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File 139648565880.gif - (909.18KB , 440x508 , http%3A%2F%2F25_media_tumblr_com%2F6e67e48101ca530.gif )
17153 No. 17153 [Edit]
Have you ever been in a lot of trouble?

On a large scale. For example, if it happened in a school, you were called into the disciplinary office and forced to apologise to somebody.

Do you blame yourself? Do you blame others? Were you framed or were you responsible for it? How do you feel about it?
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>> No. 17154 [Edit]
I was once suspected of stealing $10,000 at the mall I worked security at. Some customer forgot her purse on a bench which supposedly had $10,000 in cash in it. which still sounds like bullshit to me to this day, no ones gonna be forgetful about their bag with that kinda money in it. anyways, a coworker picked it up and left it in the office for safe keeping. I came into work and a store manager came to me asking for their purse they forgot, which I got for them. little latter that coworker came asking about the bag with it's owners. I explained what happened, police got involved and questioned people all earning. I didn't think I did anything wrong till one of the cops started heavily questioning me, they even sent an detective to my house. from what I've heard they eventually found out it was that store manager, and I hear she got deported becuase of it. dunno if that's true or not, heard it from one of the coworkers when I ran into him at his new job. Guilty or not the mall manager didn't want me working there anymore and I haven't been there since. My mother was convinced it was a set up, since it was no secret my coworkers there didn't like me.
>> No. 17158 [Edit]
I was suspended for a week for fighting in high school. The guy had been bullying me occasionally for a few years and on this day he was playing hacky sack in a group. I was sitting nearby and he would repeatedly kick the hacky sack hard at me. Even the guys he was playing with were getting annoyed because he was disrupting the game. I walked over and got really close to him, started punching him repeatedly in the stomach and ribs, then pushed him backward over my foot. It must have looked pretty clumsy and weak and it probably didn't even hurt him, I was embarrassed about doing it even immediately after. I received an in-house suspension which meant I couldn't enjoy my time off at home, but I didn't have to apologise.
I blame myself, because even at that age I was opposed to violence. I should have sabotaged him secretly, caused some misfortune that didn't even seem like it had agency - something like a flat tyre or food poisoning. I don't think getting back at someone requires the satisfaction that they know you did it, it's enough for you to know they suffered even if they don't understand why. Of course it would be better to not be vindictive at all, but I'm not that virtuous now, let alone at 16.
>> No. 17166 [Edit]
I stole sandwhiches from the high school cafeteria. Got caught because of overconfidence. Had to pay $143 back and since I was pre-18 I just had to do a booklet about why stealing is bad.

Got caught stealing from my workplace later. I made about $900, had to pay up ~$400 after all was said and done. First time offender at 18 years old gets it easy. I had to attend four 3-hour courses on why stealing is bad along with many other adults, most far older than me. I lied about my story. I laughed at some of the others due to how silly they were. It was boring and consumed time, but it had it's moments.

Since then I've failed college once, lost a job due to my own laziness and using their computers which are monitored, and am about to fail college again. The trouble with these was/is my parents rather than the law.
>> No. 17175 [Edit]
them some expensive sandwiches
>> No. 17203 [Edit]
Ah, I should have specified. I had been stealing for over 2 months. They asked me if I had done it before and I said yes because they have cameras and I was sure they would check if I said no. Me being the good kid I was I told them I had stolen for 2 months and as such had to pay back accordingly.
>> No. 17230 [Edit]
>Me being the good kid I was I told them I had stolen for 2 months
>> No. 17344 [Edit]
I broke some kid's leg, cut a chunk of a girl's hair, broke a desk, called a teacher a motherfucker, constantly got into fights, etc etc

I was, how do I say this, kind of an asshole, when I was a kid
>> No. 17430 [Edit]
Aside from this I guess there's my school years, which I left out becuase I didn't fell they were 'a lot of trouble', but the bar in this thread don't seem set too high.
I skipped school constantly, more and more as I got older. When my senior year came around I didn't show up for a month. My mom would drop me off at school and I'd just wait till she drove off out of sight before turning around and going home. Eventually my mom cough wind via calls and letters and we had meetings at the school where they threatened us with legal mumbojumbo but they never did anything about it. I was admittedly worried every time I'd head home after being dropped off that a cop would stop me, but I figured I'd give them some bullshit about forgetting some books at home. I didn't skip school to do drugs or start trouble, 99% of the time I just went home to fire up my ps2. Haruhi I hated school...

When I was at school I refused to do any assigned work. All of the teachers would -try- to discipline me for it, this usually meant sending me to the detention room. Most of them however would give up after a few weeks once they realized how pointless and hopeless it was. They went from sending me to the detention room, to asking if I was going to do any work that day, to just ignoring me like I wasn't even there. (can I get a hell yeah for the American public school system up in here?!) I did have one old cunt of a teacher that I unfortunately had two years in a row who sent me to detention every single day. often times wouldn't bother asking me if I was going to do any of the work that day, or even wait for class to start. She just treated it like a routine. I've tried skipping individual classes by hiding on school grounds (often times in the rest room) but it just wasn't worth the trouble. they usually checked the bathrooms anyways. I got assigned Saturday school detentions countless times but never once attended one, after all the punishment for not attending Saturday school was being assigned Saturday school. Haruhi I hated school...

At the high school I went to before that other one, skipping school was a lot harder becuase I lived on the very edge of their district. It'd take no less than a hour to walk home from that place so I had to skip by hiding in our basement when the bus showed up, the bus stopped right next to our house but it wasn't the best tactic and she eventually found me down there one morning. At this school I got into a handful of fights (kids there were assholes) and got suspended a fair amount of times. There I was able to skip class easily thanks to an unused rest room near the gym field and never got cough. I was sent to detention a lot at this school too just not nearly as much as the other school since all the teachers pretty much gave up on me at that school. While I didn't get into trouble I remember I did shred my pants when I climbed over a fence after they forgot to let us out.

At that previously mentioned school I met my best friend at the time, who was practically addicted to stealing. I think he hung around me becuase my mom gave me money here and there and sometimes I'd buy stolen goods from him. The kid was like a crack head for videogames, stealing anything he could sell for his fix. He tried consistently to get me into stealing vandalizing and so on but that just wasn't me. Although I do realize that I wasn't really all that innocent being as I was an accomplice, and that I bought a lot of stuff off him. Funny thing was his mom thought I was a bad influence on him, becuase she thought I was the one out stealing every time we meet. Can't blame her for not wanting to believe it, but when you don't give you kid any money and they still manage to have a room filled with all the latest videogames and toys you gotta know something's up. Needless to say I didn't really like the guy much and felt he was only interest in my money, but to be fair I probably used him just as much to get good deals on stuff I'd have a hard time affording otherwise. Looking back I'm amazed neither of us ever got arrested. Closet calls was when he took some dvds and the store owner tracked us down to retrieve them and tell us to never go back to his store again.
Latter on when I got a job at a mall and he'd visit sometimes. I was told by store owners that they knew he was a thief and didn't want him in the mall. They didn't look to kindly on me for being associated with him and drawing him there.

Honestly I still don't really consider this stuff that big of a deal, since around this area it's pretty common place for people to have done jail time, abuse drugs, have underage pregnancys etc. This town used to be a retirement community but has since suffered and invasion of LA's trash looking for cheaper housing, making it a shithole I can't wait to leave.
>> No. 17456 [Edit]
I punched three kids in the face. I guess you could call them "fights" but they always stopped after I hit them back just once because I was one of the biggest kids at school and they'd give up after seeing how hard I can hit.
I wrote a three page long rap that basically consisted of nothing but racist jokes about a kid from Chile in my class. The teacher found it and sent me to the office.
I drew a picture of Brian Peppers from memory with the text "You Gon' Get Raped". A student found it offensive, snitched on me and I was sent to the office.
I drew a picture of a superhero I created named "Sodomy Boy" on a math handout. His appearance was as you would expect. The teacher alerted the principal directly after I handed it in.
I flooded a recreational centre. I stuck a garden hose into the auditorium's door while no one was around and it ran for about four hours straight on full blast. The property damage, from what I was told, was at least $200,000. A wedding ceremony was scheduled the next day and it was inevitably canceled because of my shenanigans. I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for my little brother returning to the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, he looks exactly like me and they nabbed him and he told them everything. They dropped all charges after finding out that my mother was on disability and nothing became of it.
A kid jacked off in my face while I was sleeping over at his house. I told everyone at school, they bullied him over his homosexuality till he was in tears, and he went to the principal's office and snitched on me.
On my way to a party with a couple acquaintances, we made a detour and went to a neighboring junior high to get a ride from a kid's mom and buy ecstasy from him. I did not realize how serious the consequences were for entering the school grounds of a school you do not attend. They brought us to the office and questioned us individually and went through our things while they waited for a police officer to arrive. I had a lighter on my person and once they found that and were informed of the fact that we were heading to a party, they figured that was liable cause to strip search me. Nothing progressed beyond that because I had no illegal substances on me and I called my mom and had her pick me up shortly after.
I got caught shoplifting about fifty dollars worth of beverages from a local grocery store. They questioned my motives, realized it was not worth pursuing the subject farther, and let me go under the condition that I never step foot into the store again.
I released my friend's pet hamster into the yard for no reason. It burrowed itself beneath one of the shrubs in his yard. His mother dug up the shrub in an attempt to rescue it from itself but it suffocated in the dirt or something. He cried like a bitch, his mom told me off and I was no longer welcome in his house afterwards.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 8:21pm
>> No. 17457 [Edit]
>A kid jacked off in my face while I was sleeping over at his house.
Did you wake up while he was at it, or did you realize the morning after?
>> No. 17458 [Edit]
I guess it's not fair to say I was fully asleep; I was more in like a stupor. He had the movie "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" playing on his television and the noise was stopping me from going into a deep sleep. I started hearing strange noises and didn't think much of it and didn't bother to open my eyes but it continued for several minutes. When I did finally look up to see what the fuck he was doing, his fully erect member was inches from my face and he was completely nude. He was stroking it violently bareback.
It took about ten seconds of staring at him in this act to register what was happening and to become fully conscious again. I don't think he realized I was awake, the only light in the room was the television and his large figure was blocking the light from reaching my face.
I jumped up in my bed and asked him what the fuck he was doing and his face dropped. He sprinted back to his own designated sleeping arrangement, threw the covers over himself and just stared at the ceiling breathing heavily for about thirty seconds. Then he began giggling like a little girl and attempted to strike a conversation with me about whether or not I had ever had any experience with public masturbation before. I ignored these things and texted my mother and told her to pick me up immediately. It was about 4 AM. By the time she got there, he was asleep and I snuck out.
>> No. 17459 [Edit]
I've been led to believe that the background noise can be a setup for such an occasion, so it might've been panned. Since it was preventing you from falling into deep sleep, it sounds like you were experiencing both awareful sleep and grogginess. The former being associated with light sleep and the latter with deep sleep. I'd say you were unfortunate to have such a fucked up friend, but also fortunate to make the discovery.

Interesting read, anyway.

Post edited on 21st May 2014, 9:08pm
>> No. 17460 [Edit]
You were kind of a dick.
>> No. 17461 [Edit]
That made for an amusing read. There's no way I'd have agreed to a strip search, I'd have told the faggots to go fuck themselves and get their kicks somewhere else.
>> No. 17462 [Edit]
File 140077213639.jpg - (99.31KB , 876x839 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
You sound like every stereotypical "antagonistic large dickhead bully" character from kiddie movies and cartoons.
>> No. 17463 [Edit]
Yeah, I guess I sort of was. I used to rip ass in little kid's faces at recess, gang up on people with my other stereotypical bully friend until they were in tears, steal things from people just to upset them...
I don't know how my life became so dark that I ended up in a place like here. Quite a turn of events. A majority of bullies seem like successful dudebros through and through.
>> No. 17465 [Edit]
>A majority of bullies seem like successful dudebros through and through.
I think that depends on how easily they adapt their bully techniques. If they keep bullying like it was pre-school in corporate life, then they'll get squeezed out. But if they adjust it to, say, psychological domination and the like then I think they can more easily get what they want.

Post edited on 22nd May 2014, 3:41pm
>> No. 17466 [Edit]
I think you're forgetting about law enforcement. It's a carrier path that lets you bully people all you want just like you were back in school. You can beat people up, use your job threaten them, and trip on power all you want. Police and the military are basically the jocks of the world past school.
>> No. 17467 [Edit]
Sure, although I don't view being a regular law enforcement dude as being successful, but that's just me. A military career however can get you places, as long as you don't get fucked up in field work. You still have to appear as disciplined to your superiors, going back to my statement of adapting your tactic of oppression. That's just my take on it. I think the gist of it is that bullies stay bullies, and will find their place anywhere on the ladder depending on how "not-dumb" they are.

On a different note, I don't think the other anon is/was a bully through and through, from my impression.
>> No. 17482 [Edit]
In my fourth year of high school English class you were supposed to have done a minimum of five essays over the course of the year to be sent off to the exam people. These essays would contribute to your final mark alongside your exam results. As you finished each one, you'd hand it in to the teacher for checking. After missing a few hand-in deadlines, I picked up on my teacher's lack of awareness when it came to noticing pupils who hadn't finished their essays. I imagined she was treating us more like adults by putting some trust into actually doing what we were told, but of course me being the useless lazy shit I am, I took the opportunity to slack off like I'd never slacked before for the whole year.

It was the final week before the essays are sent away. The teacher paced the classroom having a look at each pupil's folder, gabbing away. Then she came to me and my completely empty folder. I told her I'd left my essays at home by accident when I was checking over them, and that I'd bring them in the next day. I think she smelled my bullshit story a mile away, as it seemed that for the first time ever noticed my existence.

The next day, I, being an aforementioned useless lazy shit, hadn't even started writing any of the essays I was supposed to have finished and double checked months prior. Business got serious and I was sent to the year head for a bollocking followed by a march back up to the classroom for a second double-bollocking from him and my teacher. It was a cold February day, for which the standard school procedure was to set the heating to about the same temperature as the centre of the sun, and I didn't even get a chance to take my hoodie off before being fired out the classroom door. That combined with being made the undisputed centre of attention meant I soon started sweating bullets. As I stank the place out, I was told to have five full essays ready by the following morning, no buts—the exam people would be coming for them.

After a night spent mostly playing shitty video games (lazy shit etc), I had two incredibly rushed and messy 'essays' at just over three A4 pages in length combined. By some cosmic miracle the exam people were forced to wait—my lazy arse was now holding up the entire school's potentially future-shaping essays—and I had two more days. I was told that if I didn't make the deadline, I wasn't to bother coming back to school the following year. My teacher was not impressed when I turned up the following day with no progress made (there was still another day left, so I didn't bother). I was given a punishment to write out on top of all the other shit I was supposed to be doing. Finally, on the rainy Friday morning deadline, I turned in my incredibly rushed (finished that morning!), soggy, and somewhat copy-pasted essays.

I ended up getting a 2 for English, 1 being the highest mark, so I must have shat gold on the exam day. I left out of sheer laziness (it started snowing) not long into my fifth year, to become the NEET I still am today. It's a good example of the type of mindset that can lead to NEETness once school finishes.
>> No. 17494 [Edit]
In school I got in trouble for truancy and had to go to court over it multiple times. Luckily I turned the legal age to drop out before they decided to send me to juvenile detention.

Also as a kid I shot my neighbor with an airsoft gun for mocking me. His parents called the police, but I just got a warning.

As for how a feel about it... I dunno, they caused some hassle, but at the same time prevented a lot in return. In exchange for basically an entire year of hell at school, I just had to deal with a few hours of sitting in a quiet courthouse a few times and answer a few questions. And for the second, I was never mocked again by him so I guess that worked out too.

Post edited on 25th May 2014, 9:50am
>> No. 17500 [Edit]
>In school I got in trouble for truancy and had to go to court over it multiple times.
What? That's absurd.
>> No. 17506 [Edit]
I agree. I mean when I was actually going I was just wasting space by sleeping in class all day anyways. I'm sure the teachers were happy that I was gone, but the laws here are silly.
>> No. 17575 [Edit]
Truancy hurts us all


I got kicked out of high school because of it
>> No. 17579 [Edit]
I wish I got kicked out becuase of it.

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