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File 14202745302.png - (507.41KB , 3300x2150 , how-to-win-friends-and-influence-people.png )
19341 No. 19341 [Edit]
What do you think of this shit? Hate it entirely, just some of it or what?
>> No. 19342 [Edit]
That bull crap don't work. I do most of that shit when talking to people and I've got no friends.
>> No. 19343 [Edit]
This, ironically my ability to socialize properly made me a better introvert. Once you know how to talk to and know people better you realize very few people are worth talking to in the first place.

I also follow most of the steps in OP's pic (it comes naturally) and I currently have a total of one friend IRL. But that's totally okay because I also legitimately enjoy being alone.
>> No. 19345 [Edit]
To befriend most people is to essentially compete in the trough of media they consume, the more garbage you consume the more likely they are to be your friend. I'm a manipulative psychopath, I could easily make friends if I wanted to subject myself to that hell, no thank you.
>> No. 19346 [Edit]
I have read that at where I live, at some point you just stop making friends.
>> No. 19347 [Edit]
>need friends for connections
>need connections for money
>need money to afford being a better introvert so I'll be bothered less by friends.
Just as planned.
>> No. 19348 [Edit]
I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say.
>> No. 19349 [Edit]
I've found it works only for a short time.
>> No. 19353 [Edit]
In the business world I guess most people are only friends/friendly for a short time anyways. Strike a good deal, get some reputation and you likely don't have that much more use for the person.
>> No. 19355 [Edit]
Seems fair, although business oriented. It assumes that all parties are grownups - that can be a problem.
>> No. 19356 [Edit]
If other person is child or teenager NEED DISCIPRINE
>> No. 19358 [Edit]
No, it's pretty evident that you're to treat intellectually matured adults specifically as if they were children. The advice boils down to being as unchallenging, bland and gratifying as possible. This is partly why I loathe interactions.
>> No. 19359 [Edit]
There's little that's more cringe worthy than watching someone stiffly deliver a script after reading some of this shit. Interpersonal outcomes are more broadly contingent upon physical appearance, tonality, physical movements/posture, scent and social information you make available. Physical aspects of the interaction will prove more decisive at early stages. People are relentless egotists desperate for self-gratification and attention, who knew?
>> No. 19360 [Edit]
Are you talking about perfume or deodorant or what?
>> No. 19361 [Edit]
That's relative to the level of intellect we're assuming. When I say "grown-up", I mean to say a person indoctrinated with a bare minimum of collectively accepted social conduct. I guess it all depends on our personal standards.
>> No. 19362 [Edit]
Body odor, would be my guess.
>> No. 19399 [Edit]
That seems pretty accurate, and is actually much harder to do than it seems.

My biggest problem is letting other people talk about themselves and showing interest in their lives. As soon as I try to start talking to someone I want to only talk about me, and I have to consciously stop myself and try to show interest in them by asking about them, even though I honestly don't care about their lives.

You have to remember that they are also not interested in everything you have to say, and are just more socially adept and will listen to you politely. You may strike a common ground and become generally interested in each other, or you may not, but if you just lay everything about yourself out for them to see and not even care about what they have to say, you're going to rub them the wrong way from the get go.

I struggle with this even though I know.
>> No. 19437 [Edit]
I'd like to be a manipulative psychopath as it'd be easier to get a job.
>> No. 19528 [Edit]
Hate it. If it had any scientifical merit it would only prove making friends is rehearsed, repetitive, and fucked up.
>> No. 19530 [Edit]
The problem is everyone else is doing it also. There are a lot of people around, a lot of options, people have the luxury to pick and choose the best delivered script and throw everyone else away. If you're not up to snuff, you're easily replaced. No one has time for everyone.

If you ask me, friendships built on scripts aren't worth it at all. Maybe this would be good advice if you just wanted to get people to do what you wanted. That's about it.
>> No. 19536 [Edit]
The three biggest incentives that affect the vast majority of people are, in this order:
1. Social status or lack thereof
2. Wealth (in most countries this equals money)
3. Preying on those who are weaker than them or ganging up to bring down those who are perceived as stronger (so long as their actions will not affect their wealth or status)
If you are socially affluent and have reasonable capital you can get away with almost anything. Fascists take control of countries by changing social values and "moral codes" are simply social codes adopted by the majority of people.

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