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File 133152263251.jpg - (241.71KB , 480x640 , 1328415347810.jpg )
9235 No. 9235 [Edit]
/so/... I don't know if this is the right place to post this thread, but I need to make a sort-of rant... or possibly a confession.

I've been a NEET for quite some time now and only just now is it turning into a full blown problem. I need to pay rent. Now, I have the simple things taken care of, I've gotten the job and I'm actually starting on the 21st of this month. What I'm worried about is actually starting the job. I have intense agoraphobia that I didn't mention during orientation and the interview. Where I work is a really populated athletic clothing store for my city's baseball team. The first thing I'm worried about is the train to get there. It isn't far from where I live, but I still need to take a train... and the train is FILLED. Packed beyond belief. Imagine those Japanese trains, it's exactly like that. The problem isn't that I'm scared with going there, it's how I get in the train. Do I force myself in, disregarding everyone and hoping that nobody conflicts with me? The second thing is... actually starting the job. My social skills are average if not above average, I can bullshit a conversation and keep it going need be, but how well can I keep that up? How well can I keep a fake persona up of someone who wants to be friendly and all that? Deep down, I'm a really bitter weeaboo that could care less for the my home team. The third... is my work hours. I work at late afternoon to almost midnight. The biggest problem is that as soon as I get out, the last train back to my place might have already left. It's not a journey back to my house, but it's a long walk... one that has many.. many dangerous places. I'm not scared for my wellbeing, but I am scared at how I'm going to deal with such a thing.

I don't know what to do anymore, and I'm running out of time. Will I be okay, /so/? Do you have any advice? I'm literally desperate for help at the moment, and I feel that TC is the only place that can help... not so much with job experience, but with social problems like this.

How easy is it to work a register? I'm guessing everything is electronic except for the "handing out change" part. I'm worried I may fuck something up..
>> No. 9237 [Edit]
These sound like questions only you can answer OP. Try not to think about it. Kill youself mentally during your hours, and revive when you get back home. It's hard, but the money is worth it if you can continue living your degenerate life as a "shut-in" right?

As for the register.. I'm not so sure. Sorry I can't help you out there.
>> No. 9251 [Edit]
Working a register is very easy, by the end of your first workday it'll probably be completely automatic for you.
As for getting on the train, unless you live in a region where the people are unusually rude, such as America's urban east coast, people will likely move to let you in.
>> No. 9253 [Edit]
>how I get in the train
Do what everyone else does.

>How well can I keep a fake persona up
Almost everyone puts up a fake persona around others except when they're around people they're very familiar with.

>It's not a journey back to my house, but it's a long walk
Maybe ride a bike? You could store it inside the shop and I don't think muggers would bother with someone on a bike. Maybe your town has nightride buses, but thats probably dangerous too.. You should probably check the train timetable. Otherwise, learn to drive soon and maybe buy a crappy old car to get places.

Don't worry fellow brohno, everyone gets nervous for their new job.

Post edited on 11th Mar 2012, 11:43pm
>> No. 9262 [Edit]
The other employees will be used to f-ups. They SHOULD be helpful. Registers are super easy. It'll tell you exactly how much to give.

Aside from greetings/welcomes and thanks for coming, excuse yourself from most conversations. Or try to avoid them... if all you're doing is register, you shouldnt know anything about the store, right?
Smile a lot. It helps. Carry some germ-x or sanitation for your hands. People are gross. Money even moreso.
And be polite on the train, if you're barging in, use some 'excuse mes'

would you ever trust a co-worker enough to give you a ride home, if there's no train?
>> No. 9263 [Edit]
Don't worry. They will teach you to do your work. In begin it might be hard but they understand that people need to start off somewhere. Don't stress so much. Things usually tend to work out.

I am pretty sure people don't get intrested about you. People usually just want to talk about themselves. In begin they probably ask some personal stuff. Just say you like computers and books. Just don't say anything unless someone asks.
>> No. 9302 [Edit]
>Will I be okay, /so/?
Yes. You seem to have thought this through well enough.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2012, 2:32pm
>> No. 9366 [Edit]
getting on trains should be okay, they let you on in chicago & when you get off they let the people at stops leave normally then get in. Say 'excuse me' if you have to push by some people. Are you using commuter rail (suburban-city rail, more expensive and graded by zone) or rapid transit (city light rail like chicago el or NYC subway)

I hate sports and tell ppl "i dont pay attention to sports" or care about it. Some exchange students were surprised I was like that

What type of neighborhoods are you going into late at night if you cant take the train? Is there bus lines running then? Honestly I'd say "get a knife" or a extendable baton, preferably an electric one so you can fuck up the niggaz if they fuck with you, show them how you do things in yo' hood.

I'd say get 2-3 locks for that bike, to be sure. Bar locks and whatnot. Some people will be assholes and will cut through those 2-3 bars in broad daylight and steal your bike though, but it's rare. There were cases of that happening in Chicago, and I think that happened with me once (only cutting through a single wire lock and taking the bike).

I'd recommend getting a cheap ass bike off your city's craigslist webpages, OR going to a flea market for a decent bike for cheap (they have good bikes there for good prices, which are naturally sent there from the thieves who take bikes from other people)
>> No. 9383 [Edit]
>Honestly I'd say "get a knife" or a extendable baton, preferably an electric one
Cute, but no. Just get a pepperspray and be done with it. Aim for the eyes, shoot and run. Supereffective against stray dogs and scumbags alike. Is it manly? No, but it can't be used against you, having it in your posession won't cause provocation, it's cheap, easy to use, it spares you from soiling your hands and it'll leave you a clear and clean exit; it's basically the perfect weapon if your goal is to stay out of trouble.

I'd personally consider going to work in some kind of sports wear and jog on the way home, straight to the shower to cleanse yourself of sweat and the filth contracted from the dirty outside world.

On your agoraphobia: it will be tricky for a layman to give decent advice on this; general, nonsensical advice could very well do more harm than good. I will say, however, that phobias of this sort are usually best treated in group therapy, to my knowledge that is. Every case is subjective to some extent, a common trait is that cures doesn't exist - so you're left with training yourself to better deal with it. The purpose of group therapy is indeed to provide good, collective training in controlled environments. My point is that you might just be able to train yourself on your own. I'm with you in acknowledging that it's not easy. It's not easy, yet we have to somehow manage. You'll be okay - not because I say so, but because you believe so.
>> No. 9384 [Edit]
Might be true, but I'd check out the legality of using pepper spray first. Might be more trouble than its worth.
>> No. 9386 [Edit]
No that's the whole point of it - being a clean and effective alternative. They're geared towards women and you'll find them in convenience stores. Dear me if it turns out certain states in the US legilize guns but not pepper sprays I won't know what to think.
>> No. 9387 [Edit]
>> No. 9388 [Edit]
Makes me believe I'm mistaking pepper spray for something entirely different. Disregard my statements, and thank you for correcting me.
>> No. 9395 [Edit]
I think you were on the right track, but you simply do not have the right to defend yourself in the U.S.A.

Good luck OP, try asking to get off early enough so that you can make your train or ask a coworker for a ride.
>> No. 9397 [Edit]
Not OP, but I am starting my first job at a retail company too. What I'm really worried about is if it is a slow day. What happens if I'm done restocking my section, no customers are flowing in, and all the other sections are finished as well? Am I just to stand there looking not-busy? I really want to seem like I'm doing something. Not sure if anyone has an answer to that, but it's been bugging me.
>> No. 9398 [Edit]
Try to drag out your work load and time it accordingly.
>> No. 9399 [Edit]
I'd buy a children's cash register toy, bring it home and play around with it for a few hours, learn the trade. At least that's always what I've imagined I'd have to do if I ever got one of those kind of jobs. Fucking daydreams at McDonald's are weird.

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