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File 142556829784.jpg - (51.51KB , 491x348 , 56768545689.jpg )
17693 No. 17693 [Edit]
God damn, recently I realized that my waifu started to mean less to me than a few years ago. Im at a stage where she is just kinda there. I still said to myself and her that I love her, but I start questioning myself if this is true. I still feel warm inside when I see her but somehow it just doesn't feels like it does in the past. There are days where I just forget about her. I went through much with her and Im together with her for over 5 years now. I loved her, she was the first and last thing I thought about each day and I daydreamed how nice it would be to be physically with her, going out together and whatnot. We also had bad times, times where I questioned my obsession about her, times where I hated to have a waifu and where "jealous" that anyone could say the same about her. Luckily this was just a short depressing time I had.

But lately I do less with her, see her just as a "thing" I have in my life. At one hand I want to break up with her because she doesnt deserve this. Im an asshole for ignoring her, thinking she is just a thing I could throw away. At the other hand I can't do it. I don't want to just ditch her because part of me still loves her. I really don't know what to feel right now. For months now I don't treat her like she deserves it but I also can't completly give her up and let go. I guess im too used to her, which makes it even worse since it sounds like "maybe I need you later, so I keep you". Never did I feel that weird and bad like now.

Does anyone where in a similiar situation? I really don't know what to do and what to feel. I can't decide what would be the best thing to do. But right now im sure this situation is for both of us the worst possible one. At times like this I just wish waifus where real so she could say what she thinks would be the best option for her, not me. I wish to hear what she wants, even if chances are high that I really mad her mad and sad. At least she could kick me in the ass like I deserved it.
>> No. 17696 [Edit]
You have two options: purposely hold to her somehow no matter what, or say goodbye properly and let it go (prepare yourself though, cause once you do it you'll be completely on your own).
>> No. 17698 [Edit]
If I were you, I'd just try to clear my head and forget all about it for a minute. Remember what you felt like when you first met her, remember what you went through and why you loved her. Just imagine yourself with her, talking to her, apologizing and explaining what's going on. You said a part of you still loves her, so it could hypothetically still work.
You could try to dedicate yourself to her more? To stop feeling guilty about perceiving her as a thing, just take a day off or two and visualize her with you, start seeing her as a person again.
>> No. 17699 [Edit]
Don't feel so guilty about it. I was in the same boat as you (With Flandre), this is actually quite normal for regular 3D couples as well. Biologically, we are wired to "get bored" of our waifus (Including IRL significant others) after a certain period of time, which is usually about 3 years.

Take tips from what the ford drivers suggest to reignite that spark between you and your love. Go make new experiences together. It will help you rediscover your love for your waifu and make memories for you to look back upon.

My advice is that you shouldn't walk away. Don't feel guilty about your feelings, your... apathy towards her. It's normal. You are MEANT to feel like this after a certain period of time. The question that remains, however, is if you will bow to your instincts or hold fast to your love for her?
>> No. 17700 [Edit]
Well, yeah. Its hard to decide that.

I guess the thing is, recently Im trying to make more out of me. Right now Im going to school again (Im over 18, its a school for people who worked already but want to get a better graduation for better jobs. I don't know how it works outside of germany, but maybe you know what I mean), try to live a bit healthier and eventually get a better job after all that. You could say Im trying to change my life completly and with that I try to let my past behind me.

Of course I should include my waifu in this, but what I wrote in my OP post is still true and has nothing to do with all that. I could say leaving my waifu and eventually someday find a new one could be another step to change my life. The truth is, if I see my waifu I also see my old me. There is no guarantee that my "new" me will be more successful and maybe my plan eventually bombs, but I want at least try to change and let a few things of my past behind me. I still have quite a hard time to just let her go even though I don't really do much with her together.
>> No. 17701 [Edit]
>Biologically, we are wired to "get bored" of our waifus (Including IRL significant others) after a certain period of time, which is usually about 3 years.
I kind of wish I had known this back when I was having the same problem as OP. I wound up following with my instincts, but I don't regret my decision. I met my "ex-waifu" when I was even more young and naieve than I already am and didn't fully understand the concept of 2D love. My reasoning for leaving her after 3 years was that I'm still developing as a person and my tastes are changing as well. I do feel happier with my current love.
>> No. 17702 [Edit]
Can you elaborate more on what you mean by new experiences?
>> No. 17703 [Edit]

For ford drivers, some advice columns recommended doing stuff such as taking classes together, or a vacation, or whatnot. While this isn't directly possible for waifubros like us, I don't believe we are that restricted either. Something like learning a new skill that you can apply your love for her to, like writing a story or drawing. Going out for a walk together and spending time with her, or a romantic dinner between the two of you. Keep it exciting, don't fall into the habit of routine.
>> No. 17704 [Edit]
>Something like learning a new skill that you can apply your love for her to, like writing a story or drawing.
Similarly just taking up a new project like getting every screenshot or (re)colour something, spending more time with her that way is also beneficial. I suppose that sort of thing varies from person to person but it usually, from what I've seen, is something creative.

>The truth is, if I see my waifu I also see my old me.
I don't quite understand. You don't have to cut off everything about your old self just because a big part of it was something you want to move on from. I find my husbando is a great motivation for helping me change my life for the better - so it would be less about seeing your old self but seeing how you've changed since then, if she stayed with you.

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