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No. 16130 [Edit]
i made friends with a guy i met on #tohno-chan and he invited me to be his neighbor.. now i am going to his apartment complex this afternoon to talk with his landlord to pick my apartment.

what would you do if you had a brohno neighbor? i think that we'll play hide and go seek a lot. like, he will knock on my door, and i'll be hiding, and then we switch places. maybe it can be like welcome to the NHK, he will blast moelove music and i'll bang on the walls.

i am very afraid and need help
>> No. 16131 [Edit]
if people irl knew about my internet life it would pretty much be the worst thing ever
>> No. 16132 [Edit]
There's absolutely no way this is not going to end up totally gay.
>> No. 16133 [Edit]
Please don't post 3dpd or cosplay.
>> No. 16134 [Edit]
I drew it
>> No. 16137 [Edit]

That's nice..
>> No. 16138 [Edit]
You are a good artist!
>> No. 16140 [Edit]
>> No. 16141 [Edit]
Tohno Complex, is it a place where we all live together or is it a state of mind? or are they the same thing?

who cares?
>> No. 16153 [Edit]
Can I live with you?
>> No. 16265 [Edit]
Apt neighbors sounds like the best, you get companionship, and a place to yourself.
And no worries about crazy sex noises, and you can sing along to the 'moelove music'.
>> No. 16268 [Edit]
Stop talking like a "cuteposter". If I were your neighbor and I saw you type like that, I'd bully you.
>> No. 16280 [Edit]
what is a cuteposter?
>> No. 16281 [Edit]
my guess is a shitposter trying to be cute?
>> No. 16283 [Edit]
I didn't even know that "cuteposter" was a thing.
>> No. 16284 [Edit]
So you want to be a cuteposter, huh?
It's not easy.

This guide will teach you "cutepost" technique.

"Cutepost" is a close relative of shitpost. As such, they are often mistaken. If you understand shitpost, then "cutepost" will be mastered shortly.

"Cutepost" appear in two forms.

First, long form of "cutepost".
Long form consist of omission of punctuation to create image of childish excitement.
Allowed to use multiple exclamation or question marks at the post end to enhance effect.

Second, short form.
Replacement of punctuation with line break.
You may end each line with exclamation/question mark if you please.

Both forms utilize intentional misspelling.
Compare "what happened?" to "what happended?".
The cuteness is clear to see.
A simple way to boost your "cutepost" strength is to use "a" where "an" is appropriate. For example, "a apple!".

Both forms may contain acronym. "lol" is common and used by posters experienced in "long form cutepost" as substitute for comma or period.
"haha", too.

"you" may become "u", etc. However, this is not always the case. Use discretion.
An example of this is "know" versus "kno", a common problem faced by novice of "cutepost".
In an attempt to maximize cuteness, the "w" is omitted. However, it will likely be viewed as an "ironic shitpost" due to overdoing it. It becomes a parody of itself.

Image uploaded is good for "cutepost". Any cute girl is acceptable.
But a true master is cute with even no image.

The big problem of "cutepost" being called "shitpost" and vice versa is simply a matter of one thing:


If you are honest in your intent then people will realize it. It's simple.
If you aren't, then it can be seen as a joke or even insult. Then you enter "Hell of Ironic Shitpost". You can't return.

Just kidding! You can return!
So manifest your inner little girl! If you believe you are cute, I can believe it too!

I look forward to seeing a lot of cute posts from you! がんばって!
>> No. 16318 [Edit]

So basically posting like Tohno?
>> No. 16325 [Edit]
Shove it
>> No. 16355 [Edit]
I love cuteposting and cuteposters
>> No. 16357 [Edit]

lack of punctuation and capitalization has a purpose other than appearing childlike

it gives the impression that you just don't give a shit and are being totally dismissive of whoever you're replying to

but in a cool way, like you're above it all

like this

bonus points if you sage
>> No. 16361 [Edit]

I knew a guy years ago who typed like that. He was the biggest asshole I've ever met on the internet (and I've been online since 1998).
>> No. 16362 [Edit]
Hamish was an alright dude.
>> No. 16507 [Edit]
he was a faggot
>> No. 16511 [Edit]

>> No. 16513 [Edit]
I miss Hamish.
>> No. 16515 [Edit]
i really don't give a shit though. not out of being an edgy faggot, but out of my apathy for pretty much everything. my text is as apathetic as i feel.

polite sage for offtopic.
>> No. 16516 [Edit]
He's surfing with the angels now
>> No. 16517 [Edit]
>what would you do if you had a brohno neighbor?
Avoid him at all costs. I consider this to be a chan-only experience, to be valid. That's the way it has, that the way it is.
>> No. 16536 [Edit]
Tohno was something like my neighbor for a while. I assumed he'd stab me if we met, so we never did.

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