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File 135636463222.jpg - (1.53MB , 1900x1600 , anime-94205.jpg )
11338 No. 11338 [Edit]
Just wondering how you guys are spending your xmas with your yome?

as for me, ill be reading magic (biology) tomes with patchouli and maybe bake some cookies to eat togeather
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>> No. 11339 [Edit]
We just ate some christmas curry and had some tea while watching the christmas party [email protected] episode. It was nice.
>> No. 11341 [Edit]
Well, my waifu is introduced in the series after the Christmas episode, so just watching the show doesn't work too well. I took her ice skating for a while, a few hours ago. It was actually really fun. Other than that, there isn't much we can really do. We've already eaten together.
I dunno what else to do with her. Maybe just sit around for the rest of the day.
>> No. 11350 [Edit]
I bought some Champagne and a nice cake for us to split before work. Since its not so busy, I'm just talking with her and thinking about the wonderful evening we are going to have later.
>> No. 11351 [Edit]
File 135639538938.jpg - (199.62KB , 500x653 , a3a686fc29f717d4e57c4e8411cfc3d0.jpg )
Oh, just eating lots of food and stay here at home, then I am playing some more Touhou.
>> No. 11357 [Edit]
Just went to sleep with each other throughout the night
>> No. 11358 [Edit]
File 135641728162.jpg - (140.07KB , 350x350 , 9077779.jpg )
Cuddled up in front of a warm fire in a cabin as it continued to snow outside. Also played some video games and watched the latest Tonari episode together.
>> No. 11359 [Edit]
Well we went to sleep together last night and it felt a lot more tender than usual. I watched the Christmas episode of her series the other night too. Today, we just woke up, a bit early, so we're both kinda groggy. We're gonna eat breakfast soon, fuck around online together or play video games or something, and then open some presents in a few hours.

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