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File 137868242885.png - (803.16KB , 1280x720 , realplayer-2013-09-06-02h43m19s220.png )
17229 No. 17229 [Edit]
The season is coming to a close pretty quickly, so I'd like to see what all the anime pros here at the anime pro imageboard think about how the season played out.
My own findings are that I ended up dropping everything except Rozen Maiden, Servant's Cervix and Watamotel; plus the Minami-ke and Kamisama Kiss OVAe were magically delicious.
RM3 is beyond just good, shit is fucking legendary, still waiting to catch a glimpse of Nori and/or Tomoe, though…just my opinions of course. Feel free to contradict or insult me and calll me a noob or a 4rd jockey or whatever.
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>> No. 17230 [Edit]
Hey! that's not what she said (close enough, though).

-Rozen Maiden was the revelation indeed: damned good; inspirational even.
-Monogatari has been a roller coaster but is coming on together well.
-Watamote has been a good adaptation.
-Kimi no iru machi is entertaining.
-Genshiken nidaime too.
-Tamayura... I've lost many episodes, but will catch up someday.
-Ro Kyu Bu... idem.

However: the Oreimo finale stole the season.

Post edited on 10th Sep 2013, 6:36am
>> No. 17231 [Edit]
File 137868760325.jpg - (77.67KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Gatchaman Crowds - 08 [720p]_mkv_sn.jpg )

If just it wasn't by DEEN. Aside from the first episode, they drag out the story in the beginning, and then start rushing and cutting stuff to make it to the end. Overall it wasn't a bad adaptation, much better than others that have been crucified by DEEN, but they still have a lot to reflect upon for improvement.

It's about what I expected it to be. Nothing spectacular, but at the same time nothing too disappointing. More of the story and more characters getting a v2 route. The movie recap ep was entirely unnecessary, though.

Kiniro Mosiac:
cute lolis doing cute things. The writer didn't even bother to read a wikipedia article about britain before he put the characters into the japan setting, and it really, really shows. If you can stand that, it's a very cute show about cute girls doing cute things and the yuri undertones reverberate well.

Ro-Kyu-bo!! SS:
double the lolis, double the DVD-only fanservice, half the time for every character to actually be developed, so only the problem ones get any sort of story focus. On the bright side, they do play a lot more basket ball than in the first season.

Kyoani found a way. Even with the terrible use of dubstep in the OST, I still find myself enjoying this show. The animation gets a bit shafty with the well drawn close ups, and it is good. no homo

Gatchaman: CROWDS:
The CG is noticeable, but they put enough effort into the designs that it's not a deal breaker. All the characters, especially Hajime and Katz, are very, very well done and the seiyuu work is absolutely amazing (especially Katz). The OST is great as well.

Uchoten Kazoku:
Amazing and fluid animation, and I'm a sucker for the strong shintoism base for the story.

Railgun S & Futari Milky Holmes:
Fuck you, JC staff.
Fuck you to hell.

Blood Lad, SymphG, Neptune, DXD NEW,Inu Hasami, Hakkenden S2, KKK, Love Lab, Gen'ei Taiyo:
Turn off your brain, sit back, and enjoy. most of the shows are hit or miss on whether you'll like them, and you will know whether or not you'll enjoy the show quite fast.
Blood lad being very much a pleasant surprise for me, and KKK takes a couple episodes before it really gets it's act together and starts being funny.

Stella C3, Fantasista Dolls, Kamisama Inai:
started off well, but then decided to just fall over in the mid-later bits. Not bad enough for me to drop the shows, but I wouldn't give them very much of a recommendation to anybody else looking for something to burn their time with.

Overall, summer 2013 was a great season. So many shows that interested me that I was unable to even watch them all (though I'm sure there'll be a crap season sometime soon and I'll get to my backlog then).
>> No. 17232 [Edit]
File 137869194267.png - (616.83KB , 1280x720 , aots.png )
>Rozen Maiden: Züruckspulen
Great, though the last two episodes have been somewhat questionable. The visuals and sound are massively improved over previous Rozen Maiden animé, even Kanaria's violin attacks sound like violin work now as opposed to the lousy, noisy horrors inflicted upon viewers in Träumend. So far it has potential to be better than the first Rozen Maiden animé, but there's still a few episodes to go and it remains to be seen if it'll make it.

>Monogatari S2
A good bit better than the previous two sequels, but still a ways away from Bakemonogatari for the most part. The two arcs so far have had a few strong episodes, but they were a bit lackluster as a whole.

>Uchouten Kazoku
Anime of the season right here. Great background art, fantastic setting, good writing. The soundtrack fits, too. Now this is animé.

>Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni
Ranges from mediocre to hilariously terrible. Avoid at all costs.

>Love Lab
Surprisingly enjoyable.

>Gatchaman Crowds
Takes an episode or three to pick up, but holy shit does it pick up. It's too soon to call it at this point as there's still a lot of things to do that could go wrong, but so far it's been great.

>The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc
Very solid adaptation of the meat of the goddess arc, but as much of the manga preceding that meat remains unadapted including mission-critical parts like captures of some of the girls being re-captured, it can't stand on its own as an adaptation and is relegated to supplementary material for readers of the manga.

>Free! Willy
The swimming animé, in the flesh. I couldn't handle how horribly the swimming and sports were written, so I let it drop, but it had potential. Maybe KyoAni should've gone for the K-On route and made it about eating cake shirtless rather than swimming to avoid the trouble of not fucking up the very subject matter, but I digress.

>Silver Spoon
It lacks Moyashimon's charm, but it's quite solid and exceptionally reality-rooted for animé.

>Kiniro Mosaic
The first episode was strong, but then the series proceeded to drop off like a swift kick in the nuts.

>Preferential Measure Organization Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C³
Reality-altering hallucinations in one episode that are never followed up on, bizarre shifts between SoL hijinks and shooting guys, and then people start getting shot with modified illegal airsoft guns on the street. I've no idea what the show is about, but it is not very good at whatever it is it's trying to do.

Strong season overall with quite a few good shows.
>> No. 17233 [Edit]
= Fantasista Doll =
Bad anime, superb designs. Can't get over how cute the girls are. Not much else to say, really. Overall it'd be better off as an art book than an anime.

= Watamote =
Why am I watching this again? I'm following the manga. Faithful adaptation with bad OP and absolutely bizarre OST (seriously, what the hell). Nakamura is absolutely amazing, though, he turned Motoko's brother from furniture-tier to my favorite character of the season. Overall he made the whole adaptation semi-worthwhile (and without him it'd absolutely pointless).

= Tamayura =
More Tamayura. Unfortunately they added tons of charcters and forgot about the original 4. As such it's much worse than S1 unfortunately. Midorikawa guest appearance was probably the highlight of the season, why is Midorikawa so good.

= Servant x Service =
I'd label it as the sleeper hit of the season, I expected nothing and got a very enjoyable show. The focus on clusmy relationships has gotten too far over the course of the show and I'd rather have more office workers' anecdotes but it's a great show either way. Kayano is surprisingly sharp as tsukkomi (which is another nice surprise).

= Rozen Maiden =
Suprisingly decent. I expected it to be shit but it's a positive surprise. I'm sure the ending will be butchered because DEEN but it was worth watching either way.


Cute girls doing cute girls. Not really but it's a goggles-free show. Very enjoyable and it almost manages to fill the void Yurishiki left. Unfortunately I haven't heard about any worthy successor airing in Autumn so I might have to spend a whole season looking forward to Sakura Trick...

=Uchouten Kazoku=

Easily the best show this season. Spectacular production values. The OST is superb. The backgrounds are amazing. Fluid animation. Quality voice acting (one bad scene but yeah). Clever story telling. To put it simply - a damn good show.
>> No. 17237 [Edit]
-Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation
Been really falling behind on this one. The show is almost what I could call craptacular. I like that first ED a lot more than I should... Not really much to say about it, story blows but who the hell's watching it for the plot anyway? I keep wondering if it's possible Neptune is based on a Sega system, I don't think in cannon she's based on any real system her but it kinda fit, her (portable) sister is even called Nepgear (gamegear).

-Gin no Saji
interesting anime. Picked this one up only recently and got in the first 5 ep over the weekend. For a while I had entertained the idea of getting into farming myself.
I feel like I've learned more in those 5 ep than I did in the year I spent taking agricultural science in highschool.
It might just be my imagination but Mikage seems almost too cute for the anime, I think it kinda feels forced and stands out when compared to most of the other characters.
It's like Moyashimon but without the dragqueen, the 3DCG mascots, or the incomprehensible scientific jargon.

-Kiniro Mosaic
I can't believe the whole 'OMG FOREIGNERS!' thing would stick around for the entire length of the show. it's just that the gag is getting a bit old. but still a cute show never the less.

-Love Lab
It's alright I guess. Kinda indifferent about it. I doubt I'll remember this show existed a year from now.
If I had to say I guess the rules at their school are pretty dumb. When that teacher found out Sayori had a boyfriend, man what I wouldn't have given to see her tell that teacher something like "My personal life is none of your business! you're just jealous I have a boyfriend and you don't! you're just a old bitter bitch who no man will ever love so you take it out on those of us who still have a shot at life!"

-Recorder to Randoseru Mi☆
The humor is pretty good and some of the new characters add some nice flavor to the show.... but god fucking damn it whats with the ugly 3D dreary backgrounds? they look horrible and out of place.

-Servant x Service
This show was a lot better than I had expected, and I wasn't expecting much. Thought it'd be some generic 5 minute per ep web anime.
It ended up as the highlight of my week and my favorite of the season, or at least it was for the first half of the anime. Second half isn't bad but I dunno I haven't been digging it nearly as much... maybe too much relationship drama. Even so I still look forward to it each week. It's also got what I would call the best OP of the season.

-Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu
This anime felt like watching a deer cough in the headlights of a oncoming car.
creators didn't seem to know what direction they wanted to take the show and the tone was all over the place. You'd think it'd be a fun light hearted anime from how cute and cheerful everything was, from the cute character designs and setting to how it looked like they rubbed vaseline on the camera lens to make everything look all fuzzy wuzzy.
But then they decided air soft is serious fucking business and the main character took a weedwacker to her head so I dropped it.
I would have been fine with a more serious approach to airsoft with action and drama and all that jazz, or a upbeat happy go lucky show about cute girls playing with toy guns, if only they focused on one or the other instead of trying to have their cake and eat it too.

- Tamayura: More Aggressive
Production quality seems to have declined a tinny bit from the first season, but it's just as nice as before. It's a very charming and relaxing anime, over all very pleasant. The new character is cute and the teacher over seeing their new club seems nice, but then again everyone and everything is nice in this type of anime. It truly does make the area seem like a really nice place to live.

- Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
I believe someone else in this thread put it perfectly when they said "Fuck you, JC staff. Fuck you to hell."
I've said it again and I'll say it again, the story line in raildex is idiotic garbage. The only thing it has going for it are the likeable characters, and to some extent an interesting setting. That's why I and I'm sure others watch it. yet in this season for the most part all the characters have essentially vanished leaving just Misaka and her clones with a few camious here and there from others. and it really doesn't help how a lot of the story in this season has already been covered in part by index.
There have been so many cockteases from Kuroko it's unbelievable. Just when it seems like she's gonna join in on the events of the show and make things interesting, she decides to take a backseat and let Misaka keep going at it alone. I know Misaka is popular and all, but I don't think she can carry a series on her own.
Needless to say I've been really falling behind in keeping up with this anime.

- Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Rather enjoyable show, I find the relatability to some of the situations makes it all the more humorous. I just can't stand that OP, I can't remember the last time I watched an anime as it aired and skipped over the op when it came up. It's just so god damn obnoxious.
>> No. 17238 [Edit]
I dropped everything except Kiniro Mosaic.
>> No. 17239 [Edit]
I dropped everything, I tried like 8-9 shows too.

Only thing I'm still watching that's airing is Shingeki no Kyojin. Maybe I'll catch up on C3-bu, but im sick of the airsoft games really.
>> No. 17262 [Edit]
Gatchaman Crowds is best
>> No. 17476 [Edit]
File 13812202862.jpg - (119.47KB , 600x912 , wsnowbird.jpg )
Old anime is always better.
>> No. 17477 [Edit]

If you compare 40 years worth of anime to a single season then yeah, I'd say older anime have an advantage here.
>> No. 17489 [Edit]
File 138128227228.jpg - (181.15KB , 1280x720 , snapshot20081124113359.jpg )
That's not true. That's not true at all.

It's painful to remember anime back in the dark ages before queen's blade was released. They were so terrible, from the writing to the animation, and even the DVD versions of the episodes had no guarantee that any sort of effort went in to drawing the nipples where the light beams, black shading, and random "things" blocked in the tv version.

Anime has improved over this last decade more than what words can describe.
>> No. 17490 [Edit]
>> No. 17491 [Edit]
File 138128754419.gif - (575.67KB , 356x200 , Batou.gif )

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