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File 143639354596.jpg - (136.16KB , 860x1214 , 1436382165662.jpg )
20320 No. 20320 [Edit]
/so/, what things have you already started and tried to become good at but ended up giving up on? I'm guessing all of our rooms are, or have at some point already been, littered with useless things that we bought for hobbies and that we end up keeping, although having already given up on that, so I was curious what you guys already tried so far life but stopped doing.

For me, I already tried learning how to draw, to get into philosophy (especially medieval and semiotics), learning japanese and latin (although I plan on resuming my studies in these), I already tried to learn how to play an instrument (trumpet), tried karate when I was a child and swimming when I was a teenager, and I already tried to get good into sculpting. I guess my biggest waste hole amongst my hobbies has been in attempting art, especially because I have no intention whatsoever in returning to drawing or studying art.

So what about you guys? What have you guys already tried and given up on?
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>> No. 20322 [Edit]
>What have you guys already tried and given up on?

>> No. 20323 [Edit]
I guess you could say that I have given up on academic writing. Not because I'm bad at it, but because in the end there are very little truths that can apply to everyone and no "deep secrets" to unveil in life. No one will listen to you, anyway.
>> No. 20325 [Edit]
At one point I tried to learn how to code, it was extremely boring and I gave up after a few hours. I went back to it after the new Unreal Engine released, I gave up on that too within a few hours, I can't for the life of me understand how someone can do it for a living.

I tried really hard to draw at one point, I would download a bunch of recommended books by various artists and try to study the fuck out of them. I couldn't get the first lesson right (doing gestures) after hours of trying and I'm a really bad procrastinator so I ultimately gave up within a week.

I tried to learn Spanish for future employment opportunities as it is a highly desired trait by employers given the Hispanic population and immigration rate here in America, plus I heard it was pretty easy to learn (1 to 2 years to become proficient). I tried to not go overboard like I did with drawing and do only 1 hour a day, but even then it was very, very boring and repetitive to do so, I stopped after a while, eventually I came back on it but I forgot almost the things I recently learned on it and gave up entirely within a week. I guess this stuff has to come out of genuine interest.

When it comes to any sort of school work, unless it's a group project, I cannot for the life of me do any sort of homework, there's literally just no motivation. I would procrastinate on them to the point where I don't even end up doing them at all. Needless to say this crippled my marks, I failed math among two other subjects last term and I'm repeating the math course. I'm trying to change things, for instance, two days ago I actually studied for a test, it actually felt good that for once I tried, granted I still failed the test and I was pissed about it but I'm more motivated for the test tomorrow now, which hopefully I do end up studying for sometime today. Baby steps.

There are many other hobbies I'd like to do if I had money such as playing the piano and getting fit but honestly, I'd probably end up giving up on those as well. Procrastination will be the absolute death of me, and I'll have no one to blame but myself.
>> No. 20327 [Edit]
>When I was younger I tried learning how to make Flash cartoons, but I gave up when I figured out that the time spent producing animation is far greater than the runtime of any cartoon you make.
Still going at it for 5+ years now. I maybe average 2-5 hours of work per second, I'm an fbf guy. That's still faster I see than hard pros like Adam Phillips.

>I guess you could say that I have given up on academic writing. Not because I'm bad at it, but because in the end there are very little truths that can apply to everyone and no "deep secrets" to unveil in life. No one will listen to you, anyway.
May give up soon because it feels similarly pointless even if I still do like it....
>> No. 20328 [Edit]
Everything. Except pointless internet browsing and sleeping, I'm good at those.
>> No. 20329 [Edit]
I tried getting into art. I even bought a wacom tablet, but as per usual I gave up after a few weeks.

Right now I'm trying to get into programming, because I'm afraid that this neet ride will come to and end, so I need at least some source of income. Although I will probably just give up on this too.
>> No. 20338 [Edit]
my only two skills as well
I suck at everything I try
>> No. 20339 [Edit]
>I can't find something so it doesn't exist "to me"

literally "parading through the cosmos"
>> No. 20340 [Edit]
Play drums, drawing, learning japanese, cs:go, osu!, social life
>> No. 20525 [Edit]
After finishing a turn based RPG I quite enjoyed, I got inspired to create my own RPG via RPG maker.

Gave up within a hour, further proving how useless I am. For fucks sake, for once in my life can I just find the motivation and drive to stick with a skill outside of playing video games? Just once? Why do I have to be such a loser?
>> No. 20526 [Edit]
File 14412209436.png - (3.36KB , 288x256 , Main Char.png )
It took me four years to finally have the focus and the motivation to finally finish and release a game. I've done it only one other time since, and that was two years ago.

Don't be so hard on yourself.
>> No. 20528 [Edit]
It's hard to be easy on my self when I've given up on everything outside of video games as described in >>20325
>> No. 20529 [Edit]
I wish I could have enough attention span to finish anything.
>> No. 20530 [Edit]
Game development is tough as balls, dont eat yourself up over this.
>> No. 20532 [Edit]
I don't know, maybe I'm am being too hard on myself, I'll see how I feel a few days later, thanks for the support guys.
>> No. 20533 [Edit]
That's the spirit. It's like that in a lot of fields. From playing the guitar I know that stretching exercises and practicing theory is the toughest part. When you punch through that, you get to the creative stage, that's when your work pays off and you can design that RPG with characters and a storyline you want it to have. Take your time with those first steps, they're the tall ones, for sure!
>> No. 20535 [Edit]
Thank you, you know I had the same thoughts as well.
I was always thinking that I could do what I want once I learned these things, be it a language, art or this time, RPG maker. I'll keep trying, god bless you and everybody else on this site.
>> No. 20537 [Edit]
I gave up on learning japanese and following the open courseware for computer science. I will try again with Japanese the next week.

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