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File 134561677881.jpg - (23.02KB , 578x557 , 1327409383185.jpg )
11451 No. 11451 [Edit]
Think back to the start of 2012, then think to where you are now.
Have you kept your new years wishes? Have you changed at all? How? Have you grown up at all? Have you faced any fears? Have you done anything that has made you proud? Have you done anything that makes you cringe?
Where do you hope to be when this year comes to an end?
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>> No. 11452 [Edit]
File 13456171262.gif - (497.03KB , 349x240 , 1332971233772.gif )
At the end of this year I'll make another thread, or bump this one. So we can check in and see what's up.
>> No. 11453 [Edit]
I am in exactly the same position I was in at the start of the year, and I hope I am dead by the end of it.
>> No. 11455 [Edit]
Half year is pretty short time. Only remarkable change is that I left all my "friends" behind because they were annoying childish jerks and I think it was the best decision I've made in while. Because of it, I feel I am much more calm and cheerful person than I was 5-6 months ago.

e: Also I stopped drinking alcohol so I've been 6 months sober so far.

Post edited on 21st Aug 2012, 11:56pm
>> No. 11456 [Edit]
File 134562138531.jpg - (84.15KB , 651x716 , de5bdf79060e5fcc4a81f3799412cdc0.jpg )
Pretty much this.

I haven't really done anything, except move from my old house which I'm going to move from after my mother finds a more suitable place or something since electricity is expensive here.

I don't really think that I'll ever do anything worthwhile since there isn't much that I want. It's too late to make any real changes on my own and I doubt that I have the luck to have anything "amazing" happen for me.

At best, I'll be dead soon enough. At worst, I'll end up homeless or be forced to accept some job I don't want to do and keep on living to do stupid shit I don't want or care about.

All I like doing is staying in my room and play video games, watch anime, and do whatever I want on the internet. That won't ever change and is where I hope to be at up to whenever I die.
>> No. 11457 [Edit]
I tried to learn german, but I only picked up a few words, maybe a hundred or so.
I tried to learn fortran, but spent too much time trying to decide what distribution of linux to use to work with, since there are no free windows compilers.
I wanted to work out and get strong, but I couldn't afford the gym membership anymore.
>> No. 11458 [Edit]
No wishes, I'm a worse person. I've become more childish with no accomplishments and refusing to do anything.
I hope to be dead.
>> No. 11462 [Edit]
It's like you're really lost OP.

For most of us you could try using 'sart of ~2008' instead and the replies would still be roughly the same I imagine.
>> No. 11463 [Edit]
I'm not sure, but I don't think I set any goals for myself, becuase I knew I wouldn't achieve anything I set out to do.
>> No. 11464 [Edit]
Now that I've graduated from college and moved back to my parent's - I'm probably likely to slip back into old habits and not do anything productive.
>> No. 11466 [Edit]
I've become even more depressed and even lazier.
>> No. 11477 [Edit]
I graduated.
>> No. 11480 [Edit]
I still haven't started my thesis...
>> No. 11481 [Edit]
File 134578760187.jpg - (177.39KB , 1024x768 , Konachan_com - 52840 blush chibi hatsune_miku tear.jpg )
It's been bittersweet. I started studying Japanese a few months ago, and I'm really happy with my progress in it. I'm also doing better in university than I have in years (studying Computer Science).

I've also left my friends behind, and have become even more of an introvert.

Sometimes I feel pretty good; sometimes really low. I just hope at the end of the year that I'm still making progress.
>> No. 11484 [Edit]
At least you guys started doing something and stuck with it. Keep on trying, you guys are the few in this company.
>> No. 11487 [Edit]
I feel like I'm in a better state than I was in the beginning of 2012.

My way of thinking is much more complex than it was and my worldview is broader. I feel I have a stronger sense of self and I have more faith in myself and the world. I'm happier than I've been in a long time. Sure, everything I've done that comes to mind makes me cringe, but that's why I'm maturing.
>> No. 11488 [Edit]
I learned a lot of programming stuff (like always). I think I'm finally starting to wrap my head around assembly, though I can't think of anything to do with it yet.

Other than that, pretty much the same. Though I suppose the job I've been holding has improved my social skills a little.
>> No. 11489 [Edit]
File 134581350030.jpg - (6.51KB , 165x188 , [HorribleSubs] Wandering Son - 05 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
I intended to work on my drawing skills, properly learn Japanese, read more, work out, make some real-life friends and overall just improve myself.

I have accomplished none of that. I lost my job which was my sole source of real-life social interaction, became more depressed and reclusive and I've realised my butt is big and fat among other things. I hope I'll be able to turn things around by the end of the year, but I doubt that'll happen. Probably won't kill myself though. I'm waiting till I'm at least 23 before I do that.
>> No. 11492 [Edit]
Well, I learned to play Mahjong (riichi) finally (while watching Akagi, of course). I know more japanese than before, but not that much. But everything feels the same. I started a diary 2 years ago, so that I wouldn't forget about myself (I can remember myself younger, but I can't see "inside" myself, that's why I started the diary) and I'm the same. I have the same fears. I keep waiting for a miracle to get out of this life.
>> No. 11497 [Edit]
It sucked badly. In these past 6 six months I dropped all of my hobbies other than half-heartedly watching anime and fucking around the internet like a zombie, couldn't take going to college anymore so I dropped out, and spent all days getting drunk, crying and slashing myself.

I feel dumber, weaker, more depressed and all the few skills I had are disappearing.
>> No. 11508 [Edit]
I forgot my new years wishes. I vaguely remember making a thread for it but I'm too lazy to dig it up. My resolution was probably either to become more organised (I didn't, but it doesn't matter anymore), or to not rescind into depression again (succeeded, so far at least)
>> No. 11534 [Edit]
This has been one of the worst years of my life. I can't wait till the Fall months roll around so my mind has a chance to reset itself in hopes that this coming new year I can take it more easy. I don't have any plans but to watch and download more anime.
>> No. 11544 [Edit]
I finally got my drivers license earlier this year. Gave me a boost for a short while but then I failed out of college again. Spent my whole summer indoors depressed as a result. I don' t tthink I'm smart enough for college.
I'm going to this service though later in the month that signs up you for apprentiship training programs if you are poor and don't have any skills. Basically it trains you to become a carpenter, electrician, sheet metal worker, etc. I hope I can get in because otherwise I don't know what I'll do.

Post edited on 27th Aug 2012, 11:20am

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