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File 129118033658.png - (33.43KB , 225x375 , mil_max.png )
112 No. 112 [Edit]
I must say that I didn't get his motivation. Killing the world's most powerful vampire proves your identity as a robot how?
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>> No. 113 [Edit]
File 129126766746.jpg - (74.32KB , 300x575 , mai nazi waifu.jpg )
I finished reading the series a while ago so I don't exactly remember, but I believe the point was that he had no 'motivation' behind it really. He was just trolling everyone as in the end he was the only one that really 'won' in the brutal war.
>> No. 114 [Edit]
A fight is absolutely thrilling. If you've never been in one, you can't readily sympathise with his motivation. Instead, you will rationalise it by saying he was insane (which he was) or he was trolling.
>> No. 115 [Edit]
God, I love Hirano's artstyle so much. I only wish he wasn't such a lazy bastard. I only pray that he doesn't give up on Drifters because things are getting pretty interesting.
>> No. 116 [Edit]
This guy has summed it up perfectly.

Yeah, I think his art is great. A pity he's too busy fapping to his own characters to finish his remaining series.

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