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File 135154745563.jpg - (142.25KB , 600x600 , freeze.jpg )
18085 No. 18085 [Edit]
A huge floody blizzardy hurricane of death is about to shit all over eastern US. Stay safe friends!
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>> No. 18086 [Edit]
I'm safe in the UK where we get one week of snow and one week of heat every year.

I hope nothing bad happens to you guys.
>> No. 18087 [Edit]
I live in southern california. Even on the coldest nights of winter you can melt a block of steel on the sidewalk.
>> No. 18088 [Edit]
File 135154929360.png - (301.68KB , 600x600 , 1f749faa9bd5033f411ad0f15c6d1bc4.png )
There's a hurricane?
>> No. 18089 [Edit]
Wait a second, where is /tc/'s host located? I don't want the site to go down...
>> No. 18090 [Edit]
File 13515506217.jpg - (39.36KB , 540x720 , N6Li5.jpg )
>> No. 18091 [Edit]
So cal
>> No. 18092 [Edit]
I'm in Connecticut, not a coastal town though. I don't think it's going to get much worse if any worse at all here where I am. It's just very windy and rainy and many things are cancelled or shut down right now and will be tomorrow and will most likely be back to normal by Wednesday. As for where it is heading, good luck to those people.
>> No. 18093 [Edit]
As long as my power doesn't go out, because I don't have many candles and am certainly not going out in this weather.
>> No. 18094 [Edit]
>> No. 18095 [Edit]
File 135155822979.jpg - (118.02KB , 768x1024 , IMG951349.jpg )
pool party
>> No. 18096 [Edit]
I'm only getting some strong winds once in a while and a bit of rain. I hope the power doesn't go out again, though. I'd be stuck with myself for a few hours, and that never goes well.

Neet, where is this?
>> No. 18097 [Edit]
I just realized that the city might actually be safer in hurricanes because the buildings won't end up floating down the street or get torn apart. The windows might break from heavy winds and debris, but you can just board them up, right?

Is there any reason to run and hide if you live in an apartment there (aside from power outages)?
>> No. 18098 [Edit]
The NYSE just got flooded. There's a joke here somewhere
>> No. 18099 [Edit]
There's also the risk of the water mixing with oil, and if that catches fire you would have nowhere to go. Like how there were flaming waves of junk during the japanese earthquake last year
>> No. 18101 [Edit]
File 135156157487.jpg - (164.33KB , 700x467 , wRpwE.jpg )
rare photo of cars swimming upstream to mate
>> No. 18102 [Edit]
Why do people still live in coastal parts of the east? you guys masochistic or something?
>> No. 18104 [Edit]
We tossed Osama's body in the ocean and he managed to recruit it into al-qaeda, what have we done!
>> No. 18105 [Edit]
All the way down the east coast
Come back fat as a rat
>> No. 18106 [Edit]
It's weird hearing about it while I'm living out west now. My family seems to be holding out, they still have power. However, I have a friend that I regularly talk to on steam who lives not far from NYC who isn't faring as well.

Hope you east coast guys get through it alright, hurricanes are always a pain in the ass.
>> No. 18107 [Edit]
We lost power for around 5 hours.

I fapped to trap doujins and played Dragon Warrior Monsters on my PSP. Also ate a lot.

Was almost disappointed when it came back on. But then I realized I had the internet back, and any chance of disappointment slid off of me like water.

I think it's all over for us, though. Someone I know in Mass didn't even lose power, and they're also right on the coast, so...Yay, we survived a blatantly over-hyped storm~

I feel sorry for the folks in NYC, though. I think they got hit the hardest.
>> No. 18111 [Edit]
glad you survived losing power.

That is the worst thing of all about storms, or utility work. You think you can get by without it, then you remember all you want to do requires power. Same thing with an internet connection.

We all need an emergency supply of candles and books. Just in case.

All kidding aside it really does suck losing something you take for granted in everyday life.
>> No. 18121 [Edit]
I lost power for many hours today even after it was over where I live (must have had to shut down power to some areas as things were being fixed elsewhere). I spent the day eating snacks and pacing around in circles talking to myself till it came back. I don't know what I would do f I had to be more than 2 or 3 days without it.
>> No. 18122 [Edit]
You could read a book or draw or write
>> No. 18132 [Edit]
Three Haruhidamn days.

And my family was horrible through the entire time.

I stuck to my room all the time, read OreImo and Yotsuba, and called the power company to get the pre-recorded message about what they were doing. I took a couple walks, and actually saw the trucks fix the powerlines and put my entire neighbourhood back online.

Went home and things were bitchy lesbian drama per usual.
>> No. 18133 [Edit]
File 135173367711.jpg - (290.34KB , 1024x731 , 8139361895_a2cf68c401_b.jpg )
>> No. 18141 [Edit]
File 135174626770.jpg - (36.31KB , 500x500 , 424655_466774026687301_10061889_n.jpg )
Power is back after 2 days.

I am alive and well.

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