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File 132452091491.jpg - (94.29KB , 575x373 , 1122-old-dutch-ketchup-02.jpg )
12023 No. 12023 [Edit]
What is your favorite flavored potatoe chip? Mine is ketchup, which I've heard isn't available in most places.

Here is a review of them I found while looking for a picture. http://www.nearof.com/?p=74
>> No. 12025 [Edit]
sour cream and chives
>> No. 12027 [Edit]
I like Old Dutch ketchup chips too, probably my favourite, it's the only variety of ketchup chip I actually like, all the other brands I've tried taste kind of wrong. I'm also fond of Miss Vickie's salt and vinegar.
>> No. 12028 [Edit]
Salt and vinegar.

I just tasted them one day and I started loving this flavor of chips. I mean, sure it does make my mouth a little numb and makes the inside of my mouth feel weird if I eat too much, but it's so good〜.
>> No. 12029 [Edit]
Really, ketchup chips? I know it's just me, but I fucking hate ketchup. I'm far from a picky eater, too, ketchup is really the only food that I can't stand at all.

Anyhow, my favorite chips are harvest cheddar Sunchips. The garden salsa ones are pretty good too.
>> No. 12030 [Edit]
i dont like ketchup either, the smell is so strong i cant even stand to be in the same room as it
>> No. 12031 [Edit]
I fell that way about mustard
>> No. 12033 [Edit]
I like ketchup. There's even some "special" ketchup that I could probably eat by itself since it tastes so good and makes the food it comes with taste a little better.

I'd like to try those ketchup chips one day.
>> No. 12034 [Edit]
Salt and vinegar I guess. I eat them rarely and spin out a packet a long time. Usually eat it with rice when the taste is bland.
>> No. 12035 [Edit]
There's these good balsamic vinegar and sea salt chips this store makes near me...I forget the brand though. It might even be a no-name store brand, but they're damn good.
>> No. 12044 [Edit]
salt and vinegar kettle chips
>> No. 12055 [Edit]
Ketchup chips are okay (if you've never had them they taste nothing like real ketchup it's just a flavour) but my favourite is dill pickle.
>> No. 12056 [Edit]
I love mustard. I'd eat mustard chips.

But as they don't seem to exist, my favorite chips are still either salt & pepper or sour cream & onion.
>> No. 12063 [Edit]
hi tohno
>> No. 12093 [Edit]
Barbecue chips. And those Utz Honey Barbecue ones.

Oh yeah.

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