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File 134930758249.jpg - (66.85KB , 317x450 , little busters.jpg )
11539 No. 11539 [Edit]
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>> No. 11634 [Edit]
I pray for the best.
>> No. 11635 [Edit]
whelp, after seeing the first ep, all I can say is. It's definitely a key VN adaptation done by JC staff... thats for sure.
>> No. 11638 [Edit]
Does anyone who has read the VN have any comments about first episode?
>> No. 11643 [Edit]
File 134960609669.jpg - (347.96KB , 1263x707 , 792XIy31qa94xto1.jpg )
I'm liking it so far.
>> No. 11654 [Edit]
Wondered what you meant when you said this.
Huh. I understand now.

Pretty much an exact copy with a low budget, lots of stills and quality faces.
>> No. 11932 [Edit]
File 135033956751.jpg - (110.02KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Mazui]_Little_Busters!_-_01_[720p][4521F7D8]_.jpg )
I actually like everyone so far.

Has a nice mix of different kinds of characters and they interact well.
>> No. 11936 [Edit]
What's this shit about baseball or something?

Dropped hard.
>> No. 11938 [Edit]

After the common route is when this adaptation will be tested/fall apart completely.
>> No. 11942 [Edit]
so far this show isn't what i was hoping it would be.
>> No. 11943 [Edit]
shouldn't have hoped for much from JC
>> No. 11952 [Edit]
I give no fucks about baseball, and why is the budget so obviously low compared to JC's other show this season, Sakurasou? This isn't what I was expecting from Key at all. I like the humour, but I'm not really liking much else at the moment.
>> No. 11978 [Edit]
File 135045248431.jpg - (593.78KB , 1540x600 , compared.jpg )
>> No. 12025 [Edit]
JC Staff is so pathetically incompetent.
>> No. 12054 [Edit]
Just finished episode 3.

I can't remember the last show I watched that looked as low budget as this. You'd think that they could at least make their art a little bit more appealing when practically the entire show is still frames.
>> No. 12072 [Edit]
File 135093160639.jpg - (122.49KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Mazui]_Little_Busters!_-_02_[720p][D634FD46]_.jpg )
She is so cute christ.
>> No. 12073 [Edit]
It's unfortunate that this show happens to run on the same season as two better retard girl shows.
>> No. 12104 [Edit]
File 135105778924.jpg - (143.29KB , 1280x720 , [UTW-Mazui]_Little_Busters!_-_02_[720p][D634FD46]_.jpg )
This is what I imagine most people watching this show must look like.
>> No. 12110 [Edit]
Not that I disagree, just curious. What makes you say that?
>> No. 12112 [Edit]
File 13510628779.jpg - (64.26KB , 1279x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
ahh shit nigga, this bitch must have read the VN already!
NARCOLEPSY must make people physic.
>> No. 12118 [Edit]
They're adapting still frames with dialogue to still frames with dialogue and look at the decline in art quality. It hurts my eyes just thinking about it!
>> No. 12143 [Edit]
yeah it does kind of make the adaptation redundant when they do that.
>> No. 12524 [Edit]
File 135345418657.jpg - (513.67KB , 1280x720 , best date ever.jpg )
I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but find this scene more funny than dramatic.
>> No. 12576 [Edit]
File 135364095326.jpg - (460.18KB , 1280x720 , seriously.jpg )
>> No. 12631 [Edit]
Noumi is pretty cute.
>> No. 12692 [Edit]
Is it just me, or did anyone else think the pop/rock song coming up when Komari came back to her senses seem kinda inappropriate given the situation?
>> No. 12736 [Edit]

this one, right? It plays at the very end of her route in the VN after you go visit the old man in the nursing home again and the two of you are dating. Maybe it didn't have the right impact in the show. I dropped the anime because it was just.... well, not good, on top of the fact that I really liked komari and while she was derpy and a crybaby in the VN, it was cute and she wasn't mentally deficient enough that she had to have someone walking around reminding her she needed to breathe
>> No. 12910 [Edit]
File 13563284985.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , shot0131.png )
In this ep, Discrimination, guilty before proven innocent, police brutality(was sicking the dog on her really necessary?) and bribery.
Fuck the police.

Yes, and they also use it for the regular ED song.
>> No. 13743 [Edit]
File 135951580841.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , no ghost.png )
This ep wasn't half bad.
>> No. 13905 [Edit]
File 13602749375.jpg - (441.63KB , 1297x729 , good lession from anime.jpg )
>> No. 14012 [Edit]
File 136109444221.png - (934.87KB , 1275x714 , Spoiler Picture.png )
This scene was touching. I really like this anime.
>> No. 14297 [Edit]
File 136237790118.png - (2.65MB , 1280x720 , douchebags.png )
It's times like this when I can't stand japanese culture.
>> No. 14617 [Edit]
In fact, that whole chapter pissed me off and made me hate the Japanese culture.

why the fuck should anyone care THAT MUCH if your dad was a arrested once before?
Forcing a women to marry two men when she only loves one, and the second guy knew he was a third wheel and left so they could be together, but not before impregnating her, what the fuck dude?
stealing people children to raise as your own, and parents doing nothing about it for like 15 years but still showed in a positive light in the end. being allowed to beat, starve, and horribly abuse a small child who aren't your own on the bases they 'might' be cursed (it's the 21st century you fucktards). Complete lack of child protective serves. whipping the shit out of the child your 'favoring' and telling them if they don't bully their sister, you'll kill their sister. Besides, where's the logic in leaving the girl who's supposed to continue your lineage horribly scared and repulsive?

I know this is key and all, but man what the fuck. This isn't drama, it's being assholes. I'm starting to suspect Key enjoys being dicks to high school girls.

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