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File 141255756263.jpg - (61.95KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 01 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
20836 No. 20836 [Edit]
Off to a great start, in a very new direction.

I'm looking forward to a lot more of these camera angles any time this monk shows up.
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>> No. 20840 [Edit]
For those of you who don't know the studios changed. S1 was animated by Satelight, S2 is everybody's favorite - DEEN.
>> No. 20842 [Edit]
File 141259075227.jpg - (112.10KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 01 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )

Not too fond of the animation changes so far. All of the character designs seem off compared to S1. However, I'll wait until the first action scene to make a real judgement.
>> No. 20843 [Edit]
That picture is pretty enticing, but I'm not going to watch this anime just because of some nice vulva shot, thighs and midriff exposure, and nice boobies.

I have things to do. Like play video games and make bad comments like this on the internet.
>> No. 20844 [Edit]
>I'm not going to watch this anime just because of some nice vulva shot, thighs and midriff exposure, and nice boobies.
Yeah, that's what I say to myself every season.
>> No. 20848 [Edit]
File 141263743015.jpg - (56.58KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 01 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
That explains everything.

Her butt is also quite nice.
>> No. 20850 [Edit]
It really is.

Stop trying to tempt me! I didn't watch the first season and I don't want to waste time in doing so. No matter how fat the mons may be or how nice the thighs are.
>> No. 20854 [Edit]
I wouldn't call it a waste of time, S1 was great. Sure the animation isn't all great and a few characters are a little flat, but the world building is an easy 10/10 and all the main characters are extremely likeable
>> No. 20855 [Edit]

It doesn't have any even remotely provocative shots, though. Just so you know. If you're looking for cock-teasing look elsewhere. That's strictly DEEN being DEEN.
>> No. 20857 [Edit]
I was shocked at first until I realised that Satelight really isn't that good either.
>> No. 20859 [Edit]
File 141274494299.jpg - (281.07KB , 2544x704 , air.jpg )
I found myself not really noticing it to badly but then every once in awhile something big would throw me off. Pic related
>> No. 20861 [Edit]

I won't claim Satelight produce masterpiece after masterpiece but at least they're no DEEN. They don't pull off stuff as ridiculous as OP and their shows have pretty good production values. No matter how you look at it this is a big downgrade.
>> No. 21293 [Edit]
File 141618451935.jpg - (53.62KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 06 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
>> No. 21299 [Edit]
Which has been set in stone now that we're seven episodes in. The amount of bad quality and awkward speeches have increased a lot. They even fucking clapped.
It's like there's no point in watching it these days since most of it is skippable, and even the next episode has been spoilered as though it wasn't obvious enough what would happen.
>> No. 21300 [Edit]
Even the previews are boring.
>> No. 21306 [Edit]

Well, I did sorta see it coming. It's DEEN. Never expected anything good from DEEN. I'm not saying every single DEEN anime out there it's utter shit but - to be perfectly honest - the vast majority are. Rule of thumb.
>> No. 21333 [Edit]
File 141664209668.jpg - (77.30KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 03 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )

Not too big on the changes to Raynesia's design. Everyone else I can deal with, even Akatsuki's new man shoulders (when she has her armor on). On the other hand, the new girl is pretty cute.
>> No. 22608 [Edit]
I wanted to say that despite DEEN being DEEN this season was more or less as good as S2 but I don't like lying. Then again the downgrade wasn't anywhere as big as I expected it to be.

The DEEN QUALITY was there but overall it wasn't as jarring as I expected it to be. Of course it looks ass compared to S1 but that's what happens when you exchange Satelight for DEEN.

Unfortunately the anime itself was worse than S1, too. It started off relatively well but the second half's focus on Rudy & Co. was probably enough to put some people to sleep. But if you think about it S1 is exactly the same - it starts out with Shiroe, then adds the newbies about halfway in and focuses on them for a while and then goes back to Shiroe for the finale.
I just wish they'd stick to Shiroe, Akatsuki (who was - somewhat surprisingly - a fairly good lead for a couple of eps) and then give some screentime to other 'important' characters like Kanami or Kureha.

So yeah, what went wrong in this season wasn't as much DEEN being garbage as it was the source material being lackluster. The whole moon plot is dildos, too.
I'd totally watch another season, though. I ended up complaining about a lot of stuff but in the end it was still fairly enjoyable watch overall. I wonder what made them decide to go for two more cours considering the sales of S1 were lackluster to begin with. S2 isn't any better.


>On the other hand, the new girl is pretty cute.

Ha. But yeah, I like Tetra quite a bit.
>> No. 22609 [Edit]
File 142763507735.jpg - (64.14KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Log Horizon 2 - 25 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
>I wonder what made them decide to go for two more cours considering the sales of S1 were lackluster to begin with. S2 isn't any better.

LN sales went through the roof.
>> No. 22610 [Edit]
>but the second half's focus on Rudy & Co. was probably enough to put some people to sleep.
Nothing good comes from following the kids. Tohya especially is simply the worst character of them all, and if he were older, he'd probably be the most dangerous of them all too. He only cares for what's "natural" and ignores free will and the feelings of the individual. In his mind suicide isn't natural, so you can't try to get back to earth by killing yourself even if you want to and even if it means suffering to stay, but you have to go back if an opportunity presents itself even if that, too, means suffering.

A thing that came to me during the 24th episode: If I remember correctly then vampires are powered by the night and the moon. Shiroe chose vampire as his alt on the moon beta server. Shiroe is the type of guy to use every means possible.
>> No. 22612 [Edit]

Right after S1 got adapted? That would explain things, yes. Although I'm not completely confident it makes sense to make S2 just for advertizing purposes. Will the franchise reach that many new people with S2?


I found it amusing how willing he was to go to back to his paraplegic body in real world. FFT ho. His reasoning behind that is nothing short of retarded, too. To use a series relevant example he didn't choose to be born either, it was a 'coincidence' so he might as well kill himself.

I think the main problem with that group is that they play no part in the grand meta plot, though. Whenever they get screentime it just follows them on their low level quests. Nothing to see there really and it just makes me wish they could get over with that as fast as possible so that we could go back to Shiroe stuff.
>> No. 22614 [Edit]
The song thing was a cool thing though. And I my favorite bully target Serara was in it a lot.

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