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File 139431537968.jpg - (36.67KB , 500x800 , 1384133740627.jpg )
23787 No. 23787 [Edit]
If I'm an NT who happens to also like anime am I allowed to be on Tohno-chan?
japanese tsunami happened because fuuka went swimming
>> No. 23788 [Edit]
Sorry but no. Ninja Turtles aren't allowed on Tohno-chan, even if you do like anime.
>> No. 23789 [Edit]
Agreed. Ninja Turtles are just a bother. Go somewhere else please.
>> No. 23790 [Edit]
As long as you don't post 3D or talk about Ford Driver shit, I don't think anyone really cares
>> No. 23791 [Edit]
>> No. 23792 [Edit]
night trap
>> No. 23793 [Edit]
Neurotypical aka a normal
>> No. 23794 [Edit]
what do neurotypicals have to do with Ninja Turtles?
>> No. 23796 [Edit]
The instance of you who announced being an NT is not allowed here. The instance of you who makes posts unrelated to Ford Driver life is allowed here. That is the beauty of anonymous image boards.

I don't think her fat legs could fit in that tube
>> No. 23804 [Edit]
Those are sexy thighs.
>> No. 24439 [Edit]
Just curious here, please excuse my newfagotry.
But what's the deal with ford truck driving?
I mean people who drive fords tend to be annoying douchebag rednecks, is that what you are talking about? I don't have any ide how someone like that though would even find this place. Is it a catch all term for something else?
>> No. 24442 [Edit]
we have a FAQ page you know
>> No. 24444 [Edit]
Oh sorry about that then, Ok got it now, Ford Driver is just another normalfag term. Thank you for directing me in the right direction.
>> No. 24445 [Edit]
Someone here once made a list of things that piss him really off. On number 4 he put normals but he spelled it "4rd" instead of "4th".

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