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File 14290579506.jpg - (187.08KB , 559x600 , 1399155205066.jpg )
17980 No. 17980 [Edit]
Hey guys, sort of a newfag with a question. How do you deal with your waifu having a love interest inside her respective media. Whenever I see my waifu showing loving affection towards others it kills me on the inside.
>> No. 17981 [Edit]
>> No. 17982 [Edit]
Thank you very much ^^
>> No. 17983 [Edit]
No problem, the second post has links to other threads on the topic you can read too. Good luck!
>> No. 17984 [Edit]
Yeah, I saw that. Makes me feel better seeing that other people have had the same problem, I thought I was the only one since I could rarely find anyone with the same problem.

Reading through the threads have eased my worries quite a bit, even though there is still a bit of jealousy. But, I will have to learn to accept that my waifu loves me just as much as I love her. Thank you again for your help!
>> No. 18012 [Edit]
I would just ignore it.

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