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File 133824632910.jpg - (536.43KB , 720x900 , 1335803632306.jpg )
6719 No. 6719 [Edit]
Just recently, i've noticed that rampant saving (and loading) has been a terrible habit of mine that keeps me from game immersion where I otherwise would go through the normal game learning curve and learn what would be necessary to progress through the level...

Just earlier I was playing Chaos Theory and promised myself that I would weather the immersion and only quicksave a few times, but my save propensity gradually increased until I was saving after every firefight. I only managed to get through the level where the ISDF storms the bathhouse with their infrared troops by literally saving every few seconds since I managed to get myself stuck with a stealth loadout on hard difficulty (or rather, the middle difficulty which meant it was probably more like normal).

I want to stop do I do it, aside from doing it on my own...? I naturally have very bad self-discipline, but I think a live stream or something might remedy it, being forced to keep up appearances, but then again, i'm not the most confident of gamers nor can I possibly hope to enthrall others with any sort of wry commentary.
>> No. 6720 [Edit]
I know that all too well. I still remember the nightmare that Deus Ex was. One enemy, one save, one door, one save.
And since each savefile was ~10MB my game folder was like almost 3GB by the mission they arrest you and take all your weapons away.
Sadly, I can't remedy it no matter what, especially in FPSes.
>> No. 6721 [Edit]
When I played the max payne games I would quicksave constantly and restart whenever I took damage. "No, I can do that better"
>> No. 6722 [Edit]
Honestly, I livestream and its the only time I savestate so that flow doesn't let up. When I'm not I just say that I'm not manly enough if I keep savestating.

Not much of a solution I guess.
>> No. 6724 [Edit]
Oh God, Splinter Cell, don't remind me. I kept saving every 15s, I shit you not. And that ruins the whole point of the game. I still haven't even finished Pandora Tomorrow and I bought a box of first three games like 6 or so years ago.
>> No. 6749 [Edit]
I did it for Splinter Cell too.

Actually, quite a lot of those old Rainbow Six games too. They could get pretty hard.
>> No. 6753 [Edit]
Play a game with limited saves, or savepoints.
You'll eventually get used to it.
If you play on emulators, never touch the savestate button, just use the memory card, you'll forget the SS even exist later.
>> No. 6824 [Edit]
Quicksave is one of the reasons game today are so easy. Even tactical shooters like Rainbow Six and OFP are easymodo with lol quikcsave. Personally, a more punishing save system would make games more challenging. It's too tempting to even have the option.
>> No. 6825 [Edit]
I could not into Rainbow Six.
Even the training levels where they give you a plan, I try to follow the plan and my squad mates almost always lose at least one dude per firefight.
>> No. 6827 [Edit]

This always pissed me off. Or someone would fire a shot, and then the whole building would know we were there.

It was challenging but easily got annoying.
>> No. 10543 [Edit]
Play games with auto-save.

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