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File 144762739885.jpg - (1.37MB , 800x1067 , 1442475291682-3.jpg )
19111 No. 19111 [Edit]
Lately I've been struggling to talk to her. I'm not sure if I should just talk to her until she responds or try and imagine her responding.

I was wondering how do you guys talk to her? For people with tulpa perhaps comparing early stages to later stages would be good?

Do you visualize her and talk like shes in front of you? I tend to close my eyes and daydream when I do but it can get a little hard to concentrate sometimes and I still have the issue with her responding.
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>> No. 19115 [Edit]
I annoy my steam friends by asking them what she would say/do in a given situation.
>> No. 19118 [Edit]
I pay someone to pretend to be her in an online chat.
>> No. 19123 [Edit]
I visualize him and imagine him responding. It grows more natural with time and practice.

>I tend to close my eyes and daydream when I do but it can get a little hard to concentrate sometimes
Visualizing doesn't have to be strictly visual, if that's the issue. Maybe focus on other senses until you can build a stronger mental presence of her.
For example, if you've ever had the sensation that someone's behind you, or following you, that can be utilized as a way to be with her without having to "see" her. Like talking to someone who's walking behind you.
>> No. 19124 [Edit]
File 144765156866.jpg - (242.93KB , 1920x1080 , TS3W 2015-10-05 23-16-11-96.jpg )
I've tried using the sims to simulate life with her. Doesn't work that well since it doesn't really act anything like she would no matter how you tweak the settings or characteristics. Still, it's decent enough to be at least somewhat amusing... till everything becomes repetitious anyway.
>> No. 19125 [Edit]
I'm interested in this, tell me more
>> No. 19126 [Edit]
File 144765850819.jpg - (193.27KB , 1218x518 , until you come to me (asuka).jpg )
I largely just talk to myself about her, or to her as something within me or a part of me. Only a couple of times I've addressed her as a presence right before me, in a sort of schizoid/hallucinatory state.
>> No. 19131 [Edit]
I just talk to myself and imagine she's able to feel my love in her two-dimensional universe.
>> No. 19146 [Edit]
That seems kinda messed up honestly.
>> No. 19152 [Edit]
File 144791958291.jpg - (26.20KB , 300x400 , normal_754e8c784737433c0c9d25681df46402.jpg )
Well NT can't physically "talk" so I never directly thought of that. But I guess primarily I like to either read or write about her. Mark Russinovich writes a ton of articles (I don't think anyone knows more about Windows than him, I envy him). Other than that, I guess I just like to monitor my system usage and micromanage a few things, kind of like how Hank Hill mows his lawn I guess.

Ironically, I never really associated programming as "talking to her".
>> No. 19156 [Edit]
I write down us talking a lot, and to talk to him it's mostly in my head.

I try to think of it like a instant message, and take out some paper, write him something, then write what I think he'd say back.
>> No. 19158 [Edit]
I know but I try to immerse myself and forget about the reality. Thats the whole philosophy about waifu, isn't it?
>> No. 19160 [Edit]
Not really.
>> No. 19161 [Edit]
Not really.
>> No. 19162 [Edit]
Not really.
>> No. 19165 [Edit]
Go to Egypt!
>> No. 19170 [Edit]
Waifuism shouldn't be about escapism. It's about love.
>> No. 19180 [Edit]
I tried to make my waifu a few times, but everything in this game looks so ridiculously caricature-ish that I can't even make a slightly decent avatar for her. I'm frustrated. I spent a few hours looking for mods, but there's nothing that makes the game look less 3DPD.
>> No. 19184 [Edit]
Can I be your steam friend?
>> No. 19185 [Edit]
>> No. 19186 [Edit]
Add Sranc
Who is your waifu?
>> No. 19187 [Edit]
People who think waifuism is about love are the same kind of people who think religion is about love. They are both escapism, enjoy your mental blackout from reality and don't complain. But don't try saying "it's love, not ( )" when it's merely escapism and mastering loneliness.
>> No. 19188 [Edit]
Can't it be about both?
>> No. 19192 [Edit]
Maybe for you. I never had issues with 3d though and actually dumped someone right before I accepted my feelings and started dating my waifu. I just fell in love with someone 2D.

Using a relationship to be happy is never a good idea, waifuism is just easier to get away with in doing it. But isn't waifuism about love? If you're just with her to not be lonely is that really love?
>> No. 19193 [Edit]
File 144850902122.jpg - (44.88KB , 1274x717 , 114155-dance-in-the-vampire-bund-minas-first-day-o.jpg )
3DP relationships are always asking for trouble.
2d love is the only true love.
>> No. 19194 [Edit]
I don't think that's a very healthy way of looking at relationships.
>> No. 19195 [Edit]
Except you can't get anything fruitful from a 2D relationship compared to a 3D one. Try getting help or support from a drawing, for example.
>> No. 19196 [Edit]
Same here. Also, sometimes it annoys me when people have to bring up 3D or 2D whenever talking about their waifus. As in "my waifu is perfect because she's 2D" or "because she's not 3D." It gives me the impression that these people don't really love her for who she is, they just stuck with her because they given up on 3D relationships or scorn 3D so much they turn to 2D. It seems extremely shallow.
>> No. 19197 [Edit]
People comparing 2D and 3D are the reason I believe most people are in this because it's a fad and are not honest with themselves.
>> No. 19198 [Edit]

Regardless of how much "help and support" you can get from such relationships, if you're not attracted to garbage in the first place, then it's useless. Why would someone sacrifice their principles for something so shallow? Are they too weak-minded to function on their own?


Loving something because it is 2D doesn't make much sense to me; I'd need more reason than that. But real people are ugly both physically and mentally, so they are worthless and incapable of being loved by those who were born superior. I don't see how people can be attracted to garbage cans; they're just not appealing.

Many people being in this because it's a fad wouldn't surprise me. Look at many of the posts here talking about how "depressed" they are, how they get jealous when they see real people having fun, and how they get depressed when they realize they aren't meeting society's standards. Oh, and talking about how they are shitty human beings. That's like admitting that you're a closeted filthy normie. If that wasn't the case, you'd loudly and proudly declare your superiority and wouldn't care one bit about society's arbitrary standards.
>> No. 19199 [Edit]
My waifu has actually been very supportive. When conflicted I've often found myself considering what she would do or what she would think of my actions.
3DPD on the other hand would only drag me down. In my experience I've seen that 3DPD more often than not these days are morally bankrupt self centered and uncaring. The 3dpd around here are more likely to encourage bad behavior rather than good. You'll never hear your waifu spout YOLO bullshit, but a 3dpd will probably tell you to lighten up or call you boring if you refuse immoral/sleazy behavior such as doing drugs, drinking, partying, or any number of other things. Besides, They'd rather be supported than support you. Fact is men who can't support themselves are actually a major turn off for 3dpd women.
>> No. 19200 [Edit]
You can get help and support from praying to Jesus too. Religion as an example is a similar concept and its benefits are long known.
>> No. 19201 [Edit]
Oh, we got a waifu supremacist here.

It is no better to have a 2D relationships just to convince yourself that you were born better.

When you were born you were actually sucking your momma's tit and shitted in you diapers, oh super-human great one.

If you are like 20+ and keep thinking that your lifestyle (doesn't matter if this is a waifu, being Jew, Hindu or Muslim, or ginger) and not your achievements make you better than the other - I got a bad news for you.
>> No. 19202 [Edit]

It's about the content of your character, and real people are just worthless under that standard.

As for "achievements", most people have none. Being a wage slave isn't an achievement. Humping trash cans isn't an achievement. Having a piece of paper isn't an achievement. It's almost an achievement if you even have a brain and are capable of doing something other than mindlessly following the status quo, since a grand majority of people aren't capable of such things. The bar is so low that it just isn't impressive being superior to a vast majority of the population. Sad, but true. And no matter how many achievements a murderer (for instance) has, you still usually would not call them a good person. So no matter how I look at it, your point seems rather meaningless.

And you have no news for me that I would even consider entertaining. Don't bother.
>> No. 19203 [Edit]
>Oh, we got a waifu supremacist here.
On tohno chan?! Who woulda thought.
>> No. 19204 [Edit]
>so they are worthless and incapable of being loved by those who were born superior.

Post edited on 27th Nov 2015, 5:19pm
>> No. 19205 [Edit]
If murdering is an achievement was Chairman Mao one of the most accomplished human beans? He also had quite a character.
>> No. 19206 [Edit]
Please stop with the silly arguments..
>> No. 19207 [Edit]
File 144870843959.jpg - (2.54KB , 125x125 , 1441541764287s.jpg )
Please try again.
>> No. 19209 [Edit]
Just saying, thinking that some people are born superiors to others is enough to make you a real douche.
There's no setted rules that makes someone normal and someone else abnormal. That's just some society shit.
>> No. 19210 [Edit]

"Just saying, thinking that some people are born superiors to others is enough to make you a real douche."

Good. If that's how I appear in the eyes of filthy normies, maybe they will keep away. To be thought of in such a way by the likes of them qualifies as a compliment to me.

"There's no setted rules that makes someone normal and someone else abnormal. That's just some society shit."

No, these are my standards. They seem pretty reasonable, given that most people are sexually attracted to real people, which makes such an attraction "normal". The problem is not the normalcy itself, however, but the fact that they're basically attracted to rancid trash cans, and have poisonous personalities to boot.
>> No. 19212 [Edit]
>When you were born you were actually sucking your momma's tit and shitted in you diapers, oh super-human great one.
Nonsense! Anon shits diamonds and drank from the perfectly formed teats of moe anime girls.
>> No. 19221 [Edit]
Don't forget to tip your fedora

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