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File 136962183614.jpg - (94.79KB , 1058x625 , toilet1.jpg )
15851 No. 15851 [Edit]
Are there any animes in which the first season was shit, but then it became good afterwards?
I'm wondering if any of the shows I dropped became good after I dropped them.
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>> No. 15852 [Edit]
k-on comes to mind but I wouldn't call season 1 'shit'. I think almost everything gets progressively worse as it goes on.
>> No. 15854 [Edit]
Clannad, sort of; I guess it wasn't shit but it takes geting into (the second half of) After Story to become really good. Similar case with Haganai.
>> No. 15857 [Edit]
File 136963324027.jpg - (40.12KB , 640x480 , snapshot20100411210048.jpg )
Horizon fits that well.

it's not that the first season was bad, it just gets better and better as you go along.

Gintama as well, after the setting, the cast, and the first few actual arcs start, it goes from good to superbly great (though a lot of the episodic eps. nearer the beginning and sporadically along the way will be hit-or-miss as to how entertaining they are).
>> No. 15860 [Edit]
Marimite S3 is the best season while S1 is the worst one.
>> No. 16099 [Edit]
File 137146835066.jpg - (25.63KB , 640x448 , 1370578316-0.jpg )
Actually the reverse usually happens. First one was great but slowly goes bad....

I should STOP while the going is good.
>> No. 16107 [Edit]
uh well yeah, that's why op was asking if there are any that are the other way around.
>> No. 16125 [Edit]
code geass was also good in the second season, stop parroting /a/.
>> No. 16130 [Edit]
File 137172698444.jpg - (2.37KB , 284x177 , ea.jpg )
I liked Code Geass Season 2 up to the point whenCyborg Orange appeared. After that it was pure ass-pulling.
>> No. 16132 [Edit]
It really wasn't, I liked the semi-hard mecha in the first season. 2nd season was just ridiculous.

At least it had some hilarious stuff like the cyborg orange and FABULOUS.
>> No. 16170 [Edit]
File 137196407328.jpg - (203.24KB , 707x1000 , raincd9c.jpg )
Search for reviews for people who have finished them?
>> No. 16173 [Edit]
yeah sure, read reviews for every anime ever made looking for guys who claim the show started shit but got better. brilliant.
>> No. 16196 [Edit]
File 137205228871.jpg - (101.28KB , 850x1065 , sample-c1fc583254f0745d17a331e55f7320db.jpg )
its as if someone over there is reading this board

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