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File 133300770063.gif - (137.43KB , 136x193 , 1288759522413.gif )
8912 No. 8912 [Edit]
Hey /mai/, how do I combat the feeling of wanting to tell everyone and everything my love for my waifu? I find myself not being able to converse with others when it comes to general topics about my waifu because I feel like bombarding everyone with a "man I love her so much" (etc etc). What should I do?
>> No. 8913 [Edit]
Think about how they will respond and will judge/view you from then on.
>> No. 8914 [Edit]
I don't know: I always could talk about whatever the fuck I wanted, to the few people I cherished; and I never cared of what the immense part people, whom a cared not about, would think about me (those animals); in any case, I pretty much no longer talk to much people at all, and certainly not about the dearest thing of mine (even less in an effusive way).
>> No. 8915 [Edit]
OP, go to vocaroo, record your rant there, then play it.
>> No. 8916 [Edit]
Okay, this issue is one that I have encountered.
The feeling that you have something so great that you have to express it.
You see, this feeling works like a bathtub in which water is poured on, the feelings (input) that you recieve/create fills the "bathtub", and if those feelings don't have a way out they will accumulate untill the water reaches it's limit and pours on the floor, so you have to create a way to let those feelings out in a way that they don't cause you problems, an output.
The output has to be something created by you that you give it to someone or some thing. Since the first option to give it to someone is discarded, let's try about giving it to some thing.
A good examples of activities that could help your problem are:
-Open a notepad and write EVERYTHING about her untill you tire yourself out, her traits, what do you feel for her, what does she mean to you, what do you love about her...
-Draw her, make all the drawings that you can make about her.
-Like it has already been mentioned in this thread, rant at your heart's content without any audience.

Just try some ways to express your heart without having to deal with other's opinions, it will make you feel better, trust me.
>> No. 8918 [Edit]
Run into the street with a megaphone
>> No. 8919 [Edit]
If you really have to tell people, do it very slowly. I'm talking like, over the course of a year or so. It'll seem a lot less weird if you slowly reveal it.

But I'd suggest doing what >>8916
said, if possible.

Or you could always do >>8918
>> No. 8920 [Edit]
Thanks guys. I think I will do everything in this thread. For your amusement, would you like me to record myself with a megaphone (I don't have one, but I think me screaming would be good enough) out in public? Thanks again, and I understand how people will react. Either disgusted or misunderstood, I want to state the intensity of my love regardless. I was thinking the other day: you know how SAL9000 married Nene in public? There's really no reward other than a fake title, and there's plenty of consequences, mainly backlash and a total invasion of insults. I do think that there is some personal merit to doing something so stupid, because he feels pride or maybe he is strong enough to handle such fire. I think my situation is the same, where I can do anything because my love allows me to do so, and this anything for me is really just the urge to tell people that I love something so much.

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