I can still get better.
>> No. 16809 [Edit]
I never thought I'd be able to get any better
>> No. 16810 [Edit]
File 139241020774.jpg - (106.70KB , 572x880 , 1224011.jpg )
When I started browsing sites like this
>> No. 16833 [Edit]
There is no way to know for sure. So long as you keep on doing novel things, no one knows the future for certain.
>> No. 16840 [Edit]
When I realized I loved my waifu so much and then I became an exclusive lolicon... In any case I don't think I'd be able to find emotional fulfillment with relationships of people of either gender even if you could say I have friends that I just do things with for fun.

Post edited on 15th Feb 2014, 11:15pm
>> No. 16844 [Edit]
I can pull myself out, it will just be later than everyone else. If I take the analogy from Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa, and crunch my life into a day, its still morning.
>> No. 16889 [Edit]
There are some things best done early on in the 'morning' when your mind and body are at their peak... Things that will get harder or may not even be possible later. Not the best analogy in favour of procrastination.
>> No. 16929 [Edit]
It's sad how true that is for me. I used to be hopeful and going somewhere, then I started browsing BBS and after that imageboards.
>> No. 16998 [Edit]
I don't know about you, but my mind is certainly not at it's peak in the morning.
>> No. 17010 [Edit]
This month. Before I used to tell myself that I might be able to pull myself out if I only tried. Now after having tried and ending up in even worse miserable mess than before trying I don't really have any excuses left.
>> No. 17026 [Edit]
It's not just that I'm in a hole, it's that the hole is that all that exists.
>> No. 17027 [Edit]
"To the person in the bell jar, blank and stopped as a dead baby, the world itself is the bad dream."
>> No. 17114 [Edit]
Being a 40 year old undergrad serving under a supervisor half my age was a nightmare scenario for me. The older you are, the harder it is to turn it around. Your brain and physique degrade and society only cuts the young slack for screwing up and starting from square 1.

Sure it's not impossible but when you want to discuss remote 'possibilities' like that might as well believe you're heir to an advanced alien empire and eventually they'll find you and bring you to paradise.
>> No. 17120 [Edit]
I still have hope, because I haven't completely accepted it yet. I improve myself in ways I can, but I do remember socially isolating myself in university. Found this website in late 2010, left in late 2011. And now I'm back. The truth might just be staring me in the face.
>> No. 17121 [Edit]
Urghh..when I was around 15.

I realized that my peer have so much more potential than me.
It's hard for me to explain, because I am also bad at language and thoughts.

But imagine a RPG ....and I have all below to average stats.

It fucking sucks.

Nowadays I am soon to be 28, a freshman (again) at college, seeing my fellow students in class understanding everything so fast.

It's embarassing ...I don't know how much longer I can put up with that.

The funny thing is that my mother thinks I am intelligent or anything. She doesn't want to realize it.

Suicide is the only good solution I can come up with and would accept.
>> No. 17122 [Edit]

What in particular makes you feel stupid?
>> No. 17124 [Edit]
Win or lose, go down with a fight. That kind of idea is admirable. Are dreams really dreams in the first place if they are discarded without any attempts?
>> No. 17125 [Edit]
File 13959604065.jpg - (14.03KB , 400x400 , 1383066612002.jpg )
As I said every aspect of life.
If you can break down all the stats into those stats like in a RPG, my stats are totally subpar.

I am pyhysically totally weak and have many little issues. Something went wrong in the growing stage I guess or a mix between that and genetical disposition.

I am mentally weak. Low intelligence, pretty much no creativity, very weak communicative skills.
If I have to talk in real life, only shit comes out of my mouth. I am already weak at expressing things coherently and with the right vocubulary, but in RL, some kid can express themselves more precisely and understandably than myself.
My cognitive capabilities are low.
Also I am a loner, a recluse, unsociable.

What pisses me off the most is that I lack the courage and the will to end this life.
>> No. 17126 [Edit]
>>17125 Can you at least play video games and watch anime and fap?
>> No. 17127 [Edit]
I don't play video games anymore, except Quake Live, at which I suck at.
Not much interest to watch anime nowadays to be honest.

Yes, I do fap a lot though....
>> No. 17128 [Edit]
What are your level/skills cap and your progression rate? That's what really matters in the long-run.

Also how good is the guild you were born into? Do they twink you out and tank for you?
>> No. 17130 [Edit]
File 139613118893.jpg - (18.51KB , 400x303 , 1383788449001.jpg )
I only play CA...so in case of failure I can say the team was shit.
In reality I am the one who pulls the team down usually. I barely make a frag in a duel.

Have played it since 2012, playtime until now is in total about 16days...so around 380hours.
No progress since day3 or 4 in the game.

>Also how good is the guild you were born into? Do they twink you out and tank for you?

I have never played WoW. Also other Mmorpgs from back then, I would just solo until you can't progress anymore without a party and quit it.
>> No. 17131 [Edit]
>Also other Mmorpgs from back then, I would just solo until you can't progress anymore without a party and quit it.
Good to know I'm not the only one.
>> No. 17132 [Edit]
I meant those things in terms of your general life condition following along with your RPG analogy. Your starting 'stats' in life aren't as important in the long-run as how fast you can progress and how high you have the potential to go. Your environment - family/background - plays a big role too.
>> No. 17133 [Edit]
Well environment is easy mode, assuming it is 1st World. But that also means everything is regulated and thus a zero to hero in short time is extremly unprobable.
Guild is bydlo, bydlo background.

Progress is very very slow. Level up seems not possible any more.
Levelcap for me is low.

Reminder that RL is the hardest game, which means giving a very complex formula, the level cap of people need not to be the same.

Slow thinker, slow learner. While other may need only few XP to learn something, I guess I need factor several times greater to get something, if at all.
>> No. 17134 [Edit]
PvE against mobs intended for teams sucks especially if you like playing frail support classes.
>> No. 17142 [Edit]
Well you can't build your char IRL. Or even if you can, some people have more points to allocate. Can only play as best as you can with the hand you are dealt. The ones that get lots of special edition, pay-to-win stuff preloaded for them don't understand that.
>> No. 17144 [Edit]
Never. You can ALWAYS get out of where you are. You are just being tremendously self centered, your fake depression is just a way for you to get easy attention with pity from others. Stop it.

Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and man up. I was a NEET from 1998-2003, I got out of that rut and now I am 31 years old, make over 60k a year and travel frequently. Living my dreams with an easy welding job.
It takes nothing, I simply set out to do exactly what I want, and I take it. You are only on your bed in the fetal position watching anime because it is what YOU wanted, dont cry and say the world is unfair or that you're in a hole.

Sounds rough? Well you need a rough wake up call. You're not a little anime girl, you're a man so start acting like one.

ps close the borders
>> No. 17148 [Edit]
You don't know what you're talking about. You can't just "get over" depression.
>> No. 17149 [Edit]
>man up
>fake depression

Too obvious. Still somewhat funny though.
>> No. 17150 [Edit]

You were an hour too early.
>> No. 17152 [Edit]
I hope you fell for that bait ironically. It was so obvious - who boasts about making 60K~ in their 30s?
>> No. 17183 [Edit]
I'm a hikki, how should I know?
>> No. 17223 [Edit]
I never dreamed it would come to this.
>> No. 17235 [Edit]
Is it really that easy? I would boast if I could do it.

Ah well, I guess it's different with us.
>> No. 17236 [Edit]
Who doesn't?
>> No. 17258 [Edit]
Motel hell dancing for the drunken, diseased, and the doomed?
>> No. 17260 [Edit]
File 139852837258.gif - (73.39KB , 320x240 , 1397291984456.gif )
I am 28 soon, my life is still ahead of me....kekekekekekekekekekeke
>> No. 17285 [Edit]
I say that at every birthday...
>> No. 17294 [Edit]
Just recently, there's no way I'm getting out of this. I'm 21. Major health issues force me inside most of year besides Summer and even then I can't get enough money for myself and will never have a job cause no one will let me have one. My life besides that in Summer when I can feel good or rather live at all is simple. I tag along with people in the house going places, go for walks, and generally just live a mostly uneventful laid back life. Most days I am an almost immobilized insane mess and spend a lot of the time either rocking back and forth on a chair babbling nonsense to myself in pain, pacing around the house aimlessly, staring blankly for hours on end at my pc screen, and tearing at my own skin. I can't move, there is no way out this. I'm like this most of the year and I've already hurt myself bad a couple times in either hypertension or twitching attacks during depressive fits. I can describe how I feel as cold with needles rolling over my skin endlessly and an aching body. Nothing much helps. I also get stupider and stupider every year cause of the amounting stress on my body is probably causing permanent brain damage. I am so fucked when parents can't support me anymore. Pretty helpless besides advancing in little ways to keep myself afloat and living during the Summer when my body finally feels somewhat normal.
>> No. 17296 [Edit]
>needles rolling over my skin endlessly
Reminds me of a case of severely paralyzing autism. I don't mean that in an offensive way, it was just something that made me realize how messed up some of these psycho-somatic symptoms can be with certain disorders. I don't think there's much else I can say.
>> No. 17297 [Edit]
Sounds fun. Some nervous system condition, or what?
>> No. 17302 [Edit]
I talked to someone who is in constant pain and get morphine to help with it. If it's as serious as you describe you should probably look into it.
>> No. 17304 [Edit]
I honestly have no clue about anything altogether cause I never seen anybody about any of it. 1 because no one takes me seriously anyways (though at some point my parents will need to come out their total denial of it all right?) and 2 because I'm afraid of what they'd do to me if I really explained everything to them the mental and the physical. But it's only getting worse and the only time it becomes more tolerable is when the heat finally comes. As in usually when Summer finally comes I don't need to worry about strange depressive meltdowns, violent knee jerk reactions to things, or those all to familiar feelings of being paralyzed. I'll sometimes get down but I won't be in complete agony like I am most of the year and I get right back up again to taking it easy. All I live to get to and only time I can live well at all.
>> No. 17305 [Edit]
and yeah I definitely should but that's easier said than done
>> No. 17306 [Edit]
I recommend you see a neurologist, or at least some kind of doctor sometime. The needles rolling over your skin and a feeling of cold and nothing helping it sounds a lot like nerve issues.
>> No. 17464 [Edit]
when after 5 years of being a hikki i finally gathered the courage to go talk to somebody and they basically told me to chin up and that they'd help me find a job.

that was 2 years ago and im never going to try again.
>> No. 17470 [Edit]
I was actually at one time what one would consider successful in life. And I hated it.

I went to a private school, got straight A's, had a 10/10 Japanese GF that I visited with any time I wanted, I played instruments and was out with friends almost every day.
And it was all awful. I hated it all. I don't know why I kept up the facade like a psychopath for as long as I did.
I dropped out of highschool in the 10th grade, slowly began cutting all contact with people starting by deleting my facebook, and gained about 60 pounds faster than I thought was possible.
Now that I'm neet, I'm happier than ever. The only time I ever leave my house is to pick up food or video games. I'm proud of myself for having abandoned my shitty Ford Driver life. I can't imagine how bleak and dull my life would be if I continued harvesting and dedicating all my life to these shallow "friendships" or thrown away all my spare time and gotten a dead end job. I no longer have any distractions from my never ending video game and anime marathons. No more fucking Skype notifications while I'm in the middle of a show. No more fucking text messages when I'm trying to sleep. I truly live only for myself and it feels fantastic.
>> No. 17471 [Edit]
That's funny.
>> No. 17472 [Edit]
How many years has it been since then?
>> No. 17478 [Edit]
Five years.
The first year was the hardest because it was obviously quite a big transition to go from being extremely socially active to complete isolation. I grew lonely after a couple weeks and attempted to harness friendships with people through /v/ once in a while via Steam. But I was always quickly reminded why I left my social life behind me and blocked them all within 24 hours of adding them until finally giving up entirely on relationships. So for the past four years, the only exposure I have to human beings is through places like this and the previously mentioned trips for food and video games.
>> No. 17700 [Edit]
I exited neet at 24 after a number of years. At times I really couldn't see a way out.
>> No. 17806 [Edit]
Same. Nothing is enjoyable and I wish I was dead. I lack the courage to kill myself because I think things might get better eventually but doors are rapidly closing and I'm not useful/intelligent enough to ever go back to school or get a job that will help me out in life. It basically boils down to me getting sick or something like that and the debt crushing and ruining my life. I lost my healthcare because of fucking Obama and I have nowhere left to run. I just want to fall asleep and not wake up, that is my ultimate fantasy.
>> No. 17814 [Edit]
How did you lose your healthcare benefits? Hasn't the cost of the sickliest come down at the expense of the average person with medical insurance?
>> No. 17835 [Edit]
Does everyone have "oh god, what have I done?" moments where you pace around and take in the hopelessness of your situation? I've been having a lot of those lately. I'm painfully aware that everything unpleasant in my life is my fault, none of it was accidental. Sometimes when one of these episodes start I sit in the cupboard or under my desk because the enclosed space is comforting.

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