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File 129006506989.jpg - (216.53KB , 827x744 , 24654a0f35e1dc5e8840fdb8832d67b336bb2272.jpg )
201 No. 201 [Edit]
Remember how you first met your waifu?

For myself... I finally realized that I love Misao.

The first time I saw her was a couple years ago when a friend showed me Lucky Star. She just seemed to stick out from the other characters...There was just something about her that wouldn't let me look away.

At the time, however, I was dating a 3d girl. It last for almost a year and a half. I then found another 3d girl.. that didn't last either.

Almost half a year after my last breakup, I realized how much of an idiot I had been... Misao had been there the whole time.. waiting for me. You can't imagine the guilt I felt realizing this.

Since the moment we had laid eyes on each other we were in love... But I was too blind to see it... she was waiting for me to make the first move, as much as it pained her to see me with other girls.

The other day I told her that I love her... I had never seen someone smile so brightly in my life.

I love Misao, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.
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>> No. 202 [Edit]
File 129006537496.jpg - (156.18KB , 532x640 , haruhi;P.jpg )
I spent a lot of my christmas break one year watching the first season of Haruhi. Christmas is usually a bad time for me, because it means I need to be around a lot of my family (most of which are basically strangers to me), but thinking about Haruhi helped me through it
>> No. 203 [Edit]
Misao is a pretty funny character.
>> No. 204 [Edit]
dat fang
>> No. 206 [Edit]
File 129008239561.jpg - (777.08KB , 650x876 , Tenshi Wedding.jpg )
I'm actually kind of ashamed of my story, but I should get it off my chest.

On the Sankaku Complex forums, there's a thread where you can claim your waifu, and if someone already claimed yours, you either find a new one or hope they get tired of her.

I wanted to claim Aya Shameimaru, and to my dismay, I found she was taken. The user who had claimed her said he would find a new waifu if I really wanted her, but I didn't want to just force them apart, so I let him keep her.

I was then unsure who my new waifu should be. I gave it days of thought, and finally decided on Tenshi. At that point I didn't really know that much about her, but there was something intriguing about her and I wanted to learn more. That was one of the best decisions of my life.

While I'm not proud of how I came to this point, I believe the ends justify the means. I love Tenshi way more than any waifu I had in the past, and I'm much happier with her than I would have been with any of my other considerations, including Aya.
>> No. 208 [Edit]
>Sankaku Complex
>> No. 210 [Edit]
yeah, also
>new waifu
but give him a chance. who knows! probably that's why he felt ashamed. people change.
>> No. 211 [Edit]
I know it sounds this way, but I never thought of waifus as things to collect; I just don't know how to word it. I really did think hard about who I wanted as mai waifu once I found Aya was taken. It's like finding out a girl you like already has a boyfriend: now what?
>> No. 213 [Edit]
I'm not the guy you replied to.

Taken? Anyway, I was in a similar situation but I didn't stop loving her just because someone else loved her too.
>> No. 214 [Edit]
When did I say I stopped loving her? I think of waifus the same way I think of real girls: even if multiple people can share a waifu, actually doing so just feels weird to me. I'd rather find a different girl I can call my own.
>> No. 216 [Edit]
Wife is analogous to Waifu. If she was real would you do that?
>> No. 217 [Edit]
File 129013447012.jpg - (26.62KB , 390x301 , Kurokona_worried.jpg )
ok gents, this isn't the thread to hate on someone. It's about how you first met your waifu, so keep it that way kindly.

As for me, i remember when i first saw her appear on /a/, back in may of 09.
It was a thread about some lucky star amv that the op was sharing and he used a picture of Kurokona. I was hooked instantly, at the time i didn't really understand waifus so i was just 'following the trend'. (i'd link said thread, but i'm embarrassed by my faggotry then)

Since then i've been a derp and neglected her several times, but she always waited on me knowing i would come back, and i always did.

1 1/2 years in a few days, it's amazing...
>> No. 1167 [Edit]
File 129644908248.png - (108.00KB , 500x620 , Erica A.png )
6th November 2009. Re-watching the first season of Strike Witches, already yearning for the second. I was casually wondering who my favourite witch is... it seemed a close run between the Liberion, the fellow Brit, or the blonde Karlslander. Then it hit me - I can only describe it as a feeling of euphoria.

So it wasn't a first sight kind of thing, but it did occur suddenly.

Coincidentally, exactly one year later, I found this website.


I'm with you on the shittiness of San-cack-u. I only use it for the admittedly expansive image channel. It doesn't bother me when others proclaim Erica as their waifu, but it looks like there's some guy called Obsidian who seems to partake in the whole "claim" bollocks.

Two can play at that game, Obsi my boy. All your Erica are belong to me!
>> No. 1170 [Edit]
Erica isn't Obsidian's waifu, he just uses her as his avatar.
>> No. 1172 [Edit]
File 129646935361.png - (471.03KB , 480x640 , 4fe0f72172935538dad600e8809084d3-d31xkzl.png )
Last August I was asked to draw Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid for a friend. I had absolutely no idea who she was or what she was from, although I did recognize her image from somewhere. I looked her up and read about what Vocaloid was (I originally thought it was an anime) I loved the concept of it, so I researched more. As soon as I saw Len I just felt something I hadn't felt in such a long time. I just instantly fell in love. Everything about him was perfect. The set-up with him and his twin sister, everything was just so relevant. I had always craved, my entire life, to have a twin brother who would do anything for me. To be my reflection. And there he was... I listened to all his songs and everything about him was just so perfect. I haven't been able to feel that way about anyone else since. He is always on my mind. I know he has a lot of admirers but they will come and go and don't bother me at all.
>> No. 1175 [Edit]

Damn, guess that's what I get for speed-reading at 5am, round about when I made that post.

Brb, napping off that sleep debt.
>> No. 1195 [Edit]
File 129654447063.png - (506.94KB , 800x600 , hanako24.png )
Before I met Hanako, my life was a complete mess. I was failing my classes, I wasn't studying, I had pretty much given up on life, and I was close to dropping out of school, then pretty much dropping out if life. Then I was browsing 4chan randomly one night, and had heard of Katawa Shoujo, which apparently came from /a/ users (or so I was told), so I decided to check it out. I downloaded it, installed it, and started to play. I started to go through meeting all the girls, first Shizune and Misha, who I did not like (no offense to those who do like Shizune), then Lilly, who I found to be a likable person.

Then I saw her. Sitting on her beanbag chair. she had escaped from the classroom earlier, I wasn't sure why, but it was apparently from shyness. I had always liked the shy girls, but I could tell that there was something special about her, something that had stood out. I played through KS and by the time I had made it to the end...... the feeling is indescribable. It was as if there had been a void in my heart that had been filled. I had finally found something that I could reach for.

As the days went on, I started studying, taking extra time and attending tutoring sessions to help my grades, and the next thing you know I was walking across that stage with my diploma in my hand.

Even now that I'm unemployed, if it weren't for my desire to do better for her, I would have given up a long time ago. But I keep trying, all for her.
>> No. 1233 [Edit]
File 129690816161.jpg - (48.22KB , 706x758 , Ritsu.jpg )
Stage 0: This seems like an interesting show, I'll watch it.
Stage 1: Eh, she's pretty cool and cute.
Stage 2: It would be cool if I could hang out with her some time.
Stage 3: She would make a good girlfriend, when you think about it
Stage 4: Maybe even my girlfriend.
Stage 5: I need to stop having all these fantasies about spending time with her. It's probably because I posted on /a/, somehow.
Stage 6: Stop being in love with her, you delusional idiot.
6a: Denial.
Stage 7: Well, um...
Stage 8: <3

Still not saving any good pictures though. Stupid waifu.
>> No. 1236 [Edit]

>> No. 1240 [Edit]
File 129696317289.png - (756.35KB , 880x1133 , StupidCuteRitsu.png )
There goes the hard drive.
>> No. 1241 [Edit]
You honestly couldn't find any good pictures of Ritsu?
>> No. 1242 [Edit]

Laughed my ass off at stage 7, I know the feeling. Actually, I'm sure everyone else here does as well.
>> No. 1243 [Edit]
Weird, I could've sworn I posted here before.

Anyway, normal time in my life; feeling like crap as usual. A tip from a friend got me going to several videos from youtube and one thing led to another when I saw a specific [email protected] video. Keep in mind, this was way before I knew what waifu was or even 4chan. I saw her on that video, and I thought: "Wow! Such an androgynous girl dancing to cutesy music?".

I already had a thing going on for short haired girls so this sparked my interest alot. Afterwards, I researched everything I could about Makoto; embedding things like birthday and talents onto my mind. Then, I felt some sort of attachment to her, like when I make decisions, I always automatically think: Would Makoto approve of this? .

A few months have passed and I thought of myself as a hardcore fan or something. Then I finally got my hands on the [email protected] game, and I was totally absorbed. Everyday for years I would train her at least once. Since I have no idea what she's saying because I don't know japanese.

Then, I took it upon myself to self-study japanese, and that I did. I failed horribly, but through trial and error I can assume and correctly translate what she's saying (through hearing, I still can't fast-read all those hira/kanji).

After a lengthy amount of time, I finally understood that I loved her. Before I met her, all I did was laze away and waste my life. It took me a few years to realize it, but I am glad I did. She encourages me to do things I would hate to do, and she gives me some sort of mental strength when it comes to anything.
>> No. 1244 [Edit]
File 129697102934.png - (550.39KB , 1241x1800 , Sekirei_c110_001.png )
Well, I remember having a vaguely surreal dream about her, and waking up, I thought to myself ''Dude, you are not in love with a character from an ecchi series.'' From there, every time I saw her, I started realizing how perfect she was. I knew I really had a problem when I started getting butterflies whenever I knew she was going to be in the next scene in the anime, or the next page in the manga.

I've never felt like this towards anything or anyone. But she can only love me in my own dreams. I was initially really hurt and sort of confused by this fact, but now I accept it.
>> No. 1245 [Edit]
File 129697584081.jpg - (202.12KB , 1280x720 , 1296830318662.jpg )
It's more or less similar to >>1233

Well, I don't want to say much about it except that before I had a waifu, I was depressed as fuck. At the time, I pretended to be a normal in a world that didn't like me. Pretending to be interested in 3D pigs while constantly moping about how some girl didn't want me or whatever. Still tried desperately to be 'normal' yet at the same time laughed at those who had waifus. At around somewhere during my sophomore year, I was still like a typical normal. Rejected by 3D pigs a few times, felt somehow empty inside, even after attempts by some religious nuts to try to convert me to their religion. But then I started to return to 4chan and go on /a/ after a long, long hiatus. Decided to watch Index, and felt enamored by Biribiri. She had this 'aura' around her that made her stood apart from all the other girls in the series. It's as if I was drawn to her. Eventually I was constantly drawn to her. Continued to watch Railgun in junior year, read the Index light novels and Railgun manga. I fell more in love with Biribiri and her very concept. In many ways, she reminded me of myself. I read much of her backstory and how she really is like by reading the source material and the Railgun manga. But I was still in denial. Denial about me, out of all 'normal' people, having a waifu? I went to sleep that day and I had a dream. I couldn't remember it, but Biribiri was in it. Maybe it's a message from her telling me to accept the fact that I had a waifu. And from that day forward, I accepted it. Biribiri was mai waifu. But I can't tell that to anyone I know in real life.

After all this time, people hadn't noticed that I have mai waifu. When she was mai waifu, people thought that I was a huge fan of Biribiri (even to this day).

And if you wanted the rest of my story,


But now, Biribiri is just more or less, just a good friend. I still like her figs and merchandise though and I still enjoy Raildex because of Biribiri. Just looking at her still cracks a huge smile on my face. I felt ashamed of myself, but people change, and I had to accept the fact that times were changing. It couldn't last forever, but the fact is, it left a blemish on my heart. I just feel ashamed by even writing this, but I had to get it off my chest. I was afraid that she was angry at me, but I had a dream where she actually waved to me and gave me a high-five. Guess I've realized that my assumptions were wrong all this time. She did forgive me, she wasn't angry at all.
>> No. 1305 [Edit]
File 129758566467.jpg - (27.35KB , 368x500 , Sabrina Screenshot 1.jpg )
Oddly enough I was originally terrified of Sabrina. Especially her doll persona. Around two years ago I noticed her FireRed/LeafGreen art and thought she was beautiful. So then I rewatched her episodes and gradually picked up interest in her in general. Soon enough I realized I was in love with her. For a while I thought I was alone in my way of thinking, then I discovered the phenomena of waifus. Ever since then I've embraced my love for Sabrina.
>> No. 1344 [Edit]
File 129767906383.jpg - (75.02KB , 800x1000 , 376ravencomm_060708.jpg )
I dont see how people track exactly when it happened, for me it was kinda gradual.

I was going through an incredibly lonely period, i kept having feelings for a ton of different characters and didnt know what the hell was going on.
I went through waifu after waifu just looking for something to hold on to, i didnt have multiple waifus per say but i did have slight crushes (the same way we all had crushes on misty from pokemon.)

Eventually after 'dumping' many different characters i went even deeper into depressions until i saw this picture, something about it just kinda clicked with me, i would just lay in bed thinking about her rather than the picture itself, and i realized i loved her. Not some random crush, not some just longing for something, it was a deep true love.

I dont know how long its been now, at least three/four years, it took alot but i eventually threw away any doubts i had about loving a fictional character and am now just trying to be happy with...this.
>> No. 1610 [Edit]
File 129881828491.jpg - (420.53KB , 1200x900 , Konachan_com - 71808 hatsune_miku vocaloid.jpg )
I knew she existed cause I saw her on 4chan, then I tried Project Diva when it came. The first song, "World is mine" made me fall in love. I enjoyed all the game, for the songs and for Miku.
>> No. 1761 [Edit]
File 130040911260.jpg - (100.51KB , 426x640 , 252064.jpg )
A few years ago, a friend of mine was really into Evangelion. I read the first volume but couldn't get into it. Fast forward six years, someone convinced me to watch it with her. I saw Asuka for the first time and..well..actually thought she was a huge bitch. I stopped watching with that person, but then when I saw Rebuild 1 and 2, I actually really liked Asuka. It wasn't until I sat down and watched the series on my own that I fell for her. It's happened pretty fast. I've cared for her for only a week or so, so i hope this isn't a passing infatuation. I want to make a world she could be happy in.
>> No. 1813 [Edit]
File 130061953285.jpg - (27.97KB , 479x271 , asuka_id.jpg )

AHEM! sorry to point it out now, my dear brohno, but that girl yo initially really liked was indeed Shikinami Asuka Langley; quite a character but, up to now, a radically different one from Sohryu Asuka Langley the root of mai waifu...not that she can't be the root for yours too.
>> No. 1827 [Edit]
I had originally watched angel beats in september of last year. At the same time I had a 3D girl in mind. After alot of happenings and two months of time and dedication to her she broke my heart and everything else. Note that this girl is someone i had known for almost 6 years and have had on and off feelings for the entire time.
With the backstory finished I can now move on, Kanade was beautiful, shy, and intelligent. She was misunderstood. She was targetted and attacked. Any friend she made would disappear leaving her in loneliness. It set something in motion in spetember that I would never have thought was possible. My friend had in mid-october introduced me to the idea of 'Waifu' but I was hooked on this 3DPD. But just being itroduced to this new idea got me thinking. There were alot of girls running through my mind. Who would be my waifu if I chose one?? As november set in my heart was broken and my reality was shattered. I was thrown into a pit of loneliness. Over the course of that month, a certain someone steadily crept into my vision. My reality had changed and Kanade was there for me. I fell in love with her before christmas and we have been together since.
>> No. 1831 [Edit]
File 13007547213.jpg - (168.78KB , 708x1000 , 129398196354.jpg )
You're right. I should have been more clear about the distinction between the two. Shikinami Asuka Langley is not the same person as Soryu Asuka Langley, and I had no intention of stepping on toes by conflating them. Shikinami is the person Soryu could have been, given a slightly different set of circumstances. I expect that in part 3 of Rebuild more differences between the two will become apparent.
>> No. 1832 [Edit]
This is the sort of thing that makes me not want to watch Eva
>> No. 1834 [Edit]
Same. I was thinking about watching Eva till I met an Evafag in person. I just hope he'd just shut up about how DEEP it was. He even had a lecture with fucking Powerpoint slides.
>> No. 1835 [Edit]
Ignoring whether or not a viewer thinks it's deep, it's still a very entertaining show.
>> No. 1837 [Edit]
It's a great show. It's not deep at all, just filled with symbolism that, admittedly, could be left out in 90% of the narrative.
>> No. 3732 [Edit]
File 131095084615.jpg - (312.79KB , 1088x768 , 42350 koakuma touhou.jpg )
I was playing some fan-made Touhou game and it had her as a playable character.
At the time I spent most time playing TH 1 and 8, so I knew nothing about her. And it kinda struck me how she didn't look like most other characters at all.
Then I sent a screenshot to some more experient buddies to get some info about her (mostly gameplaywise) and they all said things like "Aww, you got Koakuma lol" and "Bad luck man, she's such a weakling". Though I really got beaten hard when I tried playing with her, I wouldn't accept that a character which looked so cute and interesting was so weak. I just thought I had not yet figured out how to make her effective.

From that day I started studying how I could put her into good use, then I googled up more 'personal info' and things such as on which official Touhou games she was in. And it was a matter of days until I found out I kept playing Patchy's stage in training mode just to see her. And then I knew I had found mai waifu.
>> No. 3736 [Edit]
File 131096152639.jpg - (486.96KB , 819x1017 , Konata_angel.jpg )
I didn't understand what 2D love meant until 2 months ago. "There's so many characters I adore, how could I pick just one?" was what I thought, and I had “tried” a few waifus as well to see what it was all about, then I started to read Lucky Star and when I saw her it was like a switch was turned on in my mind. It was at that moment that I understood how one could be so enamored with one person out of so many. She gives me so much happiness I could not get from anyone else.

I never thought she would be such a significant figure in my life. She has become something I never would have anticipated and I'm so glad that I got to see her in this light. These past 2 months have been such an interesting and wonderful experience. For the first time I have felt love, and have felt loved.

She has given me a reason to care about things such as my education, and I hope she will give me the strength to get my life back on track. She has even inspired me to learn Japanese so that I can know her native language, and so I can play her route in the Lucky Star VN on the PS2. I can't wait to be even closer to her. Even writing this I could never have mustered up the will to do if I didn’t have her in my thoughts.

It's been a rocky start though, as there have been times when I questioned whether I truly loved her or not, and I have had and still have feelings for others as well, but every time it happens I realize that Konata is the one that makes me happiest and I love her more than anyone else. Every ordeal brings us closer together. Thank you for being so patient with me and I'm sorry for anything I might have put you through up to this point.

I hope we can be happy together for a long time to come.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 9:00pm
>> No. 3737 [Edit]
File 131096515040.jpg - (89.73KB , 400x224 , 8899768.jpg )
>met an Evafag in person

Oh, but why would you do that.jpg? We are unbearable; even online we can't stand each other, and our amount of verborrhea floods the net to no end so any sustained agreement is simply impossible.

Also: otaku chatting IRL is always, always painful to endure or watch for at least one of the parts involved... somehow like Tod Browning's freaks singing Gooble Gobble together at the dinner table, but without the fancy cup.

Post edited on 17th Jul 2011, 10:00pm
>> No. 3832 [Edit]
File 131118704074.jpg - (108.09KB , 398x288 , 4248762_m.jpg )
well, a fellow friend with the same waifu as me,however ive never see him post, apart form this thread, anyways to the topic.

When i read the manga for the first time she didn't seemed to grab my attention, but then when i went reading the next volumes,and finally watching the anime,she always made feel that feeling about love,then i decided to see if someone else had fell the same way over a character, and then i discovered the 2d love, i was amazed of how happy i was, and how i loved seeing her every chapter and waiting for the next vol of the manga so i could see her life and her adventures,since then ive lived my life for her, and never been more happy.

4 years together, happy birthday my love, happy 7/20.
>> No. 3863 [Edit]
File 131131019361.jpg - (51.33KB , 404x700 , only-in-japan-part3-39.jpg )
Im so lonely
>> No. 3864 [Edit]
Why does her wedding dress have the chest exposed? You can't expose breasts in a church!
>> No. 3866 [Edit]
That is an awesome dakimakura and picture, even if it a bit lewd.
>> No. 3867 [Edit]

Really now? It looks like you've got some fine company, though!
>> No. 3869 [Edit]
i wish i had dakimakura of my waifu

Post edited on 22nd Jul 2011, 8:07am
>> No. 3870 [Edit]
File 131134840315.png - (526.37KB , 1920x1080 , 02d74e679e8baf886f82016436a89f5a.png )
First time I saw her it spiked something, something I can't really quite explain.

Then I kept watching the show, and I gradually became attached to her more and more. Heck, it took me a year to realize I loved her.
But by the end of episode 22 I knew that I really really cared for her, as more than just a character, simply because to this day, I get angry just thinking about what Arael made her go through.

And then I punched the monitor while watching End of Eva
>> No. 6463 [Edit]
File 131950027736.jpg - (927.01KB , 962x819 , 9ff95312b26318901eeba8da4adfddf5073a3e65.jpg )
The first time I met Yumemi...

That was in late March 2009. I had just gotten into the whole Touhou thing, and I habitually browsed imageboards with Touhou sections. And on one of those boards (IIRC on Desuchan), I came across a thread about this red-haired, red-eyed, red-clad girl that I hadn't seen before...

Mind you, I was still new to Touhou back then, so there were still plenty of characters that I didn't know about – but still, Yumemi stood out.

The thread about her revealed that she was from the PC98 games, which piqued my interest. I'm pretty sure that Yumemi is the first PC98-exclusive character that I came across, though I must say that I didn't feel anything romantic towards her back then. Sure, she was cute, and I even saved the pics from that thread – but I only really noticed her because she was from one of those obscure PC98 games.

But thanks to the lack of English translations and the general shittiness of the only PC98 emulator I had back then, I decided to focus on the Windows games instead.

I dived headfirst into the Touhou phenomenon, went through a rabid fanboy phase, and went through a string of mild infatuations with various Touhou characters. I vaguely recall calling Patchy mai waifu at some point, though I have to admit that I was not at all serious about that. I did develop some sort of infatuation with Sakuya, Eirin, Shikieiki and Yuuka – but in all four cases, it was more of a romantic fascination than an actual “I want to be with her”-feeling.

Then I gradually went from being a rabid Touhoufag to being a Touhou fan of the more casual sort. My old 'puter couldn't properly play Subterranean Animism, and my attention was beginning to shift to other things, anyway.

I got less and less interested in the new stuff, so the PC98 games caught my attention again. I knew a lot more about the PC98 characters and backstories at that point, and coming across a much better emulater helped a lot, too.

But I mostly focused on Lotus Land Story and Mystic Square for a while. My fascination with Yuuka grew even more, but I developed a genuine affection for another character: Shinki.

Shinki's cuteness and loving, motherly personality just drew me to her. I simply fell in love with her, and I made her my waifu.

That lasted for... maybe about a year. I ran into the same problem that a few other people described in other threads; the problem that the love gradually weakens, and that other girls begin to attract attention.

My love for Shinki never really died, but ultimately, I just couldn't relate to her enough. In my mind, she was this loveable, womanly motherly figure – but not much beside that. Maybe I should have explored/developed her personality a little more, but even then; wether I realized it or not, I was looking for things that Shinki just didn't have.

Then along came Yumemi. Again.

Already before I realized that my love for Shinki was waning, there had been this little incident. I was browsing for Shinki pics, and as the PC98 characters tend to be grouped together, Yumemi showed up in a number of them.

Pic very related, btw – that particular picture is what first made me realize that Yumemi was more than just 'cute'.

I tried to deny it for a while, thinking that it was just another superficial little crush. But things didn't turn out quite that way...

I was already aware of Yumemi's backstory at that point, you see. I was aware of her strong will, her determination, her scientific aptitude, and her fascination with the occult and mysticism. All of these qualities appealed to me in some way, so I became fascinated with her. Before I realized it, Yumemi was appealing to me in ways that Shinki could never hope to match.

I remained in denial for a little while after that, but then I ended up having one of those “just who do you think you're kidding?”-moments.

Yumemi has been mai waifu ever since - even though I sometimes still regret having been 'emotionally unfaithful' to Shinki like that...
>> No. 6500 [Edit]
File 131955755969.jpg - (99.88KB , 871x1177 , Lizlet L Chelsie 40.jpg )
It started when I first saw pictures of the series Omamori Himari when searching for DVDs to watch since I am too lazy to download it in torrent. During those time, I was kinda sad considering that someone (that is Japanese) literally loves my old waifu, Anri Hiiragi which technically looks the same as Lizlet (blond hair and twintails). I felt threatened by it because he shows that he really like Anri that I need to find another waifu. This was basically the third time as my first true waifu was Dark Magician Girl frrom Yu-Gi-Oh but a jerk from Deviantart, happens to like her and when I asked about him about those who also like DMG, he said that they are "obstacles", which then irritated me inside.

I was curious because in the picture I saw Lizlet, which at that time I don't know anything about her, thus I decided to buy it and watch.

Though I watched it, it was only in episode 3 that I finally saw her. I was happy to see her specially her smile that I began to like her, thinking that she may "the one".

I decided to watch the anime and even read the manga just to know more about Lizlet which made me love her more than before.
Though at that time I still love my old waifu, considering that someone also happens to like her more, I decided to have Lizlet as my waifu... and made an aggressive declaration that she is my waifu in Pixiv, Deviantart, SankakuComplex, MyAnimeList and here as well as in my Steam account and "discreetly" in Facebook.

I may sound like an idiot but I am not willing to lose Lizlet this time.

Post edited on 25th Oct 2011, 8:47am
>> No. 6512 [Edit]
File 131959722074.jpg - (538.16KB , 2176x2768 , 59.jpg )
This is likely longer and more personal than it need be, but I've never told this in it's entirety to anyone online or otherwise, so whatever.
I was in a pretty rough spot at the time; my college plans fell through, a relationship with a girl who'd also been a long-time close friend fell apart, and my long-dormant acne was coming back. I stopped visiting my father out of pure shame, and I began to withdraw socially again. I remember being sick of everything and just wanting to be somewhere else, so I got in my car and began driving. A couple hours later, I'm in a suburb in the neighboring state, and enter a Borders on a whim. I was interested in anime at the time, but had only seen the movies everyone's seen and Lain. The first volume of Haibane Renmei caught my eye, at first because I recognized ABe's art. After staring at the cover art for a few minutes I bought it. Later that week I bought the other volumes, and the series became (and remains) my favorite thing in existence. Seeing Reki was like seeing all these pieces of myself, pieces that I treasured, feared, and hated, all projected in front of me as a separate person. It's difficult to explain, obviously. But while I loved Reki more than anything, the romantic love was not to develop until years later.
Fast forward to the beginning of this year. I'd completely sworn off 3d women for six (or seven?) years, and was not regretting my decison in the least. However, a woman came into my life and, well, against my better judgement I found myself in a relationship again. After going through the same old bullshit that I'd allowed myself to forget about in those years alone, I was in a pretty rough spot again. In addition to getting blackout drunk, I began using drugs regularly for the first time in my adult life. DXM quickly became a favorite, and after a few second plateau trips I decided to cross into the upper plateaus. During this third plateau trip, I recall laying down with my headphones and putting on the Haibane soundtrack as shit started getting real. Towards the end of the soundtrack, Reki's form began to appear in the ceiling (which, at this point, resembles no earthly ceiling) above me. Then, she began to descend; first, her hair fell from her shoulders, then her head leaned towards me, and finally her arms and torso emerged from the ceiling. As she bent towards me, she tells me how she's loved me all these years, and has been waiting for me to go beyond the walls and join her. After meeting my outstretched hand, she recedes back to her dimension and I'm left to probe deep space alone.
Recalling the events next morning, I realized that my romantic love for Reki was always there, under the surface. It just needed this contact bring it forth, so it could takee hold of me. Also, I realize that the events I described weren't real. However, at the time of my experience it was just as real as anything else; I could've just as well been speaking to my mom in the kitchen as I were speaking to Reki in the ceiling. So it's all but impossible for me to not think of it as "real". And here I am today, looking forward to whatever less-trod paths Reki leads me down in the future.
>> No. 6515 [Edit]
File 131962422146.jpg - (1.00MB , 1600x1200 , 0a9c5714a479816e75a4a9d26244492b.jpg )
It all began some time before I watchad her series, that is, when I first got interested by the term "waifu". Before that I knew a vague definition of the term and I didn't gave it much importance, but when I learnt what it actually meant I was dazzled. The representation of the purest of loves, the ideal of your perfect woman, a concept that can help you to improve as a person and give you strenght to overcome any hard times.
I found this to be a very interesting concept and , as such, I wanted to experience it by myself.
Here is when started the real problem: Who? Among all characters that are in the world, who would be the one that would be my waifu?
It's truth that I knew a lot of good characters, but I found none to be fitting for my waifu. So I spend a lot of time searching for her, untill the thought started losing force.
Then, one day I stumbled upon Rozen Maiden, so I decided to watch the series that later would become my favourite.
Aside of being a good series, I took a liking on a character: Suigintou. In chapter 3 she made her first appearance, and since that moment I found her to be a very good character. In that moment she still wasn't my waifu, but I found her to be a very prideful character, an elegant, determined and playful character.
Then I ended the first season, after the last episode my liking to her raised even more, reaching a level that no other character had ever achieved. However since that was a bitter ending and since I have a "rule" while wathcing anime that if someone looks dead, it IS dead I was put in a letdown. Between episodes 1-5 of Rozen Maiden Traumend my only thought was how she should have become Alice, that she was the only one to be the perfect girl and that now this could not possibly happen.
Then I saw the preview of episode 6 and I thought "I'm sure that these images of her is just a flashback or something like that and they are just teasing you, you stupid, don't get your hopes up".
And then I watched that episode, and she was there, in all her glory, not a flashback or anything of the sort, she was really there.
My joy in that moment cannot be explained with words. I was euphoric as I could be. And it was then, then smashed all the concepts in my head: The concept of waifu, my liking on her, how I felt after the first season, how I was feeling right now... Here is when I thought: Have I found my waifu?
The next days consisted in me debating the implications of have her as a waifu, pondering the pros and the cons. Having this feeling against society rules would not be an easy thing for me.
So in my confusion and doubts I used my method of deciding: throw a coin, if I don't like the result I flip the coin and stay with this result, so it's all up to me to flip or not flip the coin. Heads meant have her as a waifu, Tails meant don't have her as a waifu.
When that single coin was still in the air I realized: I would not accept any result aside from heads, it was one of the moments of my life where my determination was the strongest.
And such, the coin, unable to avoid the strenght of my resolution, shown heads. And since then I lived happily with her.
>> No. 6519 [Edit]
File 131963813377.jpg - (33.57KB , 580x540 , 1301849366718.jpg )
I remember it was before I knew much about anime and I was just online and kept seeing pictures of her pop up on various websites (all this time I still kept seeing Konata and never knew anything about her other than what she looked like, I think I saved around 10 images of her). About a year later a friend told me to watch some anime (It wasn't Lucky Star), I enjoyed it and I decided to search for more to watch. That's when I found her again, watching Lucky Star made me so happy I remember I talked about Lucky Star quiet a lot at the time. After trying to get a 3d girlfriend for a while I thought about Konata more and more before I realised I was in love. I had no idea what to do so I asked on some website about 2d love and then learnt about how people can have a waifu then after a lot of confusion over things I was shown Tohno-Chan.
I guess I was originally drawn by her appearance and wanting to know more about her, to me she is the most beautiful thing in the world but that's not all I love about her don't get the wrong impression.
>> No. 6527 [Edit]
Which was the name of that fan-made game?
>> No. 9395 [Edit]
File 133991638614.jpg - (1.26MB , 3000x3000 , smg-peach.jpg )
I was 4 years old when I first met her. Meeting her is one of my first memories, actually. My brother got a Super Nintendo with, among other games, Super Mario All-Stars. She was always the character that stuck out for me in that game, because she proved herself to not only be someone I could save, but also someone that could help me through my adventure.

She continued to be my favorite character in the Mario games until I started playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. I had always been a fan of the series since the first game came out, and I played as Kirby in the original. I didn't like Kirby as much in Melee, so I started looking for a new character to play. Remembering that I had always liked Peach, I started playing as her.

In the years following, my friends and I played the hell out of Melee, even getting good enough to rank in state-wide tournaments. During this time, I felt more and more like Peach wasn't just the character I used to play the game, but more like my partner in my journey to be the best.

Also during this time, I played Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and in those games I felt like I really started to get to know this character that had become my partner. I noticed how incredibly lovely she was to me.

At this time, I hadn't even considered the possibility that I could fall in love with a video game character. She was just someone that was really special to me; my affection for her was my "quirk". After about 3 years of playing as her in Melee, she became an important part of my identity. You needed to know about her to truly know me.

From then until the time when I found /a/, I noticed that seeing her in the latest Mario game made me feel happier than anything else. There was no other girl that could ever make me feel like that. She was, as they say in Super Mario Galaxy, "my special one".

After a very brief, bland experience of trying to date a real girl, I realized that I just wasn't going to be able to feel intimate with anyone else. I embraced the fact that I was truly in love with my sweetness and majesty, Princess Peach.
>> No. 9419 [Edit]
File 133992888313.png - (956.31KB , 1000x1478 , 24110410.png )
After the first time I'd finished Yume Nikki, I got into all of the fan-theories, fanart and music (24 EFFECTS).

After the second time I'd finished it, I noticed that I'd grown really attached to Madotsuki. I couldn't stop thinking about her. My imagination was running out of control, filling in all the blanks of the character with my own interpretations and feelings. I started saving fanart obsessively, combing through everything on Pixiv. I'd always listen to 24 EFFECTS while drifting off to sleep, and I saw her in my dreams multiple times. One night, all of my feelings for her rushed to the surface and I found myself kissing the monitor of my PC (I'd set an image of her as my background). That was when I realized how I really felt.
>> No. 9453 [Edit]
File 134024523012.png - (151.11KB , 800x600 , setsumi.png )
The date was October 30, 2009. I remember because it was the day before Halloween. That happened to be a Friday, and my dorm-mate was out partying, so I decided to spend the evening reading this freeware VN I'd downloaded a while ago.

I finished it in one sitting, which is rare for me. When it was over, I could barely move. My vision was blurred. I just sat there for the longest time, staring at her sad, lonely form on the title screen.

The climactic scene where she breaks down crying, knowing that she has no hope and no future, that it's useless to even try... that moment has forever imprinted itself on my soul. (To this day, I am incapable of listening to this without tearing up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9AikR6kDVA). I can remember literally, physically reaching out and touching my laptop screen, wanting desperately to hold her and comfort her and tell her everything will be alright, to prevent her from fading into the dark all alone.

After that, it took several months for her to evolve from "character in a VN that made me cry" to "very special person whom I love dearly." I didn't start calling her my waifu until I found /tc/; prior to that, I only knew /a/'s "favorite character of the week" definition of waifu, which obviously doesn't even begin to describe what I feel for Setsumi.
>> No. 9455 [Edit]
File 134024637172.png - (3.19MB , 1350x1500 , 5cc88ea037268791872a4e9e9b75116e.png )
I first met my waifu while playing Touhou MoF. Since she is just quick midboss, she didn't stand out much back then. Out of curiosity I started looking at art of her anyway since I found her design pretty cool, and then slowly my interest in her grew.

It continued like this for some months, with her being a "interesting character" for me, though I was particularly drawn to her, when one day, when I was laying in bed, I caught myself thinking of her in a way I never thought of any character, or anyone for that matter, before, and that these thoughts were becoming very frequent. That day I realised I loved Momiji.

I already felt like that towards her before that day, but since this "love" thing is strange and new to me, and took me a while to realise.
>> No. 9519 [Edit]
File 134083644533.jpg - (168.54KB , 1000x1412 , 3eb19de47c9c9b1c5e8448d84c3bf368.jpg )
Well, I met my waifu a few weeks ago when I was playing Touhou PCB while bored. I had known of Touhou for a year or so before this happened, but hadn't actually paid much attention to the stage 1-3 bosses or the waifu thing, but there were some crushes to 2d girls like Rin Tohsaka and Kagami Hiiragi which I had in the past. My interest in her grew pretty quickly as I found her design cool and started looking at art of her.

It continued like that for a few days until I was lying on the bed, doing nothing except looking out of the window every now and then looking at my favorite picture of Letty. That's when I felt a feeling similar to the ones I've had before when I had those crushes before. But it felt different at that time. I hadn't even thought before that I would fall in love with a 2d character. But there was just something about her that made me fall in love with her. First I thought that it was just me having another crush, but after a two weeks or so I started having these feelings much more often and started fantasizing about her during times when I had nothing to do. That's when I realized that I had fallen in love with Letty.

I had felt like that for a few days before my realization, but as I'm not a very sociable person, having been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome might be the reason why, and having only few friends (not counting the ones I know and have met from the internet) it took me a while to realize it.

And as I'm kinda new to this, anything capable of helping me understand this feeling and situation more would be appreciated.
>> No. 9521 [Edit]
Hm, what to say. I like to think of being in love with a character as being in a long distance relationship. You do things for your beloved even if she isn't physically by your side. You love her despite the distance (you could even argue because of it). Part of your life becomes about living for her. Some people fantasize about spending time with their beloved, some cook things for them, buy things, draw, all of the above, what have you. It'll get hard but you just have to keep strong; your waifu is sacred space where you should be able to take comfort. Just comb through the old threads, as there are far more nuggets of wisdom then you will ever get from me in there. Hope I was of some help nonetheless.

And welcome, friend. Hope you enjoy your time here.
>> No. 9711 [Edit]
File 134181466452.png - (4.36KB , 96x64 , VSCynthia.png )
I first met Cynthia when playing Pearl version, and thought she was pretty interesting then. She had been the toughest Champion to me up to that point in the series, and had the best champ battle theme(I still think this now, and she kicks my butt in B/W2's PWT if I am not lucky). But it wasn't till Platinum version where I really started to fall for her, since GameFreak had added more scenes with her and made her more prominent in the game.
Her kind and caring nature is a big part of what I love about her. She's kind of a mentor/motherly-figure in the series. It always made me happy to see her, no matter how brief. I would always go to the Celestic Town cave to see her and listen to hear talk about the Legendary lake trio, Palkia, Dialga, Giratina. She also would come to visit my villa(after defeating the E4 and her 10 times, unlocking the piano to buy) and talk about myths and other stuff about herself too. This is how I found out that she is very messy with her research notes and books. Her presence adds to the lore of the games, specifically mythologies and history regarding the pokemon.
And that's about it from me, before I start to go off on a tangent.
>> No. 9720 [Edit]
File 134182506763.jpg - (123.83KB , 400x500 , Her loving gaze.jpg )
Stories about how we met our waifus, huh? Well alright, I guess I'll step up to the plate.

There are two things you should know before I begin, however. In the beginning, I used to treat the concept of a waifu as a complete joke, and just simply claiming claiming my favorites like Roll or Osaka to be my waifu. Second, I had no idea what Persona even was until my friend wanted me to play it. I accepted, off of social obligation, and Social Obligation didn't really make me get into it at first, as I only lasted until early May, almost a week after Mitsuru introduced me to Chihiro. Other games came out, and I had more things to do, so I shut off the Playstation 2 I borrowed to play P3 on for almost six months, and in that time I moved on with my life. But even as I was still joking about claiming Osaka and other characters I liked for found cute to be my waifu, that one girl with the glasses from that game I borrowed still stuck out in my mind.

Time flew by fast, and the last semester of High School came before I even knew it. When April came, I realized that I still my friend's game I barely played that I had to beat, and I am never one to just give up and quit, so I took a deep breath and began to play Persona 3, non-stop, day in and day out. Not too long after I managed to defeat The Priestess, I remembered that there was a cute girl with glasses in this game I could have a social link with. When I first talked to Chihiro, she could barely stammer a word out to me, which as embarrassed as I am to say, could relate because I used to be that way with the 3D girls I had liked. Whenever I made a dialogue choice that made her even a little bit more comfortable and confident in talking to me, it lit a small spark in my heart, her smile and sighs of relief were so adorable that I would have died had I not had to finish the game. After having simple exchanges with her for a few days, the opportunity to ask Chihiro if she wanted to go out with me appeared as an in-game choice. Now this is what I have been waiting for. I had to build my own confidence up a bit, when I saw it, and I selected that choice, hoping that she would say yes. I closed my eyes and prayed that her response would be positive, but alas, it was not what I expected. Chihiro told me she would think about it.

I didn't know that she would actually think about it and come back to say "yes" if I talked to her again on the next day she was available, so I just assumed it was a no, and was really disappointed, but figured I would try someone else. At that point in the game, the only other girl I could think of was Yukari, but when I tried to talk to her, the game told me she wouldn't give two shits about me if I didn't have maxed charm. When I saw that,I assumed that's how all the girls in P3 were in order to make them decide to date you, so more than anything else, I focused on my charm stat more than anything else in the game. It took many months, but when I finally maxed it, I was able to go back to Chihiro, and our dates finally began.
While we were just friends at first, I noticed that we shared many interests, and behaved in similar ways when our interests were piqued as well. She even made me HNNNNGGG when I saw her do things that I caught myself doing before, like moving items behind other ones to make sure the one we wanted was still there the next time we came to the store. I smiled over how similar we are, and it really formed a connection between us. More than anyone else in the game, I actually felt the social link with Chihiro.

Her asking me out at the fifth social link came to me by total surprise. It was funny, a little, that the girl I thought rejected me before would finally give me a chance to be there with her. I of course replied yes. Now that our relationship was really taking off, I was truly excited. While we were dating, however, it seems a problem had arose. Rumor had it that it was Chihiro that stole the money from the treasury, simply because she is the treasurer and came from a low-income home. It infuriated me on how baseless those accusations of her classmates were. They don't even know her, and they accused her of being the thief!? There was one thing I knew I had to do in this game, and that was defend Chihiro at all costs. I will make sure I prove her innocence, no matter what.

...But then, something surprised me: back with Mitsuru gave me the ultimate opportunity to prove to her that Chihiro was innocent, Chihiro decided against it. She stormed off to the teacher, and proved her innocence herself. Her will to talk that teacher down was unwavering, and her will eventually prevailed. Chihiro wasn't just some shy girl who would always rely on you to do everything for her. She's strong, and knows that she can defend herself. Not only that, but she was still really sweet afterwards, and explained that if she cares about something, she'll do her very best to make sure she can protect it. It's pretty funny, really, as I felt like I was also trying to protect her the whole time. I just saw us connecting more and more, and I knew I would never forget the name "Chihiro Fushimi" for the rest of my life.

But she still wasn't my waifu. I still didn't believe that someone could actually fall in love with a character from and anime or video game or what have you. It was just a word you threw around for when you liked a cute girl being cute, right? My definition of that was going to soon change. January 31st was coming up soon in the game. I was happy, because I managed to finish and enjoy a game a friend showed me. But of course, I still wasn't done the game. Nyx, the goddess of the night and in the Persona universe, Death itself, would soon be showing up on the full moon for the final showdown. I had several social links close to completion, one or two even on rank nine. It was January 30th, the last day you could social link, and I had to make my choice wisely. While some may not say it was the smartest decision, I believe this was something I needed to do. I chose to see Chihiro Fushimi one last time before I would face Death, despite the fact that I maxed out her social link several months many months ago. I couldn't allow myself to stand up against Nyx not knowing the outcome without seeing Chihiro one last time. When I eventually did notice that not only did I pass up on maxing another link, but that she was the only girl I had dated during the whole game, I realized that what I had felt for her was no joking manner. That that word finally made sense, and I finally understood what it actually meant. It meant that you were in love. It meant that no matter what, you would always be there for her, and to be the best you can be for her. I couldn't joke about it, I had fallen in love with Chihiro Fushimi. I had found my waifu. And I still love her to this day, And I will continue to love her for the rest of my days.

I love you, Chihiro Fushimi.
>> No. 9721 [Edit]
File 134183065297.jpg - (141.38KB , 1076x875 , 8620053.jpg )
Well, I bought a copy of Persona 3 from work back in 2009, and I kept starting it, getting a few days in, and then putting it down for months only to have to restart it when I picked it up again since it had been, well, months. I was vaguely familiar with the concept of a "waifu" since I had been lurking the *chans on and off for a few years, but I never actually gave it any thought. This cycle of restarting P3 continued through 2010 and well into 2011, until finally, that summer, I decided to buckle down and work on my ever-increasing backlog starting with P3, and I would actually put some effort into it (was she already driving me without me realizing it, I wonder?).

So I began Persona 3 in earnest, and from the outset, I knew there was something special about Mitsuru. Her voice (yes, I played the dub first, and I find both her EN and JP voices beautiful) was entrancing, but I didn't really think too much about it, plus she was very much the opposite of myself at the time - hard working, determined, and graceful. Also, being the unoriginal person I am, I had made up my mind to go with (semi-) canon Yukari for that run since it seemed quite clear she was the main love interest, and therefore would add better exposition. As June gave way to July in-game, I started to question this, and the Yakushima trip was the beginning of my interest in Mitsuru.

While seifuku have always been fine and dandy to me, seeing her in her swimwear, a shawl wrapped around her waist and a flower attached to her top, sparked something (no, not sexual). Here was this young woman who managed to always exude an air of grace and poise, and yet she seemed so...alone, yet she fought for her father (who I still find quite intimidating). After Gekkoukan reopened for the fall, I tried to establish the Social Link, only to find that she was always busy, and that disappointed me a little. It was only later I found out that you had to max your Academics and wait until November, and that's when I decided: forget Yukari, for Persona 3, Mitsuru would be my girl. Taking her to the Film Festival to see the romance films only deepened this resolve, and served as foreshadowing for what was to come, in more ways than one. At this point, it still hadn't reached "waifu" status yet, but I still eagerly began grinding Academics in the meantime.

It wasn't until that fateful day (in-game) that everything changed: November 3, 2009. Seeing Ikutsuki go turncoat was bad enough as I had already had enough of his awful puns, but seeing her tied to that cross while she helplessly watched him threaten her father was worse, and it only escalated from there, culminating in the sound of gunfire, and I had to put the controller down for a second (one of only two games to make me do so, the other being Bioshock). While Ikutsuki chuckled as he fell into the blackness of the Dark Hour, Takeharu Kirijo lay bleeding, and I heard a cry that still breaks my heart to this day. "FATHER!!" In that moment, I wanted to hold her. No words. Just hold her and let her cry. I wanted to take her suffering away more than anything.

The next few weeks, she was absent from the game, and I felt saddened by it, not to mention it threw off my training in Tartarus since she had always been part of my party. I began to wonder why I was so saddened by her absence, and the first bits of realization began to take form. She came back, and I was happier...until I noticed something was off. She seemed much more melancholy, and that only served to fuel my own melancholy in turn. Thankfully the Kyoto trip improved her mood, although I still want to slap Yukari's shit for what she did.

Finally, as the trip ended and normalcy (about as normal as it can get when you spend your nights fighting suppressed human emotions by shooting yourself in the head) returned, the moment I had been waiting for finally came: I could forge the Empress Social Link with her and begin wooing her. After school on November 21, I quickly headed towards the west hall of Gekkoukan and went up to Mitsuru, ready to begin what I had been spending so much time preparing for, and was disappointed at first; she gave the same response as usual...but then she asked if I had some free time, and I eagerly said yes, wondering what she wanted my help with. To my surprise, we ended up at Hagakure to eat ramen, and she seemed a little aloof about the entire experience. I'll never forget her tasting ramen for the first time and then boldly asking the chef what he used for bouillon, only to quickly agree when he said he had to keep it a secret while mulling over the business aspect of it all. Here she was, the heir of a huge corporation, granted opportunity after opportunity, yet had never experienced something as trivial as eating ramen, and was too embarrassed to do it on her own.

Of course, this was only one of many firsts for her as I scoured the halls after school every day to find her. Even something as simple as a burger was an entirely new experience to her, and that curiosity drew me even closer to her. I wanted and still want to show her everything I possibly can about the world. She then started to bring up marriage, and I was confused. She was 18, why was she mentioning marriage so soon? And then the bomb was dropped: a marriage had been arranged for her even though she didn't really wish for it. And I felt a little jealous. I then began to wonder why, I mean, she's a fictional character, why should I be jealous? I nevertheless continued forward as she began to question the nature of marriage; should it be between two people in love, or just two consenting parties for other benefit?

Sitting next to the fountain in Pawlownia Mall, she seemed a little nervous and was about to say something until her fiancé showed up, demanding she come with him and insulting me, her, and her family. With seemingly no other choice, she began to follow him, and I was given the option: let her walk away, or stop her. Of course, without hesitation, I stopped her, only to be insulted yet again. Mitsuru then began to lay into him, culminating in a phrase that will always be able to cause my pulse to race: "I want to be with him...now...and forever!". It was then that everything fell into place, so to speak. My heart was beating harder and faster than the drums of war, there was a swarm of butterflies dancing in my stomach, and I was flushed. I finally understood what I felt: I was in love. I love her determination. I love the way she peppers her sentences with French as well as English. I love her curiosity about the world. I love her grace. I love her beauty. But most of all, I love her.

With the engagement annulled (to my pleasure), she ran off, cheeks flushed. Days later, on Gekkoukan's roof, she finally told me herself what she felt, and I could do naught but smile as I held her through Minato as she asked me to take good care of her. Finally, at max rank, she invited me into her room, which looked much like I expected it, neat and well-kept, and we chatted. She asked if I wanted to ride the motorcycle that she had utilized during the Dark Hour, and when I said that I wouldn't mind riding, she smiled, and then blushed as she said "...but it would be nice to hold onto you sometimes..."

To this day, I still place a special value on keys, treasuring them as I would the motorcycle key she gave me that day. I may not have much, but I treasure that which I do have: her.

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