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File 144563824864.png - (288.75KB , 300x423 , SchoolDays.png )
24361 No. 24361 [Edit]
Does /an/ like School Days?
>> No. 24362 [Edit]
It wasn't particularly good, but brings back memories since I naïvely watched some of it subbed by your-mom, arguable the worst sub group ever.
>> No. 24363 [Edit]
Hated it. If I had to describe the anime in a single word it would be "disgusting". It had one of the most unlikable protags I've seen in an anime to date. The only saving grace to the series was the climax where he got exactly what he deserved.
>> No. 24365 [Edit]
Out of curiosity, what do you think about gernic harems where the main protagonist actively thwarts any sexual or romantic advance directed towards him? Do you just hate the genre in general, or is it something to do with his actual behavior that makes you dislike the show?
>> No. 24366 [Edit]
It's annoying, but on a different level. I'm not a big fan of Harem anime but they can be kind of fun at times with dumb naive mcs. It stops being fun when the mc starts fucking everything in sight and becomes gross and kind of disturbing. It's like porn without the porn, romance without the romance. When you toss actual sex into harem anime you strip away the innocence and charm and are only left with pointless smut.

Yes it's his behavior that made it hard to watch most of all. From cheating on women, tricking (practically)children into having sex with him, and even fucking his best friend's girl, I can safely say Makato was a disgusting excuse for a human.
>> No. 24367 [Edit]
>Makoto is a pedophile
I don't even.
>> No. 24370 [Edit]
Tohnochan is now being advertised on 4chan.
>> No. 24379 [Edit]

Yes, we hate talking about anime around here, who would want that!
While it's true that most of the 'what do you think of ...' threads are essentially either 'what do you think of [this anime] I just watched?' or 'what do you think of [this anime] I plan to watch?' it can still spark some decent discussion. It all depends on the userbase itself.

And while I'd love to contribute to prove my point I really don't want to discuss this piece of shit known as School Days. >>24363 >>24366 pretty much sums up my thoughts, especially regarding the just desserts. I just felt really sorry for Kotonoha (whose life was ruined for little reason). Sekai was a bitch who had it coming.
>> No. 24387 [Edit]
Yes, quite.
I own a Kotonoha figure.
I never finished the VN, though.
>> No. 24393 [Edit]
>I just felt really sorry for Kotonoha (whose life was ruined for little reason)
Same. She was a great girl before she was manipulated and toyed with. She clearly had her whole life ahead of her with great potential but her life was ruined by a brain dead asshole who didn't care about anything but rubbing his penis on anything he could.

Makoto was a walking penis, nothing more. He's the type of guy that fucks anything that moves and doesn't care about age, gender, or anything else. It wouldn't surprise me to learn he'd fuck animals too.
>> No. 24398 [Edit]
>It wouldn't surprise me to learn he'd fuck animals too
He already fucked that buta Kotonoha.
>> No. 24465 [Edit]
She's unstable as hell. Anybody that can be turned into a manipulative sex freak just by seeing their boy/girlfriend cheating on them is fucking crazy.
>> No. 24466 [Edit]
Kids that age are always over dramatic as hell about relationships.
>> No. 24468 [Edit]
Not many slit the throat of their rival in public.
>> No. 24472 [Edit]
Nah they just slit their own wrists instead.
>> No. 24476 [Edit]
It takes a person with a completely warped sense of morality to actually murder someone, and it takes an insane person to do it in public.
>> No. 24479 [Edit]
It takes a person with a completely warped sense of morality to cheat on their girlfriend and fuck children.
>> No. 24626 [Edit]
The youngest girl he fucks is like 13, which is the age of consent in grorious nippon

>> No. 24627 [Edit]
Why would you bump a shitty thread like this?
>> No. 24628 [Edit]
I liked the VN a bit. Thought Sekai was hot.

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