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File 134676406261.jpg - (191.65KB , 1822x1407 , daigurrenbrigadeinsignia.jpg )
16730 No. 16730 [Edit]
Would you ever consider getting a tattoo that was in some way related to anime (or your waifu)?

Now I don't necessarily mean getting characters permanently inked onto your skin, but maybe even a symbol; I have a friend who has the FMA Flamel.

I also remember reading an anon's post about how he had his waifu's name tattooed on him.

I've been considering getting the Dai-Gurren Brigade insignia and another tattoo as a tribute to mai waifu.
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>> No. 16731 [Edit]
I don't find the idea of having tattoos appealing or even want one on my body.

I'd rather have scars all over my body than a tattoo.
>> No. 16732 [Edit]
No, and I'm allergic to tattoos anyway.
>> No. 16733 [Edit]
I will never get a tattoo. Firstly tattoos are very ugly and they make me feel disgusted. I might be conservative but in my opinion tattoos are for sailors, motorbike gangsters and hookers. Afaik there are also some researches which say big part of people who have taken tattoo, regret it.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2012, 7:57am
>> No. 16735 [Edit]
At one time I thought about getting a dandelion, which would be a fairly discrete reference. But 1) there's probably no way for a dandelion tattoo not to look terrible, and 2) tattoos are a bit odd. Maybe if I still like the idea in five years.
>> No. 16736 [Edit]
I've wanted a Triforce tattoo on my right hand for a while.

It's not like I'm going to get a job where anyone would care about what tattoos I have.
>> No. 16737 [Edit]
Tattoos depicting imagery from video games or any other pop culture phenomena always make me cringe. Haruhi help people who are retarded enough to get tattoos based off fucking internet memes.
>> No. 16738 [Edit]
File 134678014440.jpg - (28.01KB , 600x450 , Ryoko-tattoo-119188.jpg )
I think tattoos are gross. And I'd regret it anyways.
>> No. 16740 [Edit]
>> No. 16741 [Edit]
I hate Tattoos, I think they're stupid and ugly.
>> No. 16742 [Edit]
No, I have a habit of constantly switching backgrounds, themes, and what not. Having something I can't just get rid off when I grow bored of it is a bad idea to me.
>> No. 16743 [Edit]
Wow... I wasn't actually expecting that much negativity.

The way I see it, tattoos are a work of art but shouldn't be acquired just for the sake of having one. If you're gonna end up regretting it in the long run, that's your own damned fault. That being said, since they'll be with you for life (well, even though you can get them removed) they should at least have a meaning behind it, not [insert caveman voice here] "I like this film so I get tattoo of it".

But either way, each to their own.

Cringe at will: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-feature/2012/02/02-1/feature-the-best-of-anime-tattoos
>> No. 16744 [Edit]
I think tattoos are generally awful myself. There are a few I've seen on people that are neat...like elaborate designs of flowers and such.
>> No. 16752 [Edit]
File 134680788812.jpg - (192.76KB , 500x648 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I think tattoos are gay
>> No. 16753 [Edit]
there should really be some decency laws preventing people from displaying stuff like that in public. at my High school some girl got in trouble for having a large tat of a topless mermaid on her back and they made her cover herself up. but that's just school, I doubt cops care about that stuff on city streets.
>> No. 16754 [Edit]
File 13468142192.jpg - (125.81KB , 1105x617 , onee-san.jpg )
No way in hell...
>> No. 16755 [Edit]
One of the many reasons I turned to 2D was becuase there doesn't seem to be a single women in this city who doesn't have a tattoo.
>> No. 16757 [Edit]
I wouldn't be caught dead getting a tattoo, but if I had to get one, it wouldn't be anything anime-related. I'm pretty careful about keeping that whole thing to myself (except among other fans), for the sake of not alienating the few people I do socialize with.

I guess I'd go with something normalish like my zodiac sign (Virgo, appropriately enough) or even a kanji. But I'd keep it small and out of the way.
>> No. 16758 [Edit]

Also this. Thank Haruhi they're still taboo in Japan, otherwise we'd start seeing them all over anime girls. Just thinking about it makes me sick.
>> No. 16759 [Edit]
why are you guys so conservative?
>> No. 16760 [Edit]
They're disgusting, that's all there is to it. whats it got to do with being conservative?
>> No. 16762 [Edit]

We always were. One of our favorite activies is calling Amish communities 'libtards' and laughing at how progressive they are.

Seriously though I for one like tattoos but only if they are done well. And they never really are.

I would maybe consider getting one myself but a) I bet it's fairly expensive b) it would feel awkward as hell.
>> No. 16763 [Edit]
I actually have a tattoo of the character that became my waifu. The art the tattoo was based off of and her character design are such that the tattoo doesn't look too unusual, and people didn't seem to react to it too strangely when I got the tattoo back then. Although I don't regret getting it, it was still a ridiculous thing to do, and I have one other tattoo that I regret immensely. I was at least sensible enough to get the tattoos in areas that are covered by a t-shirt, and no one has seen them in years.
I still like tattoos, and occasionally think that it'd be nice to have my regrettable one covered up with something that would at least be not as embarrassing in the future, but whatever.

I suppose I'm not surprised that most people here dislike tattoos, as they seem to be associated with things like slutty women and MMA douchebags these days.
>> No. 16766 [Edit]
I guess I'm fairly conservative in regards to dress... I think that tattoos and piercings are gross. People should dress like they have some sense of respect when they go out in public. I hate going to the store and seeing guys and gals who are underdressed, like in sweatpants and "comedy" t-shirt. These same men are likely to have gross beards or the women to have too many piercings / an ugly dye ruining their hair. On that same topic: Don't dye your hair! Don't get piercings! If you get tattoos, do them somewhere hidden! Don't dress like a slob in public!
>> No. 16768 [Edit]

>Don't dye your hair! Don't get piercings! If you get tattoos, do them somewhere hidden! Don't dress like a slob in public!

I can get behind this but what's wrong with beards? Beards are awesome. Actually, not being able to grow a full hobo beard (genetiiiics) is one of the biggest regrets in my life.
>> No. 16769 [Edit]
I don't really care if someone is tattooed, but I probably would never get one myself, because I don't really identify with anything, and even if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to think of some sort of symbol to represent it.

Basically, because I'm boring.
>> No. 16771 [Edit]
File 134687217366.jpg - (69.68KB , 396x501 , brancusiart01.jpg )
I'd like to grow a beard, maybe once I've hit a certain age. However, in previous attempts I usually get large patches.
>> No. 16772 [Edit]
Beards are double-edged swords: depending on your dress code (and hairdo), they can either surround you with dignity or give you a self-abandoned look (>>15952).
>> No. 16773 [Edit]
I agree completely.
>> No. 16774 [Edit]
I hate tattoos. But I would probably get something like a patch to put on my jacket. It would have to be the same color as the jacket, though, to blend in.
>> No. 16790 [Edit]
File 134693136372.jpg - (123.74KB , 1273x720 , Darker%20than%20BLACK%202%20-%2001%20-%20Large%20P.jpg )

>give you a self-abandoned look

But that's precisely what's cool about beards!
>> No. 16797 [Edit]
I hate that here are so many levels of formality in dress, and how they are all ultimately subjective. Wha the fuck is "dressy casual" anyways?

Everyone should just wear shirts and ties.
>> No. 16816 [Edit]
File 134703117847.jpg - (1.16MB , 1280x5040 , Shinden.jpg )

Protip: when it says to 'dress casually' you should probably leave your Schutzstaffel uniform in your wardrobe.

Then again I can almost imagine it annoys you because you've been there, done that.
>> No. 16832 [Edit]
>Protip: when it says to 'dress casually' you should probably leave your Schutzstaffel uniform in your wardrobe.

Indeed, SS uniforms should be used only at parties and family reunions.
>> No. 16896 [Edit]
I like a lot of those. I wanted to get something Star Wars related as a tattoo. Hell I'd even ink large portions of my back with TIE fighters, Star Destroyers and a Death Star.
>> No. 16900 [Edit]
File 134732790580.png - (255.86KB , 704x505 , 1345431165343.png )
I giggled a little.

I finally get to use this pic.
>> No. 16924 [Edit]
It's a West German 1980s era Luftwaffe uniform, b-baka...
>> No. 16939 [Edit]
File 134741522874.jpg - (150.42KB , 402x515 , nationalist.jpg )
>> No. 17105 [Edit]
Not really, I don't like tattoos. At most I could imagine getting some sort of writing tattoed on me (Kanji or Germanic runes), but I wouldn't know what to write or where to place it.
>> No. 17136 [Edit]
Good thing I'm aspiring to be a sailor/biker prostitute!

I always wanted one of those irezumi tattoos. Like the yakuza have. I'd want one of a hanya mask on my back - It would both look bad-ass, and be a nod to my waifu.
Of course, this would never happen. One would have to find a tattoo artist straight from Japan, one who's either connected to the Yakuza or one who's at least had contact with them. And that'd be pretty scary.
Most tattoos I see are pretty damn ugly or stupid. I'd say it's more the artist than the designs, though - Sometimes they just don't look right on the skin, y'know? This might be an exclusively Western issue with tattoos, but I honestly have no clue.
>> No. 17150 [Edit]
I've noticed that people on the Internet in general have this overwhelming, vehement hatred for tattoos.
>> No. 17155 [Edit]
I've noticed normals have an overwhelming obsession with Tattoos.
>> No. 17166 [Edit]

Someone barely leaves their house for a year, doesn't interact with anybody, has a deep love and indescribably close connection with their waifu, etc, etc... They have a tattoo. Disgusting normal!
>> No. 17167 [Edit]
exactly, I think you're underestimating how shallow and petty people here and otaku alike can be.

Post edited on 23rd Sep 2012, 8:46pm
>> No. 17170 [Edit]
Not so. When you say "the internet", I think you mean to say "otaku imageboards". If you venture to normal-ridden places like blogs and social networking sites, you'll find that tattoos are quite widely supported by modern society both on and offline.

Post edited on 24th Sep 2012, 1:40am
>> No. 17175 [Edit]
The waifu thing in general often seems to correlate with a love of purity, innocence, and unadorned natural beauty. I'm that way myself. A tattoo is a deliberate, permanent mark made on one's "natural" skin, and is culturally associated with toughness and the cynicism of adulthood; quite the opposite of that aesthetic. So probably what sparks such a visceral hatred of tattoos in a lot of us is that they are, in many ways, the antithesis of what was so appealing about 2D in the first place: a rejection of the time-worn marks and general meanness of the "real world".

Makes me wonder if Holden Caulfield would have had a waifu, had he been born 50 years later.
>> No. 17178 [Edit]
makes sense.
>> No. 17197 [Edit]
So basically, its because its trashy.

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