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File 136886252541.png - (208.95KB , 836x1301 , 915ffc03b81d60e76edfcb0e1377b24a3d2191e8.png )
14843 No. 14843 [Edit]
In a book I read called 'The Lucifer Principle' by Howard Bloom, I got introduced to the idea that human society itself is like an organism composed of many humans, in a similar fashion to organisms being composed of many cells, cells being composed of many molecules etc. It draws many parallols with cellular society and explains a lot. E.g the book says things about how organisations are like organs, the police department the immune system, etc. Even the trend of organisms becoming more complex through evolution: society began as small units with little differentiation into huge groups with specialised organisations and specialised workers.

Do you think we might just be cells undergoing apoptosis (programmed cell suicide)? Being 'damaged' cells with poor ability to operate, we have an innate ability to remove ourselves from society in order to protect it. We isolate ourselves and we avoid breeding, sometimes we even kill ourselves outright. Theres a possibility these things that are frighteningly common amonst us, all our suffering and pain, might just be innate behaviours that have evolved to protect the stability of society overall.
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>> No. 14844 [Edit]
If we're working from a biological analogy, isn't it just as possible the organism is sick--infected by a virus, parasitized, or otherwise dying--and the weaker "cells" are the ones that most easily feel the effects of the disease?
>> No. 14845 [Edit]
Cells themselves don't go into apoptosis by themselves especially when something else has taken over. Killer T cells and immune units are responsible for initiating that kind of scorched earth policy. Kill your own and the infection with it. In other words most NEETs don't have those kinds of 'altruistic' thoughts on their own. Institutions and society as a whole tries to drill that kind of mentality into them.
>> No. 14848 [Edit]
clicked on the thumbnail thinking I was going to get a blonde...and ended up with a brunette instead.
Not that I am complaining.
>> No. 14850 [Edit]
File 136892935965.jpg - (32.64KB , 500x688 , 500.jpg )
Perhaps thats true. In nature, animals are always under constant threat from sickness, predators and competitors. Its normal for an animal to be in a state of mild stress almost all the time.

Cells do have mechanisms to kill themselves in a controlled manner when they become old or when they develop certain precursors to cancer. But yeah I see your point.

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