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File 137763641789.jpg - (2.16MB , 1280x1024 , e9be6d8da8228fb843d47e8a53b1f4e53a621750.jpg )
13245 No. 13245 [Edit]
Does your waifu have a best friend in her source material? If she does, do you think you'd get along with them well?
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>> No. 13247 [Edit]
File 137763806677.jpg - (302.80KB , 1200x675 , 7af887c5dc527e85c9f93586caafe9fc.jpg )
Yes, but they don't really appear much after the game they were in. The stories they have are really sweet and most fans agree that they love each other a lot. It's pretty obvious Orin loves Okuu a lot after all she went through in SA for her.
>> No. 13248 [Edit]
File 137764006031.png - (965.62KB , 900x900 , c329d7bac7a5566c74e7ef0f7250a219.png )
Yes and yes; same interests and all.
>> No. 13249 [Edit]
File 137764266861.jpg - (60.71KB , 713x536 , no one.jpg )
Back then, both in NGE and Rebuild, she had no one. Now there's Mari and I don't specially mind her, but I'd prefer to be her one and only (friend and everything). I'm that possessive.
>> No. 13250 [Edit]
File 137764317849.jpg - (513.72KB , 1000x947 , 35414534.jpg )
She does. There's something off about Ayase, but I think that I could get along with her if I tried, even though she's quite different from Kirino. Still, I'd keep an eye on her just in case.
>> No. 13252 [Edit]
File 137764704983.jpg - (127.68KB , 681x999 , minami yutaka.jpg )
She does.
I think we would get along better if it wasn't for Minami, because I would be constantly jealous or fretting over their relationship, but I would act civil, at least.
>> No. 13253 [Edit]
File 137764809885.jpg - (69.71KB , 800x600 , image210.jpg )
Well, you could call him that...

Akira doesn't really "get along" with people very well, but I don't think we'd dislike each other (we both dislike loud and annoying people and we are pretty quiet and introverted). We'd probably have mutual respect for each other, but wouldn't get particularly close. I would imagine him coming over to our place fairly often as he's the person Keisuke has known the longest, so I'm sure we'd warm up to each other slightly.
>> No. 13255 [Edit]
File 137767198649.jpg - (238.64KB , 850x1061 , sample_9dc5f0b1c8ea75ac1bd90748a46f964fa7bf8342.jpg )
Osaka has many friends, but Chiyo-Chan is likely her best friend as they get along better than anyone else.
>> No. 13257 [Edit]
File 137767315218.jpg - (844.69KB , 2000x1600 , miyako yuno wallpaper.jpg )
Yes: Yuno, I have a sort of affection towards her as if she was my daughter (the case with a lot of 2D actually) so it would work out fine I think. The show definitely hints at yurism with Sae and Hiro so a lot of people like to say the same for Miyako/Yuno but I don't really think this is the case, that just seems to be a deep friendship. Might as well call every all girl cute girls doing cute things a yuri anime if you want to go down that route.

Then besides her best friend Yuno there is of course all the other hidamari apartment residents, to be honest I can't really imagine how that would work out but I'm sure it would be fine. One of my favorite things to imagine is me having one of their well known "episode-ending-dinners" with us all sitting at that table and enjoying ourselves, the problem being of course the no boys allowed policy of the apartment but if they could sneak a cat in I'm sure we could make it work. Yes fantasizing about these things is nice~

Post edited on 28th Aug 2013, 12:07am
>> No. 13260 [Edit]
File 137768669173.jpg - (211.23KB , 650x917 , ab0e05be04d8327f1984f75dc3873128.jpg )
While I know for sure who her closest friends are, the question for me is how close are they to her actually. I mean, she has met a lot of people from her past encounters and she did not necessarily make amends with these people, but given her tendency to be a bit of a jerk when it comes to her personality, I would not be surprised if she actually has less friends than I think she has.

That said, I might not attract too much attention if I ever encounter Rinnosuke and Reimu, as I don't like hanging out with people that much.
>> No. 13261 [Edit]
Nothing on the source material, but I always interpreted it as if she's fairly attached to Patche.
I've always been concerned I wouldn't be able to connect with the SDM folks, but somehow I feel like it'd be worse with Patche.
>> No. 13271 [Edit]
File 137787702327.jpg - (209.23KB , 800x1000 , Oculus Rift Powered by Nvidia.jpg )
Yes, I think I'd get along with Hanako rather well, we have similar interests after all.

I'd shrek her at pool though.
>> No. 13279 [Edit]
File 137795324378.png - (36.55KB , 500x500 , 21835111 - 伊織ちゃんはみーんなに優し.png )
Yes and I would get along with Yayoi since she is a really nice and energetic person. Although I would hope that her love for Iori isn't beyond intense and doesn't go yandere as a consequence.
>> No. 13283 [Edit]
File 137808450538.jpg - (143.91KB , 767x926 , 3712.jpg )
Well Emi isn't quite even her friend, but they are a 'pair'. I'm sure she likes Emi's company more then anyone else's company
>> No. 15163 [Edit]
File 139871242453.jpg - (341.59KB , 718x999 , 9bdf32e1270cc9f49030fc8ce9c23d28.jpg )
Her best friend would be Madoka of course, although I'm not sure if you can appropriately use that term after Rebellion. Madoka is nice and sweet to just about anybody, so yeah I think I'd get along. I think Homu needs more than one friend anyways.
>> No. 15165 [Edit]
File 139871561224.jpg - (118.76KB , 600x445 , 39617559_m.jpg )
I think Sakaki's the most likely candidate to be Kagura's best friend.

I don't see why we wouldn't get along. We both like cats, so we have that in common at least.
>> No. 15166 [Edit]
File 139871821950.jpg - (509.77KB , 600x788 , Aikatsu!_full_1420555.jpg )
I think Ichigo and I would have some personality conflicts (mostly me being shy), but she has all types of friends and knows how to make more so I definitely think we'd get along. It helps that she's so damn cute.
>> No. 15168 [Edit]
File 139873196820.jpg - (293.59KB , 861x700 , 408595b30d36bdeab4ec606d6d7e3a9e.jpg )
Yes - Trude. I like her a lot, and we both have an outward hatred for the Neuroi scourge. Erica and I have loads of fun teasing her. It can also be inferred that they are more than just friends, something I keenly encourage.
>> No. 16506 [Edit]
File 140916060269.png - (290.20KB , 500x583 , nozoeri.png )
"Best friends." I think it would take awhile for Eli to warm up to me (like she did with Honoka) but I think we'd become friends eventually.
>> No. 17437 [Edit]
File 142139494614.jpg - (186.46KB , 850x601 , garden.jpg )
She has Lilly (top right). I think we'd probably clash a bit to be honest since she's an extremely formal person.
>> No. 17463 [Edit]
File 142172559363.jpg - (353.61KB , 700x495 , 30fc003dadbb72a421dbfa8693fe9c03.jpg )
She has Yukari, who I could probably get along with ok.

Youmu probably wouldn't trust me at first but I think we'd get along ok eventually.
>> No. 17469 [Edit]
File 142174445518.jpg - (382.99KB , 1000x703 , 1400446597711.jpg )
Her pets Orin and Okuu and maybe her sister Koishi. They're fun to be around and we all get along great.
>> No. 17500 [Edit]
File 14222314689.png - (515.28KB , 640x480 , Love_Hina_Again_Intro_7.png )
Their relationship is fraught with misunderstandings and fights but I think that is testifies to the strength of, rather than the weakness of, the friendship. After all, tough times is when people show their true colours.
>> No. 17503 [Edit]
File 142229282352.png - (366.83KB , 800x414 , 60.png )
Saying he has any friends is a bit of a stretch, but I guess there are a few people he puts up with better than others (for lack of a better term). Recently he seems to be getting along the best with Komari, someone who creeps me out a bit. I don't know what it is, but it feels like there's something off about him. Maybe I'm just intimidated by how pretty he is, haha.
>> No. 17617 [Edit]
File 142407507755.jpg - (199.92KB , 987x720 , 37416051.jpg )
i dont like her and shes mean >
she thinks tomoko is creepy and shes gonna do something bad to her soon!
tomoko desrves better!
>> No. 17618 [Edit]
The entire show is about Renge's best friends. I think I'd get on quite well with them.
>> No. 17633 [Edit]
The two get along very well, and are paired up all the time. She's one of the few people who recognize her friend's true personality. They're friends who actually recognize each other.
>> No. 17729 [Edit]

Felt the same way when I watched WataMote. Is it just me or did she abandon Tomoko in the end, when she really needed her?
>> No. 17892 [Edit]
File 14285932316.jpg - (544.80KB , 1000x1399 , b6bce29a2214f06963c127c879223f25.jpg )

As someone else who fell in love with Nozomi, I always felt really conflicted. It's obvious the two are very close and I felt really guilty because it seemed like I was taking her away from Eli. I know how important their friendship is to each other, but I think after talking to her and how Nozomi especially was drawn to me, we'd understand what was more important than anything was her happiness, and she found happiness by choosing me.

And me constantly believing that Nozomi doesn't love me or is doing this out of some sort of moral obligation instead of true love would make no one happy.

So even if Eli does love Nozomi that way, she would accept her wishes to be with someone else. I think it would also be definitely in character for her to do that (especially if this happened after Honoka helped lightened her up)

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