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File 136459395724.png - (213.87KB , 671x600 , 1361918558664.png )
12177 No. 12177 [Edit]
Since i found this board i learned much about myself and waifus in general. Im not alone with my waifu anymore and its interesting to see how others manage the whole waifu thing. But there is one thing i found interesting: how different anyone think if it comes to anything sexual with waifus.
It seems like only a minority actually think about "making love" with their waifu. And if someone admit it its like these guys are heretics. Why is this?
Im one of these guys who are also physically attracted to their waifus. I dont really think its that unnormal, so why this... i would almost say hate against it? I can understand it if someone have extremly innocent and cute waifus like menma from anohana or other girls like her, but i think it perfectly normal with girls like revy from black lagoon for example.

So how is it here in /mai/? And more interesting, if someone is against it: why?
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>> No. 12178 [Edit]
File 136459470171.png - (560.90KB , 800x600 , 12454107.png )
Not to sound rude, but look through a few pages back. We don't need ANOTHER of these threads.
>> No. 12179 [Edit]
most of the threads that get made lately are rehashes of old threads.
>> No. 12191 [Edit]
File 136468337924.jpg - (162.75KB , 800x800 , 2686946.jpg )
Yeah, it sucks.
Most major topics have been covered, and whenever I come up with a minor topic and think about posting it, I realize it probably wouldn't actually go very well and forget about it, like this morning.
>> No. 12205 [Edit]
Which was it, if I may ask?
>> No. 12208 [Edit]
File 136469307795.jpg - (189.79KB , 950x765 , 26615317.jpg )
I was thinking of something along the lines of "Is there a name/names in your native language (or English if you prefer that) that you think would suit your loved one?"
I was half awake and thought it sounded alright, but then I woke up more and... nah.
>> No. 12251 [Edit]
"extremely innocent and cute waifus"

That's about 95-99% of the ones on this board.
>> No. 12296 [Edit]
That seems like a pretty severe exaggeration. Also, cuteness and innocence are subjective. I think OP was referring to waifus that are underaged to the point where they wouldn't logically know about sex, let alone think about it. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with waifus in that category, because there isn't.
>> No. 12305 [Edit]
I myself am asexual towards anyone I have romantic interest in; i.e. never have any sexual attraction to them. But I can understand people having sexual interest in their waifus. I'd say people who are "against" this (and are not being satirical) view sexual attraction as a thing that can come only from a lustful and lewd view of a person. It is not so though, and sexual attraction can very well sprout from love.

Also somewhat related:
>> No. 12322 [Edit]
Right it's indeed subjective, but how many people here would say that their waifu is neither cute nor innocent?
>> No. 12323 [Edit]
I think a good number would call their waifus cute (though some might use a different adjective, like beautiful), but I'm not so sure about innocent. When I think innocent, I think "too young to understand lewd things". That could just be me though.
>> No. 12324 [Edit]
There are plenty of characters in anime that are in their late teens but are still fairly naive. I'd also argue that someone can still be innocent if they've never done lewd things.
>> No. 12326 [Edit]
File 136539222345.png - (197.34KB , 500x415 , 1344212929269.png )
My waifu isn't innocent in that she knows nothing of sex or is naive of how the world is, but her intentions are honest and (in my eyes) admirable and she isn't a sex-crazed slut so I'd say she's innocent to some degree.
>> No. 12327 [Edit]
Madonna whore complex is definitely where it comes down. But that way of thinking is too black and white in my opinion. I would say my waifu is just in the middle.
>> No. 12328 [Edit]
Personally, I describe the characters that know of lewd things but have never done them as 'pure'. I can see your point, though.
>> No. 12358 [Edit]
File 136566975992.jpg - (129.06KB , 615x692 , sex.jpg )
I have to think it over, but that madonna-whore thing sounds damned spot on (with me, at least). Anyway:

>And more interesting, if someone is against it: why?

Disregard its reproductive function (which I dislike as well), together with its dangers and problematic situation as an instrument for violence, manipulation and control, my main problems with sex are:

1) It is endlessly disappointing. Sexual arousal and orgasm never live up to my expectations of passionate erotism, let alone as a materialization or proof of love. So I find much more excitement in the longing than in the fulfilment: I prefer those sensations and feelings to remain as mere potencies, within the realm of unbounded possibilities, than to land and crash in the condition of mundane matters of fact. It might be just my own poor outcomes but, in any case, the most erotic moments I've ever experienced had been with no actual touching or self-touching involved, in mere solitary contemplation of some piece of art; which somewhat leads me into...

2) It is counterproductive, insofar as purported "reaching" of the other. This would need of a broader explanation involving some semiotical and ontological considerations. However: I believe that touching, with sex as its epitome, rather that uniting people irreparably separates them, as physical contact constitutes the verification of bodies' existence as different entities; which will never allow actual people to really "become one", as my functional definition of love demands. It is not a conclusion I'm happy about, not at all; but it's something I cannot overlook and do not think I should.

Thus, mental visualization of fictional characters, incorporeal and non existent, it's the only way I can acceptably experience not just love but erotic pleasure as well. Except for a couple of very weak exceptions, masturbation has nothing to do with this and it's rather considered like the handling of a periodical itch or physiological function (like needing to shit). Having actual sex with someone is, hereinafter, simply out of the question.

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