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File 136716694881.jpg - (24.60KB , 381x365 , shhhhhh no more tears.jpg )
14349 No. 14349 [Edit]
What kind of websites do you go on normally?
>> No. 14350 [Edit]
Tohno-chan, /ota/, the non-cancerous subreddits, sometimes 4chan, but I really hate that place sometimes and Desuchan.
>> No. 14351 [Edit]
Are you me? Well besides the ''non-cancerous subreddits'' I don't even know what you mean by that. Also last time I went to Desuchan it was extremely cancerous so I don't really go there.
>> No. 14352 [Edit]
It's probably pretty common. Staying in /tc/ only would be difficult, because it's a slow board (less than 15 posts a day, I'd say).
``Non cancerous subreddits'' are the ones with you know, the ones without 9gag-tier content... (rage comics, The Big Bang Theory, advice animals, repetitive lame jokes, etc...)
In regard of Desuchan, I don't know. I go there about once every two weeks. I've seen some posts with only a citation and a ``lol'' on them, I've seen quoting function misuses, but I don't think it's really cancerous.
>> No. 14353 [Edit]
Oh, forgot to add that I also often visit barachan.
>> No. 14354 [Edit]
>less than 15 posts a day, I'd say
Go to the front page and click 'Last 12 hours' there are usually around 20 posts shown, double that and it's 40 posts every 24 hours. add kakusu into consideration and you'd get a lot more.
>> No. 14355 [Edit]
Reddit will forever be cancer because it is full of normals, regardless if they are spouting memes or not. TC would be perfect if it moved just a little faster, 4chan /jp/ speed preferred. The problem with that is that would mean TC would become more well known and that would mean more normals and cancer would arrive. But if TC were to be a faster board but still have the same mentality and kind of userbase as now it would literally be perfect for me. No 3D shit, no normals, no cancerous shit, Touhou board, anime board, NEET board, off topic board, it's perfect really.
>> No. 14356 [Edit]

I regret googling that, but I'm not really going to insult your fetish either. I should have stopped and looked at the ''bara'' in the title before I googled it. That reminds me, I used to go to /cake/ on 7chan but good Haruhi that is an extremely slow moving board. TC could do with a loli board honestly, /ns/ is mostly just cowtits from what I have seen. Or does Tohno have something against that?
>> No. 14357 [Edit]

The webhosts don't want a lot of loli stuff here, if I remember correctly
>> No. 14358 [Edit]
I hate you guys so much
>> No. 14360 [Edit]
>> No. 14361 [Edit]
That really sucks, especially since loli is probably my favorite fetish.
>> No. 14362 [Edit]
>> No. 14364 [Edit]
>I've seen some posts with only a citation and a ``lol'' on them, I've seen quoting function misuses, but I don't think it's really cancerous.

I used to care about this stuff, but not anymore. It's just too much effort. How do you do it?
>> No. 14365 [Edit]
Not him but I only care when people do that on websites I regularly visit. Well lol isn't that bad honestly but if someone were to come on here and start spamming smileys in his sentence that would annoy me and I would say something and/or try to get his post deleted. On sites like youtube I have learned to just ignore it, I just don't read the comments at all anymore really. Unfortunately I get curious sometimes but I usually end up regretting it. For example I found some video called ''Kids react to Hatsune Miku'' the other day and the comments were sickening, to be honest the video was even worse.

Besides youtube and other image board sites I generally try to avoid other websites unless I am trying to figure something out etc.
>> No. 14374 [Edit]
i don't do anything normally
>> No. 14377 [Edit]
sites i visit regularly:
doki.co (if they're subbing something i like because nyaa AKA commie has delisted doki releases)
sankkaku complex
some wakachan boards (wont say which ones exactly cause some of them are hidden)
2chan (via japanese vpn)
washingtonpost for 3dpd news and weatherunderground if i'm going to go outside and there are a number of other sits i look at that are more interactive which i wont mention because i don't want tohnochan people there because most of you people are assholes and fairly unamusing to boot.

i have time for all this cause i dont play video games
>> No. 14378 [Edit]
>cause i dont play video games

I don't really either anymore, it's too realistic for me. Especially all the new games that come out.
>> No. 14379 [Edit]
Pretty much none.
>> No. 14380 [Edit]
It's ridiculous to assume that from the almost 30000 subreddits all of them are cancer. Just check /r/trueaskreddit and /r/theoryofreddit. That's pretty much good quality discussion there. About the modern Japanese audiovisual culture, yes, most of them if not all are terrible. Never go to /r/anime, /r/manga. /r/ gunpla has bad things too, but overall readable. They're nice to new people. /r/kamenrider is bad and slow. /r/waifu is full of casual scum. I have to yet find a good one.


It's just truly bothering to see it. It just promotes bad discussion and shitposting. A post with a citation and a ``lol'' does not contribute anything. First we let this slip, then misused quoting functions, then ad hominem arguments... then you realize the board has become /pol/b/-tier garbage.


Don't worry, I'm not a fujoshi. Now that I thing about it... Are there any woman in /tc/? That'd be terrible!
>> No. 14381 [Edit]
No, accept the fact that you're terrible and that you like terrible things. Maybe I'll hate you less if you do just that.
>> No. 14382 [Edit]
If you think we can't generalize based on a small sample of a 300k+ population just wait until you see what we can do with mankind's 7bil.
TC isn't for the faint, or reasonable, of heart.
>> No. 14383 [Edit]
I never said I wanted people to start using lol either, although I have seen the occasional LMAO on here. Also sorry, Reddit is full of normals no matter where you go, try asking one of them what they think of loli, loving 2D characters, hating reality, or being a NEET I'm sure the replies would be interesting. Maybe a select handful of people on there are actually not like that but you could say the same thing about youtube. The thing is we have to admit we were all somewhat like that in the beginning, and sites like youtube Reddit etc are just containment sites to keep people out of sites like this. Also I think I would have to say that the kind of people on the site and the mentality is more important then the quality of discussion, even if that is also very important.
>> No. 14384 [Edit]
>Also I think I would have to say that the kind of people on the site and the mentality is more important then the quality of discussion, even if that is also very important.

Could you please elaborate on this? What do you exactly mean by mentality?

>try asking one of them what they think of loli, loving 2D characters, hating reality, or being a NEET I'm sure the replies would be interesting.

There were actually a few of loli/shota subreddits until the Somethingawful attack. Now they have been deleted...

I actually had a few discussions with people about this, and you're right, they were truly irrational and kept saying stuff like ``but having waifus is delusional'' and ``loli = pedo =bad'' (i.e. biggest stupidity in history).

What terrible things? You don't even know what subs I visit. Also, don't you guys have anything to comment on 4chan? That's full of Ford Drivers too. Sure, the ratio is different depending on the board (like in Reddit) but that doesn't change anything, does it?
>> No. 14385 [Edit]
>Could you please elaborate on this? What do you exactly mean by mentality?

I don't really know how else to word that, the general mentality of the userbase I guess, for example one of the mentalities of TC is 2D > 3D. What I mean by that is the overall kinds of users are more important to me than the overall quality, when I go on a website I want to talk with similar like minded people.
>> No. 14387 [Edit]
This is the side of 4chan I never really liked (although it could be worse, I'm looking at you /v/ and /b/) At the bottom they even start discussing Tohno-chan. Don't be surprised if it 404s though. http://boards.4chan.org/jp/res/10815924
>> No. 14388 [Edit]
Oh gee, I hope they don't come here. Will they bother to Google it? Maybe we should switch to the darkweb and make /tc/ not appear in any searcher, like /ota/.
>> No. 14389 [Edit]
Okay, I just went to the counter of ``there are currently X people online out of XYZ today''. It's 10 more than yesterday. We're in trouble.
>> No. 14390 [Edit]
One thread won't ruin the whole site calm down. It's not like I haven't noticed /jp/ here already before this thread. To be honest trolls and shitposters will get bored and leave and the people who actually belong here will stay, we need a somewhat larger userbase anyways. (mind you: SOMEWHAT, too much is a very bad thing) it's not like /b/ is discussing TC or something.
>> No. 14391 [Edit]
I still think something like darkweb could be a good idea. But then I agree that the userbase should rise a little first, just a little.
>> No. 14392 [Edit]
I honestly don't think that we need more users.
I like the feeling that you can just go to bed without the fear that your thread will get 404 and have to check the archives, even if we can see 3 year old posts in the frontpage. I don't have to type quickly, I can profoundly think about what I'm going to write in my answer.
More users usually leads to problems. Discussion is uncomfortable, you rely too much on the archives, and popularity usually makes undesired people come in.
>> No. 14393 [Edit]
I think balance is the best. A lot of my time is spent listening to music and browsing image boards so having to wait half a day for a reply is really annoying. Like a reply every half an hour to an hour would be good.

Actually I should add that reply rates seem to be really random on TC, at one moment there will be replies every 10 minutes but then after that you have to wait 5 hours to see a new reply. This is also somewhat annoying. You would think people without lives would be able to reply extremely often.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2013, 11:09am
>> No. 14394 [Edit]
I believe this might be do to most users, making their post and then closing tohno-chan all together, instead of refreshing it every so often.
This is based on my own experience though.
>> No. 14395 [Edit]
I open Tohno-chan and then usually some shitty imageboard site in another tab just because the instant replies are entertaining. I do this while listening to music most of the time so I usually wait until the song is over to refresh the page. That stopped working though when I started listening to every genre of music because now songs can range from 1 minute to 30 minutes. So most of the time recently I am just constantly switching tabs and raping the f5 button. That or I watch anime while I am waiting or play a VN or Touhou. Video games don't appeal to me anymore, I have stated this a bunch in other threads but they are too realistic. Sometimes I google something about the band or some other thing. But that is pretty much my every day life these days, so somewhat faster replies would be nice.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2013, 11:19am
>> No. 14396 [Edit]
Mind if I ask what you find so entertaining about VN's? Maybe I'm coming at them from more of a modern video game players standard as I'm often frustrated by my lack of choice.
>> No. 14397 [Edit]
Self insert, dating simulation etc. Works wonders for escapism. The stories can sometimes be good too but I play them for the escapism. It's kind of like a really good romance anime that is easy to self insert into, for me anyways. Also you get to pick the girl, instead of the creators of the show picking her for you.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2013, 11:33am
>> No. 14399 [Edit]

I actually see that kind of posting very often on /foe/, I don't really know why.
>> No. 14400 [Edit]
I made this thread, so that I could find new websites to browse. I just thought it might seem a bit sad to say that.
>> No. 14401 [Edit]
What's wrong with Tohno-chan?
>> No. 14402 [Edit]
I think the thread says what the problem is.
>> No. 14403 [Edit]
Too slow?
>> No. 14405 [Edit]
It's very slow. A bit more faster paced tohno-chan would be perfect, though some variety is nice, why I made this thread.
>> No. 14415 [Edit]
It always pisses me off when people complain about the slow speed of the site and use it as their reason for not posting on the site. how fucking retarded are you? you think posts just show up out of nowhere? people like you are why the site is slow. If every person who held off on posting because of slow post rates were to just do it, the post rates here would skyrocket. If you're not going to post on the site you have no right complain about the post rates. Stop acting like it's someone else's problem, the site doesn't exist just to entertain entitled little pricks.
>> No. 14417 [Edit]
I reply to every post that is directed at me or that I feel like or even can reply to but that is about all I can do. Sometimes it almost feels like I am spamming though since I am replying to like 5 posters at once to get the thread going. Not the person you were replying to by the way.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2013, 12:47pm
>> No. 14420 [Edit]
I made a thread, I've posted in this thread and a couple of others and I refresh every so often and check it almost daily, what more can I do?
I think I'm allowed to wish that more people posted here.
>> No. 14425 [Edit]

Good work everyone.
>> No. 14431 [Edit]
......you're Shii from the overchan/old school #chan scene with Mohey Pori?
>> No. 14433 [Edit]
No. I was just making a point.
>> No. 14434 [Edit]
which is?
>> No. 14475 [Edit]
Mostly music websites, sometimes fashion. I wish I was still more into anime, because now I'm starting to hate all accessible music and feel elitist about the medium just like I would judge people hard for knowing less about anime than me or liking a bad series. I knew it was bound to happen the day I decided to expand my musical tastes. Next I'm probably going to move into film or literature websites, and ruin those mediums for myself.
>> No. 14485 [Edit]
I'm also really getting into music (but I still watch anime all the time) I'm probably not as far or elitist as you yet but I'm curious what are some of your favorite genres and artists? Agalloch is one of my favorite bands right now The Mantle, Ashes Against the Grain and Marrow of the Spirit are all masterpieces in my eyes. Disagree if you want. Also the /mp3/ board is slow as fucking hell that is why I am discussing this here.
>> No. 14490 [Edit]
Recently I've been most into free improvisation, free jazz, musique concrete/tape music, avant-folk, and most recently sound poetry. Some artists I really like are Otomo Yoshihide, Mathieu Werchowski, Malcolm Goldstein, Henri Chopin, Reiko Kudo, and Cecil Taylor. I still have a bunch of favorites from more accessible genres and relatively popular music, but I've been listening to it less and less. I usually feel elitist when someone likes indie rock, post-rock, or something that's canonized by Pitchfork. Tumblr/"hipster" pop music that actually gets played irl really annoys me. If I see that someone's favorites are all things I've heard, I subconsciously dismiss them as boring and unknowledgable because of their lack of uniqueness, which I know is wrong.
>> No. 14491 [Edit]
I was actually planning on having Jazz being the next genre I explore. It's really exciting, all these new genres and sounds waiting for me. Also I haven't really heard much post rock yet but I think Agalloch has a bunch of post rock influences. To be honest I think I am obsessed with this band at the moment, I tend to be obsessive about things in general.

> If I see that someone's favorites are all things I've heard, I subconsciously dismiss them as boring and unknowledgable because of their lack of uniqueness, which I know is wrong.

I hope me talking about Agalloch didn't ruin it for you.

Post edited on 1st May 2013, 4:02pm
>> No. 14500 [Edit]
> If I see that someone's favorites are all things I've heard, I subconsciously dismiss them as boring and unknowledgable because of their lack of uniqueness, which I know is wrong.
I identify with this statement way too much. For whatever reason, I have a complete aversion to hearing things I've already heard before. I always want to listen to something different from whatever anyone else plays for me or recommends for me, so if I befriend a person who listens to a lot of dad-rock, I feel like that person is going to try to talk to me about some Pink Floyd album I got sick of in the 8th grade, even though I'm probably not going to talk to that person about music at all.

Ironically though, I got into my favorite band, Dir en grey, because I thought "Well, I've seen some high school losers wearing Dir en grey shirts, so they could be some pleb guilty pleasure for me." Little did I know about the prog metal goodness wrapped within that external layer of filthy lesbian weeaboo filth.

To get back on topic, I go on a private messageboard and some bigger imageboards.

Also, I'm not sure if >>14491 is the guy I responded to on /mai/ about Agalloch, but you've got some good taste. I'm spinning some Agalloch right now.

Post edited on 1st May 2013, 11:28pm
>> No. 14514 [Edit]
>Also, I'm not sure if >>14491 is the guy I responded to on /mai/ about Agalloch, but you've got some good taste. I'm spinning some Agalloch right now.

Yes that was me. I'm actually downloading ''The White'' now don't know why I never gave it a chance, I listened to some of it on youtube and it was great. I guess I generally tend to avoid EPs but Agalloch is so fucking good so I went ahead and tried it.

> "Well, I've seen some high school losers... so they could be some pleb guilty pleasure for me... of filthy lesbian weeaboo filth...

I hope you know that part makes you sound like you were some cool jock dude asshole in highschool that I would of generally steered clear of.
>> No. 14520 [Edit]
I just have a very negative way of speaking, my thought processes aren't really like that. Sorry if I have offended you in any way.
I've only been lurking for a while so I don't really know how I'm supposed to act.

Post edited on 2nd May 2013, 1:51pm
>> No. 14521 [Edit]
>I hope you know that part makes you sound like you were some cool jock dude asshole in highschool that I would of generally steered clear of.
I'm not him, but that's not necessarily true. The people who liked Japanese stuff at my high school spent most of their time pretending to be Naruto (trying--and failing--to do flips off the wall, play-fighting each other, yelling stock phrases in Japanese, etc.) and such garbage. I didn't like them, but I was never a "jock".
>> No. 14524 [Edit]
Jazz is really fun to explore because it's so expansive. The first essential you should listen to is Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, and then listen to Sun Ra - Lanquidity. If you want something really interesting to delve into, check out Lawrence Butch Morris' conduction collection.

You mentioning Agalloch didn't give me any reaction because people always namedrop them when talking about metal. I've never actually listened, but the pick is uninteresting to me because of its commonality.

Post edited on 2nd May 2013, 4:49pm
>> No. 14540 [Edit]
My problem with those kinds of people is that they are firstly posers trying too hard to be special snowflakes, secondly they are overly obnoxious (and I was even somewhat obnoxious myself back then, but cosplayers and the like are even worse) and thirdly they make the things I like overly mainstream and therefore ruining the medium, i.e what happened to video games. I'm not a hipster but something becoming mainstream means it will most certainly become shit because the industry will start pandering to normal people. I don't really care that they are ''losers'' since I have absolutely no right to say that first of all and secondly most of those people aren't even really losers, just a little nerdy.


Meh Agalloch is more than metal, post rock, neo folk, dark ambient, they have covered almost everything. But their ''main sound'' is indeed more metal oriented and the singer screams at times this is what gives them the metal label, even though the band members constantly say Agalloch can't be categorized. If anything it is a really good blend between genres. If you listen to their EP The White and then after that something like Pale Folklore or Ashes Against the Grain then you would see what I mean, every album is vastly different sounding. They also take a few listens to get into.
>> No. 14541 [Edit]
That's nothing look at this, down towards the bottom where they start arguing about 3D /a/ and shitposting. Fuck that place is irritating, why do I keep going back?

>> No. 14546 [Edit]
I only go back because you all link me to the threads. And man that thread was hilarious. You see i dont post on the larger chans much anymore if that makes me laugh
>> No. 14548 [Edit]
I get that a lot of it was trolling and /jp/ being ironic like always but that gets annoying after a while and I think some people were really being serious with the whole ''waifu is a joke'' and all that.
>> No. 14550 [Edit]
The Ocean's Pelagial is awesome.

For something on-topic, I go to the main torrent listing on what.cd with the year 2013 and a bunch of tags relevant to my interests as the default filter. Very useful for keeping track of recent releases and having downloads to go with them.
>> No. 14662 [Edit]
/a/ and /jp/
>> No. 14765 [Edit]
I don't get how you guys can torture yourself by going into that shithole that moot has created. I get that it moves really fast but Quality > Quantity. Seriously if you are that bored reply to some post on TC, the problem is not always the number of people but instead that everyone just sits here and waits for a reply instead of replying to some other post. Also the number of time Tohno-chan is linked on /a/ and /jp/ when I look in the archives is really bad, we don't want them bringing their mentality here.

By the way does discussing other boards count as meta-shit? If so I'll stop.

Post edited on 10th May 2013, 8:36am
>> No. 14766 [Edit]
You mixed up quality with quantity.

>> No. 14776 [Edit]
I browse a couple 4chan boards throughout the day looking for rare gems, but the only board I can say I go to normally is /vg/ for a couple game generals.

Occasionally visit older, less popular chans. Tohno and Desu come to mind first.

I also like random news sites such as Geekology. They have some good articles, though not every day so I only check once a week or so.

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